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 Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!

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PostSubject: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:47 am

Created by our good buddy Oblivion. (Ah. Dye said this. I don't refer to myself as my good buddy. Fyi. ~Oblivion)

Oblivion sat in the corner and watched quietly, as he often did. This time, he was trying hard not to laugh.

While Dye had gone away to the Captain's Meeting, Marcus had decided to have a quick party to celebrate the survival of Chronic throughout the rebellion and the ensuing battle with War. It had obviously been planned in depth, to the point that Marcus had calculated when the Captain's meeting would end, so as to avoid Dye killing them all when he got back and found them partying.
The squad was currently halfway through its eighth barrel of ale, and there were plenty more stashed away.
In the middle of the room, Marcus was loadly boasting to the new guy, Gammarai, of the battle he had fought, and his great victories; half of which were made up, obviously. Oddly enough, instead of lurking in the shadows as normal, Gammarai was actually laughing and gently arguing with Marcus, resulting in a light fist fight on the counter in Chronic's bar, pride of place in the food hall. Watching this was Icy, who was obviously trying to decide whether to separate the two or jump in and join the fight. His cheeks were flushed, and Oblivion realised that Icy was fairly new to drinking. Still, he was handling it quite well. Hopefully, well enough that they wouldn't have to bring in the cleaning staff later.
Standing on the opposite side of the room were the two Guardians of Doom, Reaper and Death, who had decided to join Requiem and Chronic in order to reinforce the strength and publically emphasize the support that the Guardians of Doom provided for Requiem. Half-shrouded in shadows, they whispered at each other, laughing slightly every now and then, but otherwise seeming almost unbearably sober. Oblivion stood and clanked over to them, and they turned and looked at him. He nodded to them, and they nodded back, grinning. Then all three turned and silently regarded the skirmish on the other side of the room. The larger Marcus had got the advantage over Gammarai, who was being held in a headlock and painfully noogied. This would have continued, had Icy not then jumped on Marcus' back, distracting him enough for Gammarai to trip him up. The two smaller men jumped on Marcus, Icy holding him down while Gammarai tickled him mercilessly.
Marcus roared with a mixture of laughter and rage, and heaved himself up. He swayed, and sat down abruptly. He continued to laugh, and Gammarai and Icy joined in, gleeful in their victory.

"A toast!" shouted Marcus, his face flushing red. "To Chronic, and our psycho captain! Let's live long, and hope he does too!"
"Yeah!" shouted Icy enthusiastically.
Oblivion laughed for the first time. "Well, Marcus, you won't be living long if Dye heard you calling him that!So, I'll pray for your safety as much as his, and hope that he never hears of this." Reaper and Death snickered, and Oblivion glared at them. "That doesn't mean you tell Dye about it, got it?"
They grinned and nodded their assent, crossing their fingers behind their backs as they did so.
Marcus stumbled up to Oblivion and thrust a tankard in his face. "C'mon, drink with us! This is a toast, you've got to have some!"
Oblivion sighed. "I'm fine, Marcus. I tend to go a bit overboard when I drink too much, so I'll just watch and enjoy the company."
"No, no, you can't do that!" shouted Marcus, who seemed to be a little more than simply tipsy. "I tell ya, if you don't drink, we'll all make you! Isn't that right, guys?"
Icy and Gam laughed, and Reaper and Death both smiled slightly. They were all ready to do it, and Oblivion knew it.
He groaned. "Fine. But, I warn you, if anything happens, it's your fault." So saying, he took the tankard.
Icy started a chant. "Chug! Chug! Chug! Chug! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" Gammarai and Marcus joined in, and, after a while, still grinning, so did the Guardians.
Oblivion stared around him, and shrugged. He tilted his head back, and swallowed the contents of the frothing tankard.

**************Two hours later**************

Dye's eye twitched.

He'd known something was up the moment he'd walked onto Chronic's wing of the castle. The leisure room was empty. So were the strategy and meeting rooms. None of the members were in their own rooms. That left the bar. From at least two corridors away, he could hear crashing. He jolted into a sprint, drawing his sword, ready for whatever foes his valiant men were fighting off...
He skidded to a standstill in the doorway, sword at the ready. He was about to jump in, when he took note of the situation. His jaw dropped, then came back up as quickly as it had done so. His blood pressure shot up in an instant, and veins started to pulse in his forehead.
It did indeed look like a battle had been fought in the food hall (in fact, if you count Oblivion wielding a bench versus Marcus with two large bottles of wine, there had been one). Shattered furniture was strewn across the floor, Icy and Gammarai were out for the count, with large bumps on their head (Oblivion's bench had done its damage), and the bar was wrecked. Absolutely, truly, irrepairably wrecked. Dye almost cried. He'd so been looking forward to a nice beer after the tedious meeting. He looked around, noting the two (still sober) Guardians standing in their corner, the floor around them littered by empty glasses. They noticed him, and winked. He tried to growl at them, but all that came out was a tired squeak.
He turned his head slowly about the room, and saw the source of the noise. Marcus and Oblivion were duking it out, no holds barred. From the looks of things, Oblivion was winning, laughing drunkenly as he twisted Marcus' arm. Marcus was also laughing, weakly trying to kick Oblivion away, but absolutely failing to do so.
At that moment, Oblivion froze. A dreamy look spread over his face. He stood up straight, ignoring Marcus. He noticed Dye, grinned, waved and shouted: "O hai there Dye!"

