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 Chapter 12: Suppressing Monsters

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PostSubject: Chapter 12: Suppressing Monsters   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:51 am

Author: Dye61

Dye smiled. This was truly interesting. Oblivion was one hell of a good fighter. But yet here he was, being beaten by a lycan. Dye had observed the whole brawl and argument before hand from a tree. He had cursed at himself when he heard that Felk had peeped at Pixie. One of the major headaches that was expected. But still, Dye knew this would get out of hand soon. Oblivion would either have to start using his earth magic or he would allow himself to be bested by Felkaranos for the sake of the camp. Either way, this might end up with someone dead if it wasn’t stopped. And a death at this point would not be good.


Oblivion was taken a back. Nothing much had changed about Felk but he didn’t have control anymore. Felk was using a beast’s instinct to fight now. Oblivion raised his claymores. He saw Felk lunge and he swung in his direction. He missed but it forced Felk to change his path and he couldn’t get a clear shot at Oblivion. But once Felk touched the hard rocky earth he lunged again. He was to fast for Oblivion and he knocked him to the ground. Oblivions claymores were knocked away and oblivion forced Felk’s viscous mouth away from his head with his hands. Oblivion focused. He focused on the earth around him. Feeling it, controlling it, and a pillar of rock came up and knocked Felk off of him. Felk went flying through the forest, crashing into trees and eventually stopped in a group of bushes. Felk was quick to recover and streaked across the path. Dust came up from he feet as he picked up speed. Soon becoming just a brown moving blur. Oblivion was already up and ready to meet him as he leapt into the air. Oblivion summoned a huge boulder and tossed it in Felk’s direction. Felk couldn’t dodge it so easily. He was leaping through the air. But he quickly thought of something. Felk put his paws on the boulder and jumped off. Leaping high into the air. He came hurtling down and Oblivion jumped aside to dodge Felk’s enormous claws. Oblivion was tired. He couldn’t do much more of this. Best to end this now while he still had the energy. Felk came charging again. Faster and wilder as ever. Oblivion focused once again. Holding his hands out in front of him. They were trembling with the energy of the earth. He thrust his hands up into the air. The land began to shake. It was like a massive earthquake was happening. Felk was still running full speed toward Oblivion. The shaking stopped and two massive earth spikes came crushing out of the ground. Sending gravel, rocks, roots and bugs through out the air. It had been right where Felk was. Or where Oblivion thought he had been. Oblivion collapsed to one knee. He was too exhausted to move. Something blocked out the light. Oblivion looked up toward the moon and his eyes flew open. There was a wolf figure gleaming in the moon light. He… he had missed?! Felk started a course down straight for Oblivion, teeth and claws bared, ready for the kill. Oblivion looked down. He had no energy left to move. He waited for the impact to end him. If only he had been ready. He told himself. A howling. Oblivion looked up toward the moon and the wolf figure was gone. A crashing in the trees and bushes. He looked over again. Felk was on the ground, struggling and snapping to get free. Dye had jumped in and tackled Felk to the ground. Oblivion’s eye lids became heavy. He tried to focus on the scene. Everything was blurry, then eventually black.


Dye struggled to keep Felk under control. Felk wouldn’t listen to reason or anything for that matter.

“Dawn!” Get Oblivion out of here!!!” Dye shouted, still looking at Felk and the snarling teeth. He heard the sound of something being dragged and he managed a glance over. Dawn was dragging Oblivion by his shoulders toward the camp ground. Dye jumped off Felk. He stood there, maintaining eye contact with the raging beast in front of him. Felk scrambled to get up and snarled at Dye. He took off once more. Using the same moves against Oblivion, he lunged into the air, ready to go straight for Dye’s head. But Dye had been watching closely for when he would have to interfere. Dye did a low jump, going right under Felk and rolled onto his feet turning around instantly. Felk landed on the ground in front of him and before he could react, Dye grabbed his tail and began to swing him around. At first, Felk struggled, but eventually couldn’t as the swinging got faster and faster. Dye grunted and slammed Felk into the ground. He heard a very loud ‘CRACK” and let go of Felk. Felk eventually morphed back to his normal state. His shirt and pants ripped up from the transformation but he chest was swelling up and down. He was still breathing. Dye straightened himself and began to walk away. But as he turned and took one step, Dawn and Pixie came through the clearing. Dawn looked scared and Pixie looked as if she was going to rip someone’s head off with her bare hands. Her eye browns were formed into a sharp V position and her fists were clenched together.

“IS HE DEAD??” She asked, in a very deep, angry voice.

“No, and he won’t be. He’s unconscious so just leave him.” Dye quickly responded, not wanting Pixie now to rip up Felk’s body to shreds.

“He can’t just get away with this! He was peeping and deserves to be dead!!!” She was yelling.

“He does not deserve to die. He’ll face punishment and if he does it again, he’ll get a harsher punishment till eventually death comes. But I am NOT killing him right now.” Dye quickly snapped at her. This was exactly what he knew would happen with these two.

“What punishment did you have in mind then? Kick him in the balls until they’re of no use!?!?” She was getting very dramatic.

“I was more thinking of tying him to a tree for the night without anything to eat. The ball kicking can be his next offence.” Dye turned toward Felk’s body and threw Felk over his shoulder. Pixie grunted. Knowing she couldn’t do anything she walked away muttering something to Dawn. Dye sighed heavily. This whole processes was going to be a pain in the ass. He began to walk along the path toward the campsite. He was obviously going to have to set some rules for the girls. He couldn’t have this happening all the time. He probably end up killing the girls just to stop it. One thing was certain though, this group he had, was bound to do something huge. He didn’t know whether good or bad, but something big.


Food was being cooked over the fire pit. It was some Venison that had been roaming around the campsite and Aeon and Marcus had been able to catch it. Felk had woken back up, and as Dye had told Dawn and Pixie, he was tied to a tree. He was going to stay there all night and he was not to be given anything to eat.
Oblivion had woken up and was eating, he still seemed a little depressed about losing his fight though. Dye was quietly eating his share of venison, which was not a lot to begin with. He stared at the fire, it beckoned to him. It always had, ever since he found out he could light himself a blaze when needed. Fire had become a part of him. Always there, to lurk or help. Dye took another bite of venison. Some of the juice dripped onto the ground. Dye sighed and looked up at the stars. Unaware of the larger forces at work,

Plotting his destiny.

Plotting his fate.

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Chapter 12: Suppressing Monsters
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