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 Chapter 16: Dance of Moon and Sun

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PostSubject: Chapter 16: Dance of Moon and Sun   Fri Jun 17, 2011 1:00 am

Author: Felkaranos

Felkaranos ran away, holding his guts in his arms. The pain rushed through him, preceding the death for a normal human. Then again, Felk was not a real human. Without moonlight, he could transform at will, into a weaker werewolf, but now, during full moon, he transformed into an extremely powerful being. The moonlight started healing his wounds. What Blizzard had did, made him only weaker for a short amount of time. The only sign left was a scar.

“What do we have here? A creature of the darkness, waiting to get killed? I will do it for free,” a clear and mighty voice said behind Felk. He turned around to see a majestic figure standing in his full height. Giant wings spread from his back, and his hair looked just like the moonlight that covered the battlefield. Crystal blue eyes looked calmly at their prey. Holyarchangel had come.

“Darkness? That depends on what you think. To me, I’m more of a creature of the light. The moon gives me power.” The words had no effect on Holy, who stood as a glowing statue, watching every move of his enemy.

“When I first saw you, I understood that you had to learn something about purity and honour. Prepare for battle.” Holy took out his Sun Saber from somewhere between the wings, and charged. Felk dodged, but not as easy as he used to. This was a really fast opponent. He drew his own sword with the left hand, throwing a hatchet with the other one. The hatchet stuck in Holy’s chest plate, only a few centimeters from killing him. Both of the Requiem members realized that this was going to be an extraordinary hard fight. One error, and you were dead.

“You wanted light? Here you go,” Felk said. “Gorm!” A blinding light hid them both. When it disappeared, only a few moments later, Felk had a silver dagger pressed against Holy’s throat. As gracious as it was simple, Holy sent a strong wind at Felk, knocking him down on the ground. By the time Felk used getting up, Holy had charged a fireball to a dangerous temperature. Even though it missed him, Felk had to extinguish some flames in his fur. He evaded another swing of the Sun Saber and answered with his own sword. This battle could last forever. Two abnormal beings, both used light magic, and both had their secret tricks. Holy was the first.

“Attack,” he said, a baby frost dragon appearing out of nowhere. The creature made Felk lose some time, by having to kill it. Holy used the time he won, and sliced Felk’s right hand straight off. The lycan was clearly confused, as Holy’s sword pressed on his throat. Walking backwards would just lead him to a wall. Felk knew that, but still, he did it. A tree stopped the escape. “I swore to kill you, and I will do it now. Say your last word.”

“Come on, just kill me.”

“What?!” Holy was shocked. He had never met this attitude before. This man seemed to not care about his life.

“I said, do it.” Everything was planned. Felk had bought himself a few seconds by surprising Holy. As the angel tried to make sense out of his words, he took out a blackened amulet from his pocket. “You don’t want to kill me? Maybe I should show you something?” Holding the amulet in his left - and only - hand, Felk was covered in black tentacles of pure darkness. “This amulet is called the Dark Moon. It was made a long time ago, its purpose only to make the bearer even more powerful. As the bearer, I dispose incredible lycanthropic magic.” Holy charged, but was struck back by a shadow tentacle. Skeleton hands erected from the ground and grabbed hold of him.

“Necromancy?! That’s the most perverse existing form of magic.” Holy was disgusted.

“No. It’s not necromancy. What I have just shown, is real resurrection.” Holy looked at the hands again. Some of them had started growing skin and flesh.

“I will let you live, but I won’t let you be able to challenge me again. Wish the Disease welcome,” Felk said, biting the angel. Under this moon, a new lycan had been created. “Fear the power of...” He stopped. Requiem was no more. The two factions had to have names. “Fear the power of Dark Funeral!”

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Chapter 16: Dance of Moon and Sun
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