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 Chapter 3: Trial and Error

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PostSubject: Chapter 3: Trial and Error   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:34 am

Author: Fire070

Back in the present, Fire stared into the window, looking at nothing in particular, then a loud crash was heard at his door, soon followed by the loud third of his door crashing. "Hello, Seth." Fire, more irritated than startled, calmly said. "Can I help you?" "Yes, you can." You better have a reason for coming here, you kicked down my door, Fire thought. Then again, this persons as stoic as Nathan, or even more so, considering what happened last week.

"Give it back to me NOW and maybe ill kill you mercifully." Seth, showing a rare flash of anger ,yelled. "Give what back??", Fire innocently questioned. Seth continued his rant. "What do you mean what? You’re the only one who would take it, so just give it up before I fillet you like jakes fish!" "I haven’t stolen anything of your possession!" Fire countered, heavily offended that he was of accused of such a thing... "Then explain THIS that I found in my sword case last night" said Seth, producing a small tablet of stone roughly the size of a brick, but thin as a sword edge with runes carved on it. "That’s my key tablet!" Fire said, astounded. "It unlocks most doors and chests. I've been wondering where that was." "Oh, don’t give me that sad excuse for a sentence, Fire." By this time, Seth had half a mind to blow Fire and his room to oblivion, but he knew otherwise.

Fire, finally getting over the initial shock of being accused of theft, was gradually gaining his battle composure. He knew if this situation gets more out of hand than it
was, he would be in danger of losing not only his room, but his life as well. "Look, Seth, lets just talk this over-" "Talk this over? TALK...THIS...OVER?!" Seth violently cut in mid- sentence." Do you think I’m some sort of idiot who would fall for some second-rate diplomat's negotiations?" This remark made Fire surge with anger, giving him a half mind to draw a time rune and behead or at least maim him during the time lag. "Seth." Fire started out slow but gradually gained momentum "Calm down and rethink your accusation. I will also ask you to leave my room. Though I cannot command you due to your rank, I will not stand for some person kicking my door down and accusing me of theft! If you want to settle this before a court trial or on the field of honorable combat, I would be more than happy to! But this...no. Leave now, Seth." Seth was astonished to see a show of defiance, from anyone, let alone Fire. But a duel... now that was a promising proposition. He needed to vent off his fighting instinct, or else he'll have to trap his soul in his mind to have it painfully reconditioned. "A duel? I accept. Winner gets to get the item. Loser dies." Fire quickly mulled the conditions over. "Agreed. Now leave me in peace."

An hour later, Fire, clad in his best armor, a powerful claymore, and several hidden throwing knives met Seth clad in similar armor, an improved soul scythe and a
Short sword met on the grounds past the drawbridge of Requiem Castle, bordering the nearby forest, filled with Requiem tunnels and passageways. These tunnels were used an many a war with lesser clans, both to evacuate civilians out of the city, and as a reserve base, if ever Castle Requiem went under siege.

Little that Seth knew, the item he was looking for, was in one of those numerous catacombs which is part of the Requiem Underground.

Electric blue eyes met enigmatic silver, each one sizing the other up mentally. They were going to waist precious time and energy on petty words; the time for those had long since past. Fire started the battle, raising his hood and hurling his throwing knife directly at Seth’s heart. But Seth was faster. He spun his scythe with peerless timing, making the knife glance off the scythes blade. He then flung the scythe in the air, aimed his hand on Fire, muttered a short spell, and fired a wave of Cipher energy, condensed into sound, right at Fire. Fire countered by quickly drawing a few runes, which Seth characterized as of the light element.

A blinding flash of light, an earsplitting sound. "How..." Seth started, then he remembered. "I forgot. Light travels faster than sound. You’ve gotten better, Fire. Let’s see how you do hand to hand." Then, wasting no time, he stowed his scythe and aimed a slash on the weak spots of Fire's armor. Fires response was a fluid unsheathing of the claymore on his back, and an equally fluid block. Fire drew a few runes behind his back and unleashed an Air spell which sent Seth reeling backwards. Another set of runes, and Fire conjured up boulders and fired them at Seth. Seth waved his sword, and to Fires total surprise, charged straight towards the boulders. Before Fire could comprehend what was happening, Seth opened a portal to the Cipher Dimension and sucked the rocks in, like a vacuum sucks in dust. Then Seth started slicing and hacking at Fire from above, behind, in front. Fire desperately countered with his claymore, trying to bide time so he could finish his spell. Another bright flash of light, and crystal spikes four feet long were continuously jutting out from the earth quickly rushing to Seth, like so many tiny shining wooden stakes rising to burn witches or perhaps to impale someone. Seth jumped high in the air, summoned his scythe, and threw it at the spikes. The scythes followed the path of the spikes backwards toward Fire, cutting down all the spikes in its path, making them look more like tree stumps than small wooden stakes.

