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 Chapter 1: Perspectives

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PostSubject: Chapter 1: Perspectives   Fri Jun 17, 2011 12:31 am

Author: Fire070

Seth was walking, or more like gliding through Requiem Castle. His battle-hardened elegance and rank as a captain shows through his posture and aura alone and made the new recruits feel a shiver in their spines when he walks by. Usually Seth would stop and chat with his clan members in a day like this. It was the perfect mix of sun and clouds, perfect for going swimming in the lake where Asterisk, one of the former captains in requiem, lies. But today was not an ordinary day. He was striding through these halls with purpose.

Dye was coincidentally, taking a walk as well with Jake. "I’m telling you CJ, It was real!!" Jake said. "It has muffins for eyes and chocolate for tongues!"

"And I’m telling YOU, Jacob!" Dye was flaring at Jake by this time. "NEVER, EVER, call me by that name again."

"But that’s your real name, isn’t it CJ?" Dye threatened, "Should I tell them your real na... agh!" In a blink of an eye, Jake took the eel skin whip around his waist and bound it upon dyes neck. Dye forgot that he was dealing with one of Requiem’s best assassins, Jacob.

"No." Jake said this with so much power Dye found himself scared for the first time in years- and of Jake of all the people.

"Okay! I- agh- wont-agh- say it!!", Dye managed to choke out. Jake released Dye.

"Temper, temper, now.", Jake said Half-mocking, Half- concerned for the castle. "We don’t want another Uzumaki incident, now would we? That would be the last straw for Priest." Dye sighed in resignation.

Fire was in his room, confused. Normally, Fire's mind was clear as his electric blue eyes. The past month or so was far from normal. He logically reassessed the situation going on in the clan. He didn’t have much information as regards the full problem, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to put the pieces together. Requiem is falling. The proof was everywhere. The recent Uzumaki incident, plus the disappearance of members like Creed and Pixie, combined with this... war fever going around. War fever. Fire couldn’t put a word to it, but it was there, creeping, omniscient, and infectious. Just two weeks ago, Uzumaki was kicked from the clan and nearly decimated by Dye.
The week after that, Nathan and Blizzard almost had a full out duel in the bar, just because of some damned guitar string. Fire had witnessed that one.

--One week before--

Nathan had just returned from a routine scouting mission. As usual all he found strange were the squirrels near Wa-Kia. He pitied these squirrels. They were unsuspecting victims of the Plague, even more so than Nathan himself.

During the Plague, Many people died in mysterious ways, being healthy one day and being shipped to the funeral pyre the next. There was just no explanation. In addition, many animals born into that period experienced a wide range of birth defects. The most affected species was the squirrel. Some had three eyes, ten arms, and so on. But now was not the time for thinking. He needed a drink.

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Chapter 1: Perspectives
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