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 Chapter 15: Fire vs Ice

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PostSubject: Chapter 15: Fire vs Ice   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:59 am

Author: Oblivion

In the middle of the camp, Edvin and Dye traded vicious blows, both of them on the pinnacle of power and skill. Frowning with concentration, neither of them moving an inch, they sought for a way past the opponent's guard.

Dye roared, and flame surged along the length of his scimitar, licking at Edvin's unprotected face and driving his clones back a pace to avoid being consumed. Edvin glanced at his own sword, the Frostus Rectar. And was dismayed to see that, under the heat of Dye's fury, the tempered ice was beginning to lose definition. As soon as it was gone, Dye would smash through the blade like it wasn't even there.

The battle raged on, and Dye could see the apprehension in Edvin's eyes. Grinning with a smile that had no humor in it, he slowly started forcing Edvin back, one step at a time. Suddenly, he saw his chance. Ignoring the pain, he grabbed the now soft Frostus Rectar and ripped it out of Edvin's grasp, drawing his blade back for the final blow and yelling a victory cry.

Edvin reacted out of desperation, blowing a fine mist of fragments of sharp ice into Dye's face. His guard down, Dye shouted out in pain, clawing at his eyes and face. Then, thinking quickly, he sent a wall of fire to melt the mist and forcing Edvin even further back. He looked up.

Edvin was standing behind a wall of grim clones, each hefting solid shields of ice. Ice that had already repelled Dye once.

"Coward! Get out from behind your little helpers, and come and fight me like a warrior!" Dye was not happy. Mainly because he knew that he couldn't get to Edvin.

"Why would I do that?" Edvin lazily countered. "You see, Dye, this is one of the reasons I've never got on with you that well. Always so ferocious, so impulsive. Just like the Fire that you embody. You should learn to relax, take it easy." He stretched, his eyes sharpening. "However, I know the prophecies. I know what Angel saw. I cannot let you win, and so here I am, fighting you, or fire will engulf the world. That won't happen."

"Ooh, real scary." Dye rolled his eyes. "What are you going to do? I destroyed your precious sword, remember?"

Edvin smiled, mist rolling from his mouth in short puffs. "Maybe so, but I've always wanted to prove that Ice is stronger than Fire. And now's my chance."

As he spoke, power coalesced around him in a sphere. Inside the sphere, the air froze. Dye sensed the danger, and, wrapping himself in devouring flames, rushed at him. In his desperation, he crushed the first clone to step forward, literally smashing through him, but then he was surrounded on all sides by shields. He was trapped. He increased the intensity of his flames, and the clones backed away, but still would not let him through.

Edvin, glowing white with cold, spoke a single, unintelligible word, and Dye's world disappeared in a monstrous blizzard. Squeezing his eyes shut, and wrapping his power around him to protect himself from the biting cold, Dye huddled into a ball, trying not to scream as the wind and ice smashed into him, throwing bodily away.

The blizzard died down, and Edvin opened his eyes. Looking ahead, he saw a figure roughly upside down in a new snowdrift, waving his legs furiously. He had an incredible urge to laugh out loud, but decided against it. Dye would be angry enough as is. As he thought this, the ground shook, and all the snow that had built up evaporated in a column of flame.

Now Dye was angry, if angry was the best word for how he was feeling. Too angry even to speak. It was just as well no one else had seen him. That would be the end of his reputation right there. So now, all he had to do was kill the one person who had seen it, and the person who had indeed done it. Edvin was going to pay.

Remembering that he was still in the middle of battle, he looked around him, spotting Edvin and his little army standing around 15 feet away, smirking. He growled, then looked up, his jaw dropping as he did so. The campsite had disappeared, and all he could see was a round dome, steaming slightly from its own extreme cold. Edvin had made a huge dome out of ice.

From the outside, it looked slightly as if some giant had built an igloo and forgotten to build a door. Seth, still tied to the post, with an unpleasant fishy smell in his mouth, gaped at the construct that stood in the vicinity of Dye and Edvin. The ice mage had never been this powerful before. Creed, still trying to dodge Oblivion's earth magic, nearly flew into it. Just as well he didn't. He had felt the cold before he saw the dome, and if he had touched it, he would have been stuck to it like a tongue on a frozen pole. Which would have been the end of him, considering the tons of rock raining down on him.

Back inside the dome, Edvin was speaking.

"This is my new ultimate magic, Tundra. Do you like it? I've created my own little climate, and I can control all the water and ice in here freely. You've also got nowhere to run. This is your grave. Be prepared, ex-Captain of Requiem."

As he spoke, an army of clones, more than Dye had ever before seen, materialized out of thin air. There must have been 50.

