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 Chapter 29: Things More Terrifying

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Red Blizzard

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PostSubject: Chapter 29: Things More Terrifying   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:57 am

A darkened room. Uncomfortable shifting in a seat. It was a hard seat, didn’t offer much comfort anyways. Hands reached forward, felt the smooth surface of a table. Thin layer of dust. Clattering of shades hitting the stone floor. Still dark. But even as eyes adjusted, could see silhouette of hooded figure sitting across from him. Like black on black. Eyes didn’t wander. Just stayed focused on this figure. Waited for him to speak.

Welcome to Requiem.

Wait, what? Where am I?

That’s what he said too.

A single light at the end of the table. A limp figure, arms hanging loose by its sides, eyes half open and mouth half closed. No expression. Empty eyes. White folds all around.

No, that can’t be. That’s not right. He’s gone, isn’t he?

Then the white figure sat up and screamed and screamed and screamed and the whole room lit up as everything jumped into sudden, sharp focus. There was the table and the thin layer of dust and the empty eyes and the shades still clattering on the floor eyes behind them but they were on no face empty expression and

No no no no no I’m out of here.

screamed and screamed

Got up and chair fell backwards and kicked the stone table send it flying into the wall

and screamed and

Everything in sharp focus lights swimming room shattering and that pale figure standing in the middle of the room screaming and black silhouette was gone no wait he was still there just standing, leaning against the wall in a corner of the shattering room just staring while everything else shattered and swam about

What’s going on? Am I dreaming?

That’s what he said too.

And suddenly falling. Down the screaming man’s gullet. One moment, everything was in sharp focus. The next, hurtling past teeth like tombstones, pure white, names all over them Asterisk Megan Marcus Fire Nathan? Falling falling falling Arms reach up to the pinprick of light that was the mouth half open and the silhouetted figure is looking down eyes behind shades as the darkness goes from light pink darkness of the throat to the darker brown darkness where the light is already half faded like dusk to the really dark darkness where you think everything is black

Falling falling falling

Down to the truly horribly dark blackness where you know you can’t see anything Raise hand up to face to make sure Nope not there

Falling falling

And all the while the screaming was growing louder How come didn’t notice it before Echoing off walls of Wait

Where am I?

That’s what he said–

I don’t give a damn what he said too just where I am alright just TELL ME


I’m inside him, aren’t I?

Everything’s inside him. But he’s gone now, isn’t he? Which makes you gone as well.

Not gone. Am here.


Thump. Hit something hard.
Thump-thump. Something hard moving. Get up, can’t stand, surface shifting all the time.
Thump-thump. Something hard and pulsing with a rhythmic beat. What is this where am
Thump-thump. But you already know the answer. You’re inside him. So touching his
Thump-thump. That’s not right. He doesn’t have one. He lost it. No, he lost his memory
Thump-thump. Doesn’t mean he lost this. Still here. But then everything that filled it…
Thump-thump. That’s all gone, isn’t it? Hitting pulsing surface, almost expecting to hear
Thump-thump. But no. Only hollow ringing noise. Him screaming.

Welcome to Requiem.

Blizzard sat up in his tent, drowning in his own sweat. Opened mouth to scream. Silence came out. They were a day away from the wall that Dye had met the last time he had come out this far. Tomorrow. There would be war. And there was something comforting in that. He could deal with war, knew all its little ins and outs.

After leaving Priest, they had debated outside what to do about it. No one else knew about Priest yet. They could either share the dreaded news, and watch everything collapse. By the time they got things back in order, Nathan would really be dead. They couldn’t risk that. While they were enjoying their soft beds, who knew what he was going through. No, they had to go and save him first. But they couldn’t leave Priest alone like that. So they put him in the ward with Marcus in coma and left someone to guard him. People drew straws to decide who would be privy to the information. Felk got the short straw. So Felk was left behind at the castle to duke it out with Soluna and decide among themselves how they would arrange for a defense that had already incapacitated their leader.

But with those two and no one else at the castle, that meant that they had to bring people along. Blizzard’s sisters. Pixie was now sitting in one of the tents with her undead younger sibling watching over her. And tomorrow there would be war. Blizzard groaned, half wanting to go back to sleep, half dreading what he would meet. No rest. Not since he had first seen Priest, sitting in his chair, with that entire pose that spoke of emptiness… And Pixie poking fun at him for thinking himself invisible. War he could handle. He couldn’t handle what he didn’t know about. And try as he might, he didn’t know what was plaguing the clan right now.

Finally giving up to those thoughts, Blizzard picked up his guitar and walked outside. There, a cool night breeze was blowing, rattling his strings every so slightly, setting them quivering in his hand. No. He couldn’t play this guitar. It wasn’t meant for leisure, like the last one was. Feeling into his back pocket, Blizzard pulled out an old string, twisted and turned upon itself in old age, covered in rust from the humidity, slightly flattened from all it had been through. That was back when Nathan, in trying to play a prank on him, had accidentally teleported on top of him in a bar and crushed his guitar. Megan eventually had to step in to settle things. Blizzard smiled, and put the guitar string away.

“That’s it. I give up on her!” Blizzard turned to see his sister storm out of a nearby tent, fuming. Red wrappings hung loose about her graying face, and skeletal arms hung limp at her sides. War had turned her into a freak. But right now, she didn’t care.

“What happened Dawn?”

“She replaced a cart full of explosives with a cart full of food, and now she’s trying to feed me some ratatouille or whatever she’s cooked.”

“Why don’t you try some?”

Dawn turned to Blizzard, cracks appearing in her skin as she gave him a look. He paused, then got the gist of it and looked away.

“I’m…I’m sorry.”

“Tch. Don’t be. It’s not your fault I’m like this anyways.”

A moment of silence. Reflecting upon his earlier years, Blizzard realized that he had never expected to be holding a conversation with an undead in his time with the clan. Even less expected was for that undead to be his sister.

“I don’t have long left.”

Blizzard started, and turned to look at his sister again. If she had still been alive, she would have had tears in her eyes.

“I didn’t want to go like this. I wanted to die once and that would be it. Maybe get killed somewhere on a battlefield with lots of dead people all around me. Or maybe sacrificing myself to save someone else’s life. You know, a death that was worth it.”

“People don’t get to choose their deaths, Dawn. Death just comes to them.”

“Don’t lecture me about death. I’ve already died once. You have no idea what it’s like to come back, and have to die all over again!”


“And don’t ‘Dawn’ me. I don’t even know why I was given that stupid name in the first place. I think I’d rather be talking to Pixie than you.” She stormed off, hormones flowing through rotting veins. Siblings. Tomorrow there would be war. And nothing mattered.

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Chapter 29: Things More Terrifying
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