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 Chapter 9: A New Beginning

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PostSubject: Chapter 9: A New Beginning   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:45 am

Author: Dye61

Dye stared into the lake. The lake was glass and he could see his reflection perfectly. The moon was high in the sky and reflected off the pool of water. He looked over the lake. It would definitely be a very romantic spot. If not for three things. One, he wasn’t cut up and bleeding. Two, He wasn’t completely exhausted. Finally three, if he had someone to share it with. He reached for his neck and rubbed the shiny sapphire. Funny, he would think of her at a time like this. He examined his wounds. One on the neck, one on the back of the head one deep gash in his chest and one in his leg. He had no healing ability’s, so he would have to just have to suck it up, let it scab up and recover on his own. He cupped his hands and placed them in the water. Disturbing the perfect glass look and sending ripples through out the lake. Dye brought his hands back up and threw the water on his face. He grunted in pain as it went over the wounds but it felt good as well. He stood up and walked into the forest. He walked until he got to the camp site where everybody that had followed him out of Requiem was. It was fairly big. He saw everyone from Chronic, not a big shocker there. He saw Nathan and Jake. He even saw the traitor Felkaranos. There were a bunch of random soldiers there too. But what surprised him most was he saw Dawn and Pixie in the camp too. Did they really choose HIM over their own BROTHER? I mean, come on, how messed up was THAT? Well, no point in arguing. But that means they’d have to have their own space and everything and would mean a couple more headaches along the way but still, no complaints. Most everybody was gathered around a fire in the middle of the camp ground. Dye took a seat next to Oblivion and Dawn. Oblivion was on right, Dawn on the left. Oblivion looked at Dye then back to the fire. There was complete silence between the people. The sound of frogs and crickets and the crackling fire filled the air around them. Oblivion was the one to break the silence.

“So Dye, what do we do now?” Everyone around the fire turned to look at Dye. Dye had no answer. He had not planned for so many people to follow him. Hell, he didn’t even know what he was going do if it was just himself.

“I-I don’t know…”

Nobody said anything. Oblivion looked back at the fire.

‘You honestly have no idea of what to do…?” This came from Dawn.

‘I honestly don’t. This all happened so sudden… I never came up with a back up plan for if I ever got kicked or left Requiem.” Dye looked at his feet then up at Dawn. “Do you have any ideas of what we should do?”

“Wha- Why me?”

“Because your idea is as good as mine right now.”

Aeon quietly made his way to the circle and sat down between Oblivion and Dye. He had an acoustic guitar with him. It was exactly like Red’s but Aeon’s was white. He began to strum a tune. He looked at Dye.

“What do we do now?”

“ I don’t know!!!” Dye stood up, finding himself yelling. Aeon stopped strumming and everyone around the circle backed away. Not wanting to be Dye’s next victim like Megan or Saint had been. Dye calmed himself down and sat back down. “Why did you guys follow me anyway? I don’t understand that. Why follow me when you could’ve stayed at Requiem? Even without me it’s a still a big clan.” Nobody spoke. The silence was terrible to Dye. He didn’t know why.

“Because you're strong willed. You don’t let some minors things get in your way. Someone would need to break both our arms and legs before you even consider stopping what your doing. And even then, you do what you can to accomplish your goal.” Dye looked up. Marcus had spoken these words. “Or.. At least that’s why I followed you.” Dye looked back down at his legs.

“I came because someone needs to keep you in line sometimes Dye.” Oblivion was grinning. Dye’s face remained unchanged.

“Well, without you, that place was pretty much dead as a graveyard. You were always doing something and with someone. Whether it was sparring with someone or just smacking Jake, you’re fun to be around.” Aeon smiled at him. “That be why I came, aye laddie?” Dye smiled. He hadn’t smacked Jake lately. Maybe that would make him feel better…

“I follow cause I sure didn’t want to get executed for treachery. If it means staying with you guys to be safe, I’m all for it.” Felkaranos quickly threw in.

“That’s good enough for me!” Dye exclaimed, a bit of happiness coming back to his voice. Everyone around the circle laughed. Dye was happy he wasn’t alone on this. Friends are a great thing to have, as many goods ones as you can. But one more thing was still on his mind. “But what still confuses me most is…” Dye turned in Dawns direction. Another figure was behind her. Dye made it out to be Pixie. She wasn’t there before. Damn she’s sneaky. “is why YOU two came.” Dye emphasized the you to get Pixie’s attention. Dawn just stared, putting on a very confused face. Pixie looked over and had the same expression. Neither of them spoke. Dye turned away quickly. Very awkward. Dye mumbled to himself.

“But Dye.” Dye looked a little left form straight in front of him and saw Nathan’s eyes glaring right into his. “What made you act like that back at the base?” Dye paused before answering.

“Because.. I had had it. I was sick of Priest’s kindness. He seems to just let everything go. He only takes serious action when he’s forced to. I mean, look at the Seth incident. There had been an order for him to be exiled for a month, and to be permanently demoted form captain. But during the Felkaranos trial, he had called Seth a Captain. That bothered me. So I said that he wasn’t.”

“Said? More like yelled.” Jake said, throwing his two cents. Two cents that Dye did not want.

“Fine, yelled. But Priest simply left the subject be. Almost as if previous words didn’t matter. Then Seth stood up, and began to tell me off. Now, by that time I was completely furious. I knew almost no one in the clan who could keep true to their own word. Then I asked if anyone thought I was worthy of being Captain after Seth had made the impression that to him, I wasn‘t worthy of being Captain. Then came Megan…” Dye paused. “She raised her hand. I don’t know why. I wish I did know so I could change whatever was the problem. But instead I just…” He paused again. “just killed her. I was so angry I couldn’t help myself. So, right there. I killed her. I knew then that I had to leave. I knew then that, I wasn’t wanted. Maybe by you guys but if not by my superiors or by others that are my rank. I saw no point in staying. Also, Priest was going to have my head for killing Megan. No point in staying for that either. But overall, I just felt Priest is TOO nice. He offers sympathy to those who don’t deserve it. But… but I wish those weren’t the people that had to perish. My anger was directed at Seth and Priest. Not Megan and Saint. But yet, they were the ones who had to pay.” More silence. This one lasted for minutes as everyone soaked that in. Dye looked to Nathan. ‘Does that answer your question?”

Nathan just stared. “Do you regret what you did?”

“Not in the slightest.”

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Chapter 9: A New Beginning
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