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 Chapter 27: The Real Chapter 26

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PostSubject: Chapter 27: The Real Chapter 26   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:51 am

To be honest, Blizzard didn’t remember much of what happened. He vaguely remembered them charging in, according to the plan. But it wasn’t his plan, and so he didn’t take much interest in it. He just went along with it. He vaguely remembered Death’s kukri as it drank the blood of its enemies, growing sharper with each drop. Blizzard’s own blades once did that…when he had them. Now he watched Death tear through limbs and torsos, laughing with each swipe. He remembered Reaper, carving through opponents with his scythe. With each soldier he killed, a soul would emerge from the broken body and trail along behind him, adding to his next attack. The ghostly wails that followed Reaper drowned out the screams of the dying and wounded before him. Boomfus was there, his guitar jamming, rock music rippling the air into shapes that carved up his enemies where they stood, fingers crammed into their ears. Blizzard was sure he saw others as well, UDDS and his random fighting style, Merci and his voice, but he didn’t recall much more than that.

The camp was in flames by the time he reached the rendezvous point with Dye and his team. Darkest and Cooldude were there before them, looking up into the sky as black feathers floated down about them. Mezkiel had left already, abandoning what was already doomed to fall. And just in time, through the mountain pass the base had been guarding, light footsteps hardly leaving an imprint in the snow, was Saint, bearing the ravaged body of Soluna. He looked grim and weary, as if he had been through hardships no man should ever have been through, but at the very least, he looked somewhat satisfied with what he had managed to accomplish. As various members of Requiem began to cheer what they were calling their victory, Blizzard felt none of their elation. He felt hollow inside, and wasn’t sure what made him feel that way. He saw the various members from the Guardians of Doom. They seemed happy enough, at any rate. It had been an opportunity for them to show off their strength. Who was he to spoil the fun? But at any rate, he felt as if he were… forgetting something.

Later that day, Reaper corrected his memory on one account. Reaper was a Remnant, just didn’t fit the oldfag personality. He had the same armor set stashed away somewhere, the same massive black claymore as all the others that he chose not to use. The Guardians, like Requiem, weren’t about conformity, and mass-produced equipment was only for those who were either too lazy to come up with their own designs or else too poor to afford any better. Not that the latter was an issue. One could always steal if they wanted money to buy something, or better yet, just steal whatever they wanted in the first place. Part of being evil was subverting the law. Speaking of subversion…

The day after the Fallen Angels fell, Blizzard was strolling aimlessly through Wa-Kia. As he passed by a coffee bar, a man called out to him. “Hey Blizzard!”

Blizzard paused, eyebrows raised behind his glasses at a man who was eating a doughnut at the bar, dunking it in his coffee cup every so often. “Yeah?”

“How many strings did you pull to get the Fallen Angels banned from this place?”

Blizzard stiffened. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Sure you do! You’re an official around here right?”

“Who are you, and what business do you have with me?”

“I’m just the local leader of the Pheonix Gods. An ally of the Fallen Angels. And I know who you are Blizzard! You’re the diplomat for Requiem, aren’t you? You’re real big with Lizargeco and all the other corrupt asshats up there. Weren’t you the one who abused your powers and got the Fallen Angels banned so that your clan could win the war against them?”

“I banned the Fallen Angels for reasons separate from their involvement with their war with Requiem. The Fallen Angels were banned from this city because they disrupted the way of life here. They broke the laws of the town, and because of that, they were banished.”

“Yeah? Why wait till now to ban them, right as you start a fight with them? And what laws did they break anyways? Come on, sit down and talk to me!” The man dunked his doughnut in the coffee again, making it worse with each dip, until it practically drooped with the sogginess. And Blizzard decided he didn’t have to deal with this any more. Turning away, he began to walk. “Oi! Turning your back on me, huh? Yeah, that’s right, keep walking! You know you can’t say the truth to my face! You know it!”

Blizzard kept walking until he was out of earshot. But the words kept ringing in his head. Technically everything he said was true. The Fallen Angels were banned for a legitimate reason. Yet all he could hear was that voice echoing inside his head. There was a nagging guilt that he had yet to get rid of, and the man with the doughnut only fed it with his words. What was he guilty of? Nothing, so far as he knew. But he brooded on this all the way back up to the castle, where plans were being made to find and rescue Nathan.

When he got there, the first thing he saw was Pixie, sitting on the doorstep, humming dissonant tunes while playing with a pile of random rocks. She looked up as Blizzard approached, face contorting in a savage, sweet smile. “Wow, you look weird. Feeling guilty about something?”

Blizzard wiped the expression from his face. “No, nothing. What are you doing out here? I thought you were locked up in your room.”

“I picked the lock. Really, it wasn’t all that hard. I used my fingernails, see?” Pixie stretched out her fingernails, sloppily painted black. One of them was chipped. Blizzard glanced from her face to the fingernail back up to her face, which was beaming in a sleepy sort of way.

“Uh-huh. And…what are you doing right now?”

Pixie responded by lazily lifting up a large, oblong stone in one hand. “This is your head.” She crushed it with one squeeze. “GuheHehehe…”

Blizzard’s expression was a mixture of pity and disgust. “Right. Come on, why don’t we get you back up to your room?”

“Yeah, so you can lock me up again? What, do you think I’m craaazy or somethinnng?”