The scythe soared mercilessly toward a horrified Fire... and the scythe went right through him. Seth, still levitating in mid-air, was puzzled, and made the scythe pass through Fire a few more times, then gracefully fell towards earth. When Seth reached terra firma, he was in for a big surprise. Fire disappeared. Then suddenly, a silver blade came out of the earth, hacking at Seth’s legs. Seth managed to get away, but a sharp pain in his lower leg told him he did not escape unscathed.

"What the..." Seth started.

"Astral Projection. A different branch of Soul magic. You draw a few runes, teleport yourself underground" and project part of your soul at your former location. But of course you know all about that, being who you are.", a voice coming from below stated. "Also a nice ventriloquist trick."

By this time, many Requiem members within the castle watched as the two members supposedly trained. However, the training seemed unusually brutal, especially considering who were fighting.

Meanwhile, back in the dueling ground, Seth was still floating in mid-air, while Fire had recently smashed the earth around him and deposited himself back above ground. Both were taking advantage of the ceasefire to analyze the situation and to assess the tactics and assets available to them.

If I jump up, what can I do? Fire thought. I can’t just move around and shoot him with fireballs, that will leave me open to his Cipher magic. Hmm...

In the air, Seth was thinking along the same lines as Fire. I’m sure he sees the only way to go is up. And when he makes his move, Ill be ready... Then Fire made his move. He flung his remaining throwing knives up at Seth, who of course, met them with his scythe blade like the last time.

What’s he getting at? Seth thought. Fire then activated the earth rune he was making in his sleeve while he drew the knives in them. The rune altered Seth’s gravity and increased it hundredfold, making his levitation spell give way and promptly making him land hard onto the grass. The spell was temporary, but the pain will last. Seth shrugged off the pain and his jacket revealing a black steel armor and matching plate legs. He removed most of those to via a small piece of ribbon used to lighten the load of armor. Like the string that activates a parachute, Seth pulled it and his armor was instantly switched to a lighter version of it.

Fires response was to send wave after wave of alternating heat and cold to make the armor brittle, but he saw that was not going to happen anytime soon, so being nearly out of magic, he rushed in with his claymore. Seth immediately parried and jumped back, then counterattacked using both his scythe and short sword.

Fire acted quickly and drew an Ice rune and used it to propel him into the air. This plan has one shot, so it better work, Fire desperately thought, fearing his inevitable plunge to earth.

"This ends here, Fire!", Seth yelled, Throwing his scythe into the air. Fire, activating one of the two runes he drew behind h is back, put his plan into action. A bright light surged forth from Fires palms, blinding Seth and the spectators of Requiem Castle temporarily. After the bright flash, Seth was lying on the ground, unarmed. His short sword was in Fires hand and inches above his throat. His scythe, on the other hand, was nowhere to be seen.

"Concede and withdraw your accusation, Seth. Now I have bested you in the field of honorable combat ", Fire calmly said.

"'Where is my scythe?" Seth questioned, terrified of losing part of his soul. It was splintered enough as it was.

"Back into your soul. I flung it so far away that it had to be absorbed back to you or you had to risk permanent soul damage", Fire answered.

"How?" Seth was relieved.

"When I threw all those throwing knives, they had energy strings on them. Like puppet strings, but not material. Anyway, they transferred onto your scythe when they hit it, so I could have done this."

"Shut up and finish the kill!!" Seth demanded.

"No.". As he said this, Fire stuck the short sword into the ground. "I will not resort to killing a fellow clan member to solve problems."

Seth heard this and lost every trace of calmness in his body. "Oh, so now you think your so high and mighty, do you? As your superior, I DEMAND you to kill me."

"No", Fire repeated and started walking away.

Seeing this, and the humiliation of defying a direct order from one of the captains in this clan started sinking in, Seth snapped completely. "Nobody, NOBODY disrespects ME!" Muttering an incantation that sounded more like song, the air around the ground seemed to get thicker and thicker. Then suddenly, a portal appeared, as if torn from the fabric of reality itself, sucking trees, knives, and grass toward it and its unknown destination. Fire turned around, astounded. He tried to draw a rune, but an incoming oak tree knocked him unconscious and sent him to his inevitable demise.

The drawbridge collapsed onto the ground and Jake and Dye burst on the scene, but could only watch helpless as the portal sucked Fire in. As suddenly as it started, it stopped, leaving only a small crater on the ground, and three captains of Requiem as witness to its terrible power.

