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 Chapter 10: Illumination

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PostSubject: Chapter 10: Illumination   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:48 am

Author: Fire070

A flurry of feathers.

"You've come to take back the leadership now, haven't you?" The young man was almost unrecognizable, his hair unkempt, his robes shaggy. But it was his eyes that made the huge difference. They had grown bloodshot and puffy, as if he had been crying for days on end, which sadly, was not far from the truth. He looked in his office like he felt; as if he didn’t belong in it. "I've failed. I failed to keep the clan together, hell, I even couldn’t keep Megan... " That was all he could manage to choke out before falling once more into tears.

SLAP. "This is pathetic. Raphael, I expected more of you." Angel dragged Priest by the head towards the massive panoramic window. Priest was either too weak give a damn or he simply did not care that he was being manhandled in such a brusquely manner. The window had a clear view of Wa-Kia, Battleon some distance away, and even the perpetually-moonlit Darkovia was somewhat visible. Angel hated resorting to violence, but something had to be done.

He slammed Priest into the window, soft enough not to smash it, or hurt Priest but hard enough to send him the message. "See Wa-Kia out there? How many people are relying for your sorry ass for safety? And What the HELL are you doing?! Weeping in your office like some pathetic fool, that’s what!"

"Pretty fine words from somebody who left his clan right when he needed it." Priest managed to say with his cheek against the glass.

"Come not between me and this clan.", Angel said as formally as possible to keep calm.

Priest registered Angel's choice of words and recognized the anger management technique Angel employs when he is at breaking point.

Angel tossed Priest to the ground and looked out the window.
"I left the clan because it was in its best interest at that time. But with you like this, I’m not so sure anymore."

Priest's curious side won him over. "Why DID you leave us anyway?"

Angel grimaced, but had a satisfied look in his eyes, as if he had expected the question.
Angel answered regally and with majesty. , as if quoting some ancient text.

"I looked and beheld a pale horse, and he that sat on him was named Death, and Hell followed him. And power was given unto them over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth. ‘Thus, on the Day of Judgment, Death came into the world of men, riding upon a pale horse.’ An excerpt taken from the last book written by King Eliam."

Priest's eyes widened. "King Eliam?! Then that means...""


Meanwhile, an adventurer with short black hair and shining armor arrived at the drawbridge. He looked at the map he was carrying, looked back at the fortress, and back at the map again. "Well this seems to be the right place. OI!" he called to a man with a lean build, a black and green cloak, and a short sword that seemed to be made like a puzzle.

The man quickly gathered lightning in his left hand and unsheathed his short sword at the right. "State your name and purpose in coming here."

The adventurer smirked. "And what if I don’t?"

The man, already having a bad day, instantly shot the adventurer with lighting, but being sure not to hit him. "Is that enough of an answer?"

The adventurer's smirk widened. "Fine. My name is Icy. I challenge you to a duel to pass through."

Saint raised an eyebrow. This adventurer, Icy, was it? He was very cocky. Well either way, he had to test his new abilities on a live target. "Accepted."

Without any further words, the two warriors charged. Icy unsheathed his immense blade and slashed at Saint.
Saint glanced at the shining blade, jumped, and let lighting rain down. Icy seemed to anticipate this and used his sword's sheer size to absorb the attack.

Thank Zeus the sword is of the lightning element, Icy thought. He counterattacked by splitting his sword into two and using the lighting he collected to propel him upwards, swords held straight above him, ready to impale Saint as he falls.

Saint retaliated by using his lightning powers to vibrate his body and increase speed. Saint literally walks downwards on Icy's blade and gave him a well placed, and well deserved, kick in the face. "That was for being cocky." Icy hits the ground hard and Saint falls down gracefully on his feet. "Now why have you come here?"


"I found and opened the Door. My knowledge of its whereabouts is bound to me alone and I am forbidden to speak of it, but the knowledge I have learned I can share. " Angel said.

"What knowledge?" Priest questioned.

"That a great disaster will come to this land. I am the Force of Death. I only come here when blood will be spilt."

"Kinds late, weren’t you? My.. my..." Priest couldn’t bear to say the word 'sister', lest he fall back into tears.

"She’s already dead."

"Her death as of now is irrelevant. A greater tragedy is in our midst. I have returned to warn you that the force of War is among us."

Priest, who was busy healing himself, said "Hang on. By 'force', you mean... What exactly?"

Angel, who anticipated this question, took in a deep breath and started to elaborate. "There are four Forces of destruction according to one of the Alleble tomes. War, Plague, also known as Famine, Conquest, and finally, Death.

They are forces that have a pivotal role in the destruction of the Earth. But, until then, they do not just sit idle. Every generation there will be a few people with great potential. A Force may come to infect that person,
but not like a demon does. It merely subtly influences certain decisions, like weapons choices, in which that Force will make itself known. For example, Famine.

'I heard a voice like thunder beckoning someone, and behold! Famine emerges riding on a black horse. His stale breath kills the grass on which it stands. In his hand he holds a pair of scales.' The horse and scales is merely symbolism, but it is generally understood that this person will spread great plague among his generation. Disturbingly enough, it has come true."

Priest, now fully healed, cocked his head to the side and said, "Excuse me?"

Angel rolled his eyes. "How the hell so you not know this?! You witnessed it!! Who do you know spread the greatest plague in our generation?"

Priest thought for a moment, then a picture of a person appeared. He was garbed in white, and mist came from his robes. "Of course! Sal!"

Angel continued. "Now this one should be easy.

'A light shined from above, and from it came a man on a white horse. His robes gleamed and shone like the noonday sun. In his hands was a bow, and on his head rested a wondrous crown. He rode on and conquered the world on the Day of Judgment'.

Like the others, the bow and crown is mostly symbolism. Now who do we know that attacks from afar and tried to conquer us?"

This one was a no-brainer to Priest. "Elitis? It only seems right because he attacked using the council of Grasp, not his clan, which could symbolize for the bow."

"Correct.", Angel said. "But there is no need to worry since both of them are dead, and the force of Death is me. Your children will encounter Famine and Conquest in the next generation, but as of now, there is nothing we can do anymore. What you need to worry about is War."

An hour later, just after dusk, the remaining members of Requiem , including the newly commissioned Icy, were solemnly assembled near Asterisks grave, the official Requiem graveyard, to witness the funeral of Megan. As customs dictates, a dead Requiem member is to be placed in a canoe with holes and pushed into the lake. Clan members would kneel down in small groups beside the lake and push either water lilies (if the funeral happened at the day) or blue candles (if it happened at night.). As usual, Priest did the services.

"We are solemnly gathered here to remember the loss of Megan. She was a good sister, and a great clan member. She may be gone physically, but when she truly dies is when there is none left to remember her by. So let us not mourn but simply remember."

With those words, Priest raised his staff, and said a clear, strong word. His staff burned and was replaced by a pure white starsword, not unlike the golden one on his waist. He strode on to Megan's boat(tied to a stake to the side of the lake) , and with one clean stroke, cut the rope and ignited her boat. Her boat silently started to float to the center of the lake, followed by a multitude candles on small silver pans, each with a letter of thanks to Megan. As the candles floated into the night, Priest couldn’t help but think about what Angel had said earlier.

"War is the most deadly one.", he said. " 'A voice bellowed like thunder, and behold! War has come into the world he came on a fiery horse with blood red armor. and power was bestowed to him to kill one third of the Earth. In his hand was a giant sword' "

As the boat finally sank, Priest barely restrained a shudder. If, Angel was right, Today was merely the calm before the storm.

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Chapter 10: Illumination
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