Dye was astonished. He'd never before heard Oblivion sound like an idiot. Speaking of idiots, Jake suddenly popped up behind Dye. "Hey Dye, what's going on? Sounds like a great party! Can I join?"
Without even looking, Dye turned around and hit Jake around the head with his fist, then kicked him, rolling down the corridor, to come up sprawled, unconscious, half-way through the stone wall at the end.
Dye rubbed his fist and sighed. Hitting Jake normally helped make him feel less angry, but it hadn't worked this time. Obviously, he needed to hit someone stronger to fell better.
He heard a crash and spun around again to look at the chaos. Oblivion had obviously had too much to drink. He had literally dropped backwards onto the floor, and now looked like he was comatose. Reaper and Death looked at him silently, thought about stealing his stuff, and decided against it. He'd live.
Dye grinned through his anger. He stormed up to the prone Oblivion, and kicked him a couple of times. He felt a bit better.

He looked at the two Guardians, who actually seemed to have drunk the most. "Why the hell aren't you drunk?"

Death and Reaper looked at each other and grinned. "Well" whispered Death. "As full Guardians of Doom, our bodies are changed to something greater than what they once were, as you should well know...so, alcoholdoes not affect us as it used to...hihihi, it would take ten times as much to get us a drunk as your giant friend over there."

Marcus then chose the wrong point in time to come over to greet Dye. "Dye! BUDDY! How you been?" His breath reeked of the good stuff.

Dye's veins pulsed. "Marcus." he said in a pleasantly calm voice. "Would you mind explaining just what has happened here?"
"Isn't it great?" chortled Marcus. If he had been sober, his innate danger sensor would have gone into code red. "We took the opportunity to have a little party, y'know, um, a party to celebrate our victory over War."
Dye sighed. "Marcus. I WAS War. Remember?"
"Oh, yeah!" said Marcus, a look of understanding dawning on his face. "So, yeah, I guess we were kinda celebrating our victory over YOU!" He tried to slap Dye's back, but missed and slapped him in the face instead. Hard.


"Weeelll~, we were actuaallllly celebrating your survival, you know? We were worried about you, buddy!"
Dye smiled forcedly. "Well, I guess I can appreciate that..."
Marcus cut him off. "After all, you got absolutely nailed by Priest, didn't you?"


"I mean, he defeated a mega-powerful you, so I wonder what he could do to a normal you? Hehehe, yep, you got absolutely destroyed, din'cha? Yep, if normal you had a fight with him, you'd die in like, I dunno, 2 seconds?"


Marcus stopped for a second. "Come to think of it, don't you reaaallllly hate Priest?" He clapped a hand on Dye's shoulder. "Sorry, buddy, I guess you'll never be as strong as him!" He laughed delightedly.


Even in his comatose state, Oblivion heard a faiant "GWAAAAA AAAAAAAAARGH"
He smiled, and turned over on the stone floor.

**************Next morning**************

A bucket of cold water brought Oblivion out of his favourite dream (the nice one, about the bunnies). Glaring around, head pounding, eyes streaming, ribs aching (large foot shaped bruise FTW) he looked up into the mottled face of his angry leader.
Unfortunately, his brain kicked in to remind him of the more interesting moments of the night before. He quailed.
Dye reached down, and Oblivion shut his eyes, preparing to be immolated. Instead, he felt a hand clasp his own and pull him to his feet. He groaned, and threw up. When he opened his eyes, he saw Dye, lightly covered in vomit. He shut his eyes again.
"Congratulations, Oblivion," Dye said in a purposefully level voice. "You are my new lieutenant. Wear the title well, and do me proud."
He opened his eyes again. "ME? Why? Where's Marcus?" He looked around. Icy and Gammarai were still on the floor, obviously feeling like death warmed up. The Guardians were still in the corner, tanakrds half-empty. He looked closely. They appeared to be in shock, completely out of character when compared with their ususal self-confidence. But, no sign of Marcus.
He looked at Dye, who was looking slightly sheepish. He grabbed him.
"Where's Marcus? Dammit, Dye, WHAT DID YOU DO?"
Dye looked even more sheepish. Oblivion could swear he saw him blush.
"I, uh, scared him. Yeah, quite badly, I think. He left in a hurry..."
Oblivion released him and spun around, cursing.
Dye stood there silently. Maybe he'd gone a little overboard. After all, even the Guardians had been terrified by him then, and they didn't have his anger directed at them. "He'll be back, Oblivion. I'm sure of it. Let's give him some time, and I'll say sorry. In the meantime, you're lieutenant. He'll come back! Probably...


Heh, fancied writing something fun, and this seemed like a good enough theme. It also may explain Marcus' disappearance during this storyline, unless Red intends to keep him in it - in which case, he will bravely return when he hears that his comrades need his help (if indeed they do), or otherwise meet up with them along the way.
Anyway, hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Comments allowed, but nothing about drinking stories. That can go in Fun & Games. >.>
If you don't find it funny, my bad...but, it's my kind of humour, so I was laughing while writing it.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    Wed Jun 15, 2011 10:55 am

I thought it was funny.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:23 pm

The best thing is that the storyline of Lore Under Siege is based on this.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:45 pm

Ha, it is, isn't it? Never noticed...

You bringing it over here?

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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:03 pm

Yep. Will do.
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PostSubject: Re: Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!    

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Chapter 0.5: After the war, Chronic Party!
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