Dye, the first to recover from the shock, was also the first to have his hands on Seth. He promptly grabbed Seth’s collar and pushed the leaner captain onto a nearby almost uprooted tree. "Why the HELL did you do that, you total ass?! Have you gone out of your mind?", Dye practically screamed at the passed-out Seth, exhausted from casting such a powerful spell, all the while being shaken by Dye.

Jake, shifting to his assassin personality, said "Dye, give it up. He’s obviously unconscious. Let’s just tie him up and drop him off at the court."

The Chapel of the Azure served as the official court of Clan Requiem. It was a semi-underground Gothic chapel with a distinct chair front and center, obviously to seat the person under scrutiny. The other pews were for the witnesses and clan members. In more traditional prosecutor-defendant trials, it was replaced with two chairs and tables aligned with the pews for the witnesses. It had five doors, positioned in the four corners of the court as well as one in the middle, directly opposite the altar. The chapel was all in white marble, save for the vertically elliptical stained glass windows which were in blue. Some were depicting certain parts of the Bibles book of Revelation, the others holy weapons and tomes, and still a few with just a single, blue eye. The church itself is square shaped, with a flat roof, and shaped like a funnel with straight edges; the smallest part was the entrance, the largest, the altar.

On the altar, instead of seeing a statue of some deity an equally imposing structure was there. A statue, standing eighty feet tall, depicting a knight, without his helmet, his head bowed in mourning. He was holding a huge sword which nearly went up to his bowed nose. He was holding it not at the handle, delicately but at its hilt, one hand on either side of the cross guard. The mourning warrior, the inscription on it said. Under that was a familiar quote: "Only the dead have seen the end of war." It was one and most ominous of the few pieces of art and knowledge that Fire had salvaged before the war against The Order.

The raised platform it stands on contains the tome which has all the laws of Requiem written on it. It also contains the Official Seal of Justice of the Azure, a ring with an intricate seal that is impossible to reproduce. Every legal sanction document had to be sealed in with this ring.

A few minutes later, the court filled up. As tradition dictates, the witnesses have to sit on the first few pews. When everyone has settled in, Blizzard called,

"All rise for the honorable Captains Council." All rose, and sat down. As, once again, tradition dictates, the clan leader, Priest, who was sitting on the higher altar seat,(the other captains sat below the shrine of the altar) had to declare the case.

"Ergent Seth", Priest regally started. "The charges against you are murder of the first degree. Tell us your story."

"Yes," Seth said. "I walked into my room last night and found out the tome containing my Cipher magic had been stolen. A few minutes of examination, I figured out Fire had stolen it." This caused quite a muttering within the court. Seth continued once more. "I found out it was Fire because I found this in my room." Seth once again produced the key tablet and gave it to Jake, who had stepped down from the altar to take it. "He said himself that it unlocks most locks and seals, magical or otherwise.” Seth added.

Priest, the most powerful mage in the clan, took it from Jake and examined it thoroughly.

"Yes, it does exactly that." Priest observed another set of runes on the intricate seal. "It also seems to disarm any minor traps included in the lock. And this sigil”, Priest checked it one more time just to be sure. “This sigil confirms this is indeed the property of Fire. However, I will first confirm if Fire indeed was the one who cast it. To do this spell, I will need an item created or enchanted using Fires magic.”

Jake produced a small throwing knife from his pocket. It was lightweight, sapphire studded, the metal strangely shiny, almost as if a diamond was used it its creation.

Jake gave it to Priest saying, "I found this at the scene of the crime. I heard Fire sharpens his weapons through magic. It kinda explains why he doesn’t own a whetstone or uses the one upstairs."

Priest uttered a small spell, and the two objects started glowing purple, then gold, then red, then white, then it stopped. "This confirms it." "Fire was NOT the culprit. This means you are indeed, guilty due to negligence. Due to your actions, You, Ergent Seth, are exiled from Requiem for a month starting next week and PERMANENTLY demoted from the position of captain."

"Wait!" Jake called.

"What?" It was Blizzard who answered.

"If Fire doesn’t have the tome, who does?"

The question set the chapel ablaze with fear.

A few hours later, in a hotel overlooking Wa-Kia, a hooded man entered his suite. He found his superior waiting for him. "Master!" he said. "Why so soon?"

Master replied. "Nevertheless, is it done?"

The hooded man was beside himself with pleasure. "Yes, my master. Three of them are ours. And the artifact you requested. "The man handed Master the Cipher Tome.

Master stared inquisitively. "And the evidence?"

"Planted, and worked better than planned. Fire is now in the Cipher Dimension."

"Excellent! Have room service get a bottle of wine." Master said, jubilation evident in his voice. "Tonight we feast. Tomorrow Requiem falls."

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Chapter 3: Trial and Error
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