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 Chapter 5: Untold Truth

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PostSubject: Chapter 5: Untold Truth   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:38 am

Author: Saintofdarkness

With Helios gone, at least for now, Saint, Seth, and Dye slowly headed back to base. Dye was feeling dazed and confused with the turn of events, and couldn't resist to ask: "Should we pursue him?"

"Nah, too risky. He may lead us into a trap." Saint leapt onto a low tree branch, turning towards his friends. "So... I guess I'm a bit too secretive. Go figure that I'm the one you think is the traitor. I didn't take the tablet, but we can find out who did later. We'll just have Priest take a closer look at it."

"Sounds like a plan to me. Anyway, Saint." Saint looked at Dye questioningly. "I've been wondering for some time now. What did you do before founding Executioners of Torment?". Seth looked at Dye, then looked back at Saint, obviously just as eager to get an answer.

"Hmm... where shall I start? Ah, well, I used to live in a small village a few miles west of Swordhaven. About 5 years ago, my home burnt down, due to my carelessness. I left a lantern lit and accidentally knocked it over onto a pile of hay." Dye burst out laughing, Seth smiling and chuckling. "May I continue?"

Dye stood rigid, quickly calming himself down. "Sorry, go on."

"Alright. Well, I was homeless, had no money, and no legitimate skills. Strategists weren't even heard of back then. The concept of clans were brand new. So, I resorted to theft. I stayed in Swordhaven for a while, and stole whatever I could to survive. Then, one day..."

"Wow, didn't know you were a criminal!" Seth teased.

"Do you want me to tell you this story, or do you want to keep making fun of me?" Saint asked. Dye was tempted to say "keep making fun of you!" but resisted the urge. "Ok, where was I? Oh... one day, I got unlucky and I was spotted stealing fruit in the market. So, like any lowly criminal, I ran. The guards were slow, but I was too weak to fight back then, so I hid in the sewer. Then I met the man that forever changed my life, the clans, the whole world. Standing before me in a dark, slimy, smelly sewer was... Angel."

Seth's eyes opened wide, Dye's jaw dropped. "You met him in a sewer of all places... What was he doing there?" Seth asked.

"He was looking for a vile creature down there, called... 'Grumble' or something like that. He asked for my help, obviously not caring that I was armed with nothing but a rusty dagger and an apple I just stole. I took up the offer, thought it was better than dealing with twenty or so guards trampling the streets above, looking for me. We killed that slimy worm effortlessly. I still wonder why he asked for my help."

It was Dye's turn to ask questions. "So what happened after that?"

"I went back into hiding for a while. After meeting Angel, I was inspired to become stronger, so I did. I trained hard for a month, and then sent word to me, asking me if I wanted to join his Samurai clan, which was just formed mere minutes ago. I accepted, and visited him in Swordhaven. He asked me to fight him."

"So, let me guess. You lost?" Dye asked, half joking, half serious.

"Actually, I won. Somehow, I surpassed him. Of course, after that day, he trained hard and caught up to me. We became equals."

Dye and Seth were speechless. Saint has proven to them that he really did become friends with Angel long before anyone else, just as he always claimed. "Well, that was an interesting story, to say the least, if not a bit boring." Seth pretended to agree.

"Well, now do you trust me? My secrets aren't secrets because I'm a traitor. They are secrets because I simply don't like to talk about them." Saint said.

"Does Priest know?" Dye asked. Seth was just about to ask the same thing.

"About what?... Oh, about how I met Angel? No, he doesn't. Now, let's hurry up. We're a little late, and I'd like to figure out who this traitor is soon." Dye and Seth panicked briefly, completely forgetting about the traitor situation, and ran after Saint as fast as they could, towards their castle.

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Chapter 5: Untold Truth
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