Blizzard cringed. For a moment, he thought about lying to her, telling her she was totally normal, just looked tired and probably needed some rest. But he had enough of that. “Yeah, I think you’re absolutely insane.”

Pixie’s head lolled to one side. She stood up, regarding Blizzard for one, long moment. Blizzard tensed up, half afraid she was going to attack him for those words. Instead, she broke out into high-pitched giggles, forcing out words between each laugh. “Fiiinally you get the guts to say it.”

Blizzard blinked. Huh? “What, is that supposed to be a good thing?”

“Yeah, I think being crazy is coool.” Pixie rose, and as she did so, a sickly green aura began to form around her. Blizzard acted quickly, grabbing her wrist hard as she raised it. A dark sword she had been summoning out of thin air disappeared back into nothing.

“I don’t care what you think about being crazy…”

“You don’t caaare. Exactly.”

“…but right now, you’re scaring half the people in the clan.”

“Half the people, or just you?”

Blizzard paused, goosebumps prickling. His eyes went back to Pixie, taking in every last detail in one vivid snapshot. Her hair, formerly sleek, was clouded around her face in wild, uncombed strands. She was gently swaying on her feet, gaunt and emaciated for lack of a hearty meal. She still had the same, brilliant white teeth arranged in neat, perfect rows, but here they merely seemed ominous, slightly parted behind brilliant red lips. Every few seconds she would break into uncontrollable giggles that would wrack her whole body, before going back into the wild, swaying rhythm that her body pulsed with. Blizzard almost assumed that she was drunk, but her face was white and her eyes stared straight into his. She was just drop-dead, stone-cold, out-of-her-mind inexcusably crazy.


Blizzard blinked involuntarily for the second time as Pixie jolted him out of the moment and back to the question.

“Look, I don’t have time to deal with you right now. Just come with me to your room so I can attend to some business.”

“Oh. Haha. I almost forgot. Your bizz-iness is to help run your clan. Which is tot-all-y retarded.”

“What do you know about anything? You’re crazy, you even admitted it yourself.”

“Yea-uh, but I’m not stupid.” She suddenly swayed violently, almost melodramatically. The next moment, she was inches from Blizzard’s face, breathing sickly sweetness all over him. “You’re the one who doesn’t know anything. All you know how to do is play your stupid little games and pretend to be tough by beating up other people. Yah, do you know how stupid you look to everyone?”

Blizzard opened his mouth to respond with a witty retort. For several seconds, nothing came out. “Whaaa…?”

“GuheheHEHeHaaa…Now you look more stupid than ever with your mouth hanging open like that. Yaaah…” Pixie did a mimic of Blizzard’s expression, then half-toppled over, landing sideways in midair as shadowy hands emerge from out of the ground to support her. She propped herself back upright, and went back into a limp sway as Blizzard took several steps back.

“Ok, what is wrong with you? I know you’re crazy and all, but seriously, what are you thinking right now?”

“Nothing. Guhehehe. Everything’s wrong with you though.”

“Oh yeah? How so?”

“We-ell, let’s see now…You like to kill people. Your definition of fun is ganging up with GoD and going out to bull-y other people. Yah, what’s so great about killing that you guyzzz have to do it all the time, huh?”

“You killed for a living too!” Blizzard shot back accusingly.

“Yah…but that was for the moneeey…and I wasn’t nearly as crazy then. I was just poor, so I came up with a way to become rich.” Pixie sniffed. Blizzard couldn’t tell if it was snot or blood that had been dangling out of her nose. The next moment, he didn’t care any more as Pixie went on. “Oh, yeah. And you guys keep trying to do the same thing over and ovurrr thinking you can feel better every time. What was the defini-shun for stupidity? Oh yah. Doing the same thing over and over and hoping for different results.”

“Look, we don’t do it because we’re stupid. We do it because we have to…”

“Then you’re really stupid. Who ever said you had to kill anything, huh? And I thought you were dip-lo-mat, or something.”

Blizzard’s expression had gone icy cold. None of it was true. Yet at the same time, all of it was true. And his sister was supposed to be crazy! She wasn’t allowed to think logically!

“Look, if you want my honest opinion, I think all clans are stupid. What are you actually supposed to do? Most of GoD just sits around all day and plays games, or else they go around making fun of each other. Yah, they’re stupid, and you guys are stupid. I think you’re both crazier than I am because you’re so stupid, jeez. So that makes you guys murderers, and stupid, and crazy, and lazy butts who sit around doing nothing when they’re not out killing someone else. What else…”

There’s something about talking to your siblings that just takes away all your power with words. Because you’re so close to them, you can’t get formal with them, because they know you too well for that. In that way, Blizzard was completely disarmed. Without the usual words hidden up his sleeve, all he could do was listen. And Pixie still had something of significance left to say.

“Oh, and let’s not forget, you guys got so cock-y about yourselves that you forget to guard your own base. So that makes you suicidal too. Not long ago, some shady guy came in with a black hood and all, and did something to your leader. Totally easy, no one there to stop him. I could have done it myself. I think your leader’s craaazy like me now.”

“WHAT!?!?!? WHY DIDN’T YOU SAY SOMETHING EARLIER!?!?!?” Blizzard dashed inside the castle. His footsteps could be heard clattering around inside.

And suddenly Pixie was all alone. She looked around, shrugging.

“Was I supposed to say something?”

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Chapter 27: The Real Chapter 26
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