"Wha...Why the hell are there so many? This is stupid!" Dye was shocked, but inside, he could feel excitement rising. This would be one hell of a challenge.

"Remember the snow you melted? Well, when it evaporated, it stayed inside my dome, giving the air far more water than usual. I told you, I control that water to make ice, so the more water, the more ice. I have an unlimited amount of ice at my disposal in here. So saying, why don't you come and fight? Or are you the coward?"

Dye snapped. Screaming some very naughty words at the top of his voce, he charged straight at Edvin, the ground shaking. A firestorm of epic proportions swept ahead of him, melting the first rank of clones. Dye grinned, and was upon the rest, who were weakened. He started slashing his way through, throwing punches and kicks at those that dodged his sword.

In front of his eyes, more clones appeared, regenerating from the water of the ones that he had already beaten. Dye fell back, staring at them with hatred burning in his eyes. The Edvins glared back, and each one summoned a storm of icicles, blotting out Dye's line of view. His flames ensured that none of them touched him, but the clones surged forward, and he couldn't stop them.

At first, he sustained only small cuts and grazes as he lashed out at those seeking to destroy him. But, as the clones pressed ever forward, he found himself overwhelmed for the first time since his battle against Wendigo. It was just like the damn crows all over again.

As he thought this, his sword faltered. Taking advantage of this, arms reached out and grabbed it, giving others time. A short sword made of ice shattered against his armor, cracking it, and others took advantage. Dye opened his mouth to yell, and another short sword, steaming with cold, slammed into him, tearing his armor and following through, twisting through his guts. Dye's eyes bulged, unable to draw in breath. The blade withdrew, red blood contrasting starkly with the cool blue blade. Others followed, hacking at his flesh, as he fell to the ground, in too much pain to even make a sound.


When Dye awoke, he was staring at the top of the dome. He couldn't feel anything. He moved his head to the right, and saw his sword, lying in the slack grip of a hand that didn't listen. Edvin stood further away, and watched as his opponent died. Dye had never really acknowledged his presence, never really believed in his power. Now he knew his own strength, and was both amazed and saddened.

"Goodbye, Dye."

He turned away, ready to leave and show the onlookers the outcome of the pitched battle hidden inside the dome. Then, a bright blue light erupted behind him. He spun around, eyes widening. Dye stood, with most of his injuries closing up and disappearing. A single blue spark emanated from the necklace around his neck and spun around his body, healing it, fortifying it.

"Jane..." Dye whispered. He felt a burning fire lighting him from the inside, and heard her voice.

Don't lose, Dye. We will see each other again, but not yet. Don't lose, to others or to yourself!

Dye looked up at Edvin, and Edvin could see his eye, burning with a new emotion. Not anger, but righteous determination and love.

"Ah crap." Edvin stated, matter-of-factly. He scratched his head. "This is not going according to plan."

He withdrew some of his clones, just in case, and readied himself for the attack. He knew that this was a different Dye. One that had the power to change the world. Edvin, waited, scared but determined, to see what would happen.

He didn't have to wait long.

A column of white fire shot up from where Dye stood. The pure flame shot up his scimitar. Edvin braced himself. With one movement, Dye slashed forward with his sword, sending a wave of white fire screaming towards Edvin. It cut through his minions as if they weren't even there. Edvin had only one chance. One way to survive. He summoned all his power, and sent out a similar wave of pure ice magic, emanating in a beautiful pattern, like ripples in a pond.

The two opposing forces met directly in between the two fighters, and all hell broke lose there. Raw magic shot upwards, blowing the roof off the dome. The ground underneath began to churn as it melted and froze repeatedly, and the pressure was intolerable. All the way around the camp, fighters stopped in the middle of their own battle, the force threatening to crush them in its implacable grip.

In what was left of the dome, the battle had come down to a direct power struggle between the two opposing forces. Both sides were losing magic rapidly, and sweat poured down their faces, regardless of the bitter cold.
It was inevitable that Fire and Ice found themselves equally matched. As they labored, they poured more and more power into their attack, trying to overcome the other. Cracks started to appear in the dome's walls, and the earth shook freely.

Dye and Edvin yelled with despair as they felt their magic fail, waited to be destroyed by the magic of the other. Nothing happened. They had both run out of power at the same time. Dye reached out a hand, vision blurred, lurching towards Edvin in a last ditch attempt to win. Blackness overwhelmed him, and he fell.

Edvin grinned, swayed, and fell over backwards, equally drained. With him unconscious, the dome shattered into a million small shards, and those that were watching saw the two fighters, laying an arm's reach from one another, both dead to the world.

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Chapter 15: Fire vs Ice
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