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 Chapter 24: Violation of Human Nature (Rated X)

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PostSubject: Chapter 24: Violation of Human Nature (Rated X)   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:41 am

Morning. Somewhere over the ocean, a dribble of sunlight splashed through the clouds and covered the waves with a coat of diamonds, glistening and winking with each ebb and flow. A strong, soothing fragrance clung to the surface of the waters like an invisible layer of silk, delicate yet persistent. A few gulls called out as their black silhouettes bobbed in the distance, their cries faint against the gentle rush of the restless sea. A beautiful day to be at the beach. If there was a beach.

If there was a place where a beach could exist. Soluna looked down. Sheer rock all the way to the waterline. It had been what, three, four days now? She had lost track of time already. She could almost wriggle out of the chains and slip down. Then at least she could die without feeling caked up like a part of the stone wall she was chained to. Soluna closed her eyes and sighed. She was never going to be saved. A splash somewhere close by. A fish?

Her eyes flew open. Down below, a boat had pull up, and two men were getting out of it. Squinting her eyes, she struggled to identify them. Nope. Didn’t recognize either one of them. She could barely hear them talking to each other, their voices a muddle. As one of them tied the boat to a rock, the other one looked up and saw her. He pointed and shouted, the other one finishing up his knot so he could have a look. They paused for a moment, gazing at her. Then they both came hurrying up the face of the rock, scaling its ledges to reach her. Soluna could feel a feeble warmth begin to spread throughout her body as her mind turned towards what it would feel like to be finally saved, to be off this island and away from everything. Then she thought about the two sailors and their fate. And a shard of ice pierced her mind.

The first of the two men approached her, edging along the ledge over which she was dangling. He was a man in his late teens, watery blue eyes that betrayed concern and curiosity. He had in his hands a flask of water with which he was fumbling with the cork. It gave a deep pop as it came undone, and the next moment, Soluna was getting her first drink of water in days.

“There, that should be better. How long have you been up here for? Two days? More? And with a baby too…”

“What has a baby?” A tall shadow loomed over the first guy’s back. A second later, The flask was upset, and water spilled all over Soluna, replacing caked skin with goosebumps. Through the water dripping from her eyelashes, Soluna saw the second man. He was a tall, swarthy man, with a face that looked like it belonged to a troll. The larger man pushed his first companion aside, nearly toppling him off the ledge as he strode forward to examine Soluna.



“What are you doing? I was just giving her some water to drink and…”

“Yeah, yeah, I saw. Now lemme take a good look at her.” The younger man backed away as the man with the troll face looked Soluna up and down, tracing her body with one finger. Soluna shuddered. She didn’t like his touch, didn’t like the way his dirty fingernails left a line of filth on her dress. She closed her eyes and tried to wriggle away, but a single drink of water hadn’t made her any stronger. The man laughed at her attempts. “Now what do you think you’re doing? We’re just getting started.”

“Coach…we? What are you doing? She’s just a girl, and she’s chained to a rock for crying out loud! Don’t you think we should help?”

“Yeah. Help yourself to some of her if you want. It’s not every day you get to enjoy a girl who can’t fight back.” Troll face turned back to Soluna, who was just beginning to realize what he was getting at. Realization dawned on her face, flecked with fear. “Now, why don’t you say something? Hmmm?” He grabbed her face and forced her to look into his eyes. She glared at him defiantly until he laughed. Because that was all she could really do to him. Then a swift kick in between his legs. Troll face stumbled back to the edge of the ledge, laughing even harder. He felt no pain. Even if she had hit him with full force, he didn’t expect her to do much, and she had hit him weakly enough as it was. Then he slammed a knee against her, pinning her legs to the rock. “Nothing to say, hmmm? Although, I bet I can make you scream if I did this.” He curled a few fingers under her dress, watching her face intently. The other man’s features curled as he watched his companion lift the dress upwards, inch by inch.

“Coach…what do you think you’re doing? Do we have time for this?”

Troll face closed his eyes and sighed. “I guess you’re right. We’d better get a move on it. Shall we?” His hand jerked backwards with one swift, fluid motion. A light, rending sound. Then a second one as troll face went after any spare garments left on her. And then Soluna was bare to all the world, her full breasts and swelling belly berated by the chill of the morning. She glared at him reproachfully, but didn’t utter a single sound. Not even as he placed a single, filthy hand against her belly and rubbed off a layer of muck.

