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 Chapter 6: The Traitor

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PostSubject: Chapter 6: The Traitor   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:39 am

Author: Felkaranos

Felkaranos walked alone, like he used to. The shadows listened to what he said, and didn’t interrupt him with stupid replies. Dialogue was the worst thing he knew. Right now, the shadows were listening to his discussion with himself. He was in front of a hard decision. Only a few days ago, a stranger, who called himself Ogecrazil, gave Felkaranos a mission. A secret mission. He was supposed to bring the man some kind of tome, and in return, he would get a million gold. He wouldn’t hesitate hadn’t it been for one thing; Seth was the owner of it. Felkaranos didn’t feel shame for stealing from a clan member, but he could be exiled. And he was safe in Requiem. He hated people, but he was safe.

“Hi, Felk,” said a familiar voice. Edvin Jeremy walked towards him. A silly grin spread across his face. “How are you?” Felkaranos remained quiet. “Just tell me if you don’t wanna talk. Anyways, I heard a funny story ‘bout Fire, wanna hear?” Felkaranos felt anger and irritation rushing through him. Why is Edvin such an idiot? Edvin continued. “Fire had overheard a conversation between a stranger and one of the clan members. They talked ‘bout stealing Seth’s cipher tome.” Felkaranos frowned. What did he know? “Unfortunately, he didn’t tell me who. Fire said that Priest should be the first to know the name.”

“Gorm!” A pure and shining light flowed out from Felkaranos’ blade. In front of him stood a man clad in black. “Ah, that was better,” he said. “These news are shocking. You are sure that only Fire knows about this?”

“Yes, Master,” Felkaranos said. “Priest haven’t taken visitors for days.”

“Well,” Ogecrazil replied. “You know what to do.” Felkaranos understood. Fire had to be dealt with.

The moon was full, thanks to Ogecrazil’s magic. It was a part of the deal. Quick streams of silver lightning ran across Felkaranos’ body. The bone structure changed, along with muscles and skin. His clothes were torn apart, and eventually, he was fully transformed. In the lycan form, he was stronger, faster, and more aware. All the qualities needed for the job he had to do. First, he had to find Fire’s key tablet. It was Fire’s only possession that pointed only towards him. Felkaranos started laughing. It sounded like a dog trying to swallow a pineapple. With that key tablet, he would gain entrance to Seth’s room, and make Fire seem guilty. A great plan. The corridors of the Requiem Castle were like a great mace, and Felkaranos soon got lost. He tried a random door. Suddenly a lot of bells rang, and a girl literally jumped out of her bed. She took her sword down from the wall, and pointed at Fellkaranos.

“What are you?!” she screamed. The hazel eyes were glowing with fear.

“Calm down, Megan,” Felkaranos said.

Even though his voice was darker and more beast-like, Megan recognized it. “Felk? But why?” She lowered her sword just enough for Felkaranos to strike. Before she could bring it up, he knocked it out of her hands. A small silver knife was pressed against her throat.

“You have never seen this. Remember that. You have never ever seen me running around as a lycan,” he said. “Otherwise, your funeral will be soon.” Suddenly, the temperature around Felkaranos dropped drastically. A giant ice shard sent him flying across the room. “I... forgot...” An arrow missed his head with half an inch.

“Leave my room. Now!” Felkaranos knew that Megan was weaker than him. Never spoil a chance like that. He drew his sword, took a small hatchet from his belt, and walked towards the girl. She hurled ice shards and water balls at him, but he evaded them every time. The sword cut through the air, aiming for Megan. In the last moment, she blocked it with her Cold Rune Edge. It was a big sword. A few more arrows missed. Felkaranos jumped up on her bed. Using the height advancement, he leaped towards Megan, threw his axe on her blade and landed on her. She stared towards her blade, that was lying on the floor. Felkaranos’ simple sword was only an inch from her chest.

“If you swear to forget this, I will let you live,” he snarled. “Do you?”

Megan nodded. “Yes, I swear,” she cried. Felkaranos left the room. He had lost time. Only an hour left until dawn. He ran onwards, looking for a map.

The next day, in a hotel overlooking Wa-Kia, Felkaranos entered his suite. He found the stranger waiting for him. "Master!", he said. ""Why so soon?"

Ogecrazil replied." Nevertheless. Is it done?"

The Felkaranos was beside himself with pleasure. "Yes, my master. Three of them are ours. And the artifact you requested. " He handed
Ogecrazil the Cipher Tome.

Ogecrazil stared inquisitively. "And the evidence?"
"Planted, and worked better than planned. Fire is now in the Cipher Dimension."

"Excellent! Have room service get a bottle of wine.", he said, jubilation evident in his voice. "Tonight we feast. Tomorrow Requiem falls."

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Chapter 6: The Traitor
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