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 Chapter 11: Surpassing Humanity

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PostSubject: Chapter 11: Surpassing Humanity   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:49 am

Author: Oblivion

Oblivion sat facing the lake from a little way away, under the cover of the trees where he felt most comfortable. He sighed and rubbed his eyes with weary hands. It had been a long few days since the schism in Requiem, filled with turmoil and mistrust. Dye had attracted a number of the clan members who had other motives, and this worried him. Traitors and mercenaries were not ideal traveling companions. There was no doubt Dye could protect himself from the others, but who could protect them from him? Or, indeed, who would save him from himself? His recent erratic behavior was startling, and unlike Dye completely.

Oblivion considered that something was fundamentally changing in Dye, and not for the better. Even to his untrained eyes, he knew what was happening. He saw the rope of Fate coiled tightly around Dye, ensnaring him. Someone up there had a plan for him.

A crash and a yell brought him back to the present. Frowning, he surged to his feet, hand resting on the handle of one of his claymores as he scanned around him. Yells erupted from the camp, and he saw a faint figure sprint towards the tree line, running in a loping fashion, strangely fluid and wolf like. A smaller figure traveling at greater speed was obviously pursuing him, and seemed to be yelling obscenities. He noted the glowing red arms, and groaned inwardly. Dawn, Red's younger sister, was rarely easy to handle.

Seconds later, the pair were upon him. Felkanaros, the traitor, shot past him, now fully clothed in the form of a wolf. Dawn jumped high into the air, aiming to crush Felk, and suddenly collided with a thick wall of earth that hadn't been there a second before.

Stunned, she fell to the ground. Moving quickly, Oblivion picked her up by the scruff of the neck and held her at eye level. When he spoke, his voice was calm.

"What are you doing?"

Dawn glowered at Felk, who had stopped as the danger abated.

"He's a pervert! I caught him peeking at Pixie as she was having a bath in the lake!" She writhed suddenly in Oblivion's arms. "Lemme kill'im! I wanna kill him!"

Oblivion looked at Felk, who was blushing.

"My, my. Traitor and pervert. Thank goodness Red isn't here, or you could kiss your balls goodbye."

Felk stiffened, and his eyes took on a predatory gleam.

"You will find, so-called 'knight', that my kind is harder to kill than you might think. A mere human would be hard pressed to survive in a fight against me, let alone wound me."

Oblivion felt his blood begin to boil. His warrior heritage would not let such an opportunity pass.

"Is that so?" He grinned, a smile that stretched across his face like a scar, with no humor. Merely anticipation.

"Perhaps we could spar for a while. You know, to test each other."

Felk smirked. His taunt had worked, and he could have some fun. He pulled a simple blade from the worn scabbard on his back.

Oblivion placed Dawn on the floor, and did likewise, taking his claymores in a firm grip.

"Hey! I wanna fight him! I should be the one to beat him up!"

Oblivion smiled.

"Dawn, I'll let you chop up the pieces all you want. But don't interfere."

Saying that, he charged, the ground shaking with every step. Wielding his claymores like toys, he cut in a vicious arc towards Felk. The claymores seemingly tore through the lycan. Oblivion frowned.

"Hmm? That's it?"

He heard a disturbance in the air behind him, and spun around to parry the attack. He blinked. Felk stood, fangs bared in a feral snarl. He looked behind him. The body was gone.

"That was an after-image. We lycans can move faster than you weak chimps can follow. You see now? You have no chance."

So saying, Felkaranos dived forward, sweeping his sword in wide horizontal sweeps. The ferocity of the attack took Oblivion by surprise, and he was pushed back. Felk pulled back his sword and chopped at Oblivion's head. The blow was powerful enough that he was forced to one knee, and the claymore's that he held in a cross guard above his head were sparking against Felk's own sword.

The lycan leant in, maintaining his eye contact at all times. His lips retracted with a malicious grin as he whispered a word imbued with magic.


Oblivion's world went white, and his ears were filled with a high-pitched whine. Blind and deaf, he stumbled backwards, randomly swinging his swords, He was confident that his armor would protect him, but his head and throat were unprotected.

Suddenly, a shaggy animal barreled into him, knocking him to the ground and pressing down on his shoulders. Even if he couldn't see, he could sense Felk readying to tear his throat out.

Thinking quickly, he rolled and tossed Felk to the side. At the same time, the ground beneath Felk coalesced into a fist of compact earth, driving into his stomach and sending him flying.

Oblivion stood unsteadily as his head stopped ringing and his vision slowly returned. He looked at the wolfish figure standing in front of him, breathing hard. Felk glared at him.

"Hmph. Perhaps you humans are stronger than I was lead to believe. Certainly, you are in a different class to those I have fought before...All right. I will give you the privilege of seeing my true power."

Oblivion frowned again. True power? It was quite hard enough as it was, thank you very much. He watched as Felk drew in power, felt as much as saw the tremors shaking the ground. A cold chill ran up his spine.

Felk glanced up, and grinned.

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Chapter 11: Surpassing Humanity
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