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 Chapter 13: Face to Face

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PostSubject: Chapter 13: Face to Face   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:57 am

Author: Ergent Seth

Seth sighed as he walked away from Requiem castle, aware of his mission. It was a dark cool night with a slight breeze. After traveling some distance away He remembered the words of Saint:

“So Vincent, if I am allowed to call you that, what should we do now.” I asked.

“Well, call me Saint, and also, he took a number of people with him, including Nathan, so he is a liable threat.”

“Yeah. He seems to take an extreme disliking to me and Priest.”

“I can see that. Seth go. As squad captain, I command you to go.”

“With no back up?” Seth, instead of sounding scared, he replied in a bored voice.

“Well. From what I sense in you, I think so.”

“I just hope I come back with my head on my body.”

“Well I just hope you come back.”

“Great…” Seth said aloud. “If I ever use the technique I learned, then I’m going to have to use it against the others…and I don’t like using techniques like this at all.” He put the hood on his cloak on, and held the hilt of his short sword on his hip.

A couple of hours later he was approaching a lake, that he had traced Dye to. It was pretty easy following a caravan of many. Seth let go of his short sword hilt, and walked towards the lake. As Seth knelt down the lake, seeing his reflection as he messed around with his silver hair. He pulled up his cloak’s sleeve, and look at the bracelet that hung around his wrist. He started to get up, but he didn’t turn around. There were a few adversaries that were around him. There was Dawn who was in a fighting stance behind him, her arms cuffed into fists. There was Jake, who had his fish sword right up to Seth’s neck and Felkarnos, the traitor, who was standing right next to Jake. And then there was Aeon, with twisting starts of steel spinning around him, ready to cut Seth’s head off.

Jake nervously said,”S-s-s-state your business…”

“I’m just here to talk.” Seth lightly brushed away Jake’s sword. But right when he touched it, he swung it at him, cutting off a piece of hair, and scratching his cheek, drawing blood.

“Leave now!” Felk said.

“Or else we will kill you without hesitation.” Aeon said coldly.

“I’m just here to…” Seth slowly started.

“WHAT…Talk? I think you did enough of that!” Felk yelled.

“And I do think so also. Traitor.” Seth said nonchalantly.

“DIE!!!” Felk swung his sword at Seth, but he dodged it lazily, and put his hand on his forehead. Instead of having the false authority, he looked like he was in deep fear.

“Repent…” Seth whispered, and then Felk fell to the floor, unconscious.

“He’s not dead. He just fainted from fear.” Seth reassured.

Jake, obviously frightened, and totally ignoring what Seth said, started yelling frantically, “DYE!!! HELP!!!” as he ran towards the camp in the forest.

“Aeon, take Felk. I’ll hold off this bastard.”

Aeon rushed to the aid of felk and also ran off towards the campsite.

“Now. Talk.”

“I want to talk to Dye, Dawn.”

“Not unless I kill you first!”

Dawn’s hands morphed into twin hammers. She jumped and tried to smash Seth with both hammers simultaneously. When she morphed her hands back to normal, she noticed that Seth disappeared. She turned around and saw that Seth was standing a few feet behind her, his weapon unsheathed.

“How are you that fast…”

“Well, I collect cipher magic at the bottom of my feet. This technique is called Hoho. The technique I just used is called the Shunpo But I refer to it the way Blizzard refers to it: the flash step.” Seth replied.

“You FREAK!!!” Dawn’s hands morphed into crossbows and started firing red arrows towards Seth.

Right on target, Dawn thought. But instead of falling Seth seemingly disappeared. And heading for dawn was a trail of afterimages that was heading for her. Right when Seth reached her, she jumped, but Seth disappeared again. She landed on the ground frantically looking at different directions. When she looked to the right, she got hit in the face with a punch from Seth.

“What the Hell was that???” She looked at Seth from the ground.

“A special brand of Cipher magic, that’s all. It leaves a trail of afterimages behind me.”

“Go away.” Dawn said coldly.

“I just want to talk.” Seth said.

“Then talk.” A voice behind Seth yelled.

Next to Dawn was Nathan, looking at Seth very carefully. Behind him, Dye had his sword
towards Seth’s back.

“Now talk.”

“Don’t tempt me. Now please if you will, lower down your sword and-“

“And what? Stay calm? I’m already pissed off that you’re here. Now you want me to be all cool
and calm with it?”

Seth turned around slowly, and showed his eyes to Dye. They looked like pools of blue swirling energy. “Yes.”

Dye raising one eyebrow, he lowered his sword.

“Now. I ask. Do you regret this?”

“No. I do not regret killing Saint and Megan. My anger is towards you and Priest. They were just scapegoats.”

“I see.”

“Do you regret what you have done with Fire?”

There was a pause.


The two murderers stood face to face.

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Chapter 13: Face to Face
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