“Mmm…pregnant, a good few months in. Know what that means?” Troll face glanced meaningfully at his companion. Disappointed by the confused look he got, he grabbed one of Soluna’s nipples, pulled as hard as he could, and squeezed. A thin stream of white came bursting out in a perfect arc, splashing into troll face’s open mouth. He looked into Soluna’s face, saw her biting her lip, and grabbed both of her breasts, squeezing them until the flesh bulged out in between his fingers. Milk pooled along the ledge and ran down the face of the rock. Troll face squeezed and laughed until she ran dry. As he let go, two white lines dribbled down her chest. Soluna remained silent.

“Still nothing huh? Trying to put a brave face on things, are we?” Troll face slowly leaned forward, his knee pressing her hard into the rocky wall, his face leering in at her. “Kiss me. Go on, you know you want to.” And when she didn’t move, he grabbed her face with both hands and practically devoured her lips with a vicious facsimile of a kiss. He pulled away laughing, his eyes darting to other parts of her body. Next to him, his younger companion was starting to look positively sick.

“Come on, I’m here to coach you right? Got enough balls to do this?”


“Alright, I’ll show you how it’s done then.” Troll face fiddled with his belt for a few moments, then stepped out of his trousers and boxers, a long, thick thing flapped out, standing straight up, its tip pointed at Soluna’s face. Her eyes widened as an inner terror began crawling across her thoughts.


“Shaddap ya limp dick! If you want me to coach you, follow my lead!” And he dove in hard. Soluna gasped, tears springing up in her eyes as she fought back screams. The first shove went all the way in and more. The second one went even further. As Soluna’s entire body shuddered from each thrust, troll lifted up her legs, increasing the pace to a blinding pace. “I bet your boyfriend didn’t do you like this! Maybe I’ll replace his baby with one of my own! How’d you like that? Huh? Talk to me!” He welted her across the face, but Soluna flat-out refused to respond. “Hell, why am I the only one doing anything? You, come ‘ere!” He snapped a finger and pointed it at his companion, who was staring with a mix between shock and disgust. “Don’t make that face. You’ll be doing this with your girlfriend in no time. Come on!”

“I don’t want to do this!”

Troll face rolled his eyes and pulled out of Soluna, marching over to him. “Why? What’s wrong with having a little secret enjoyment. Huh?”

“It’s not right! You’re hurting her!”

“Yep. Glad you caught on. I’m hurting her, and who’s going to stop me? You?” The lines had been drawn. Troll face was well over six feet tall, all knotted muscle and malice. The other one was hardly taller than Soluna, and had yet to grow a stubble. There was no contest at all. But despite his size, the smaller one opened his mouth, grasping at straws.

“It’s a violation of human nature!”

“No, it is human nature! Humans are born to want stuff like this. The three things a guy needs? Food, sleep, and sex. None of those greater ambitions that we’re taught to love from an early age. All these laws about etiquette and moral justice are pure bullcrap. They’re meant to hold humans back, keep them from doing anything that would prevent the government from working. Out here, the only one making the laws are us. Know why I do this? Because I can. Life’s not all about being nice to everyone and hurting no one. If you wanna do something, hell, you do it! If the government stops you, screw it! If other people don’t like what you’re doing, screw them too! I’m going to do everything I can to this girl chained to a rock now, because I feel like it and because it’s a once-in-a-lifetime chance to screw a pregnant girl. Now come over here and show me what you’ve got, or else I’ll be ashamed to call myself your coach.”


Troll face took a single, menacing step forward. “You’re going to learn how to screw this girl in every single hole, or I’m going to coach you at home, with your girlfriend as an example. Do you hear? There’s no need for anyone to know what you’ve done here, but if you insist on being a limp-dick coward, I’ll ass-rape your girlfriend, and then I’ll ass-rape you too. Do you hear?” Troll face turned around. A moment later, he smiled with satisfaction as he heard trousers sliding to the ground.

“That’s more like it. Stand in front of her for a moment, I need to climb your shoulders to get somewhere.” The man stood obediently in front of Soluna, pressed against her body, while troll face used his shoulder as a stepladder to reach Soluna’s shoulders. He hauled himself up until he was wobbling on one foot standing on his smaller companion. Then, with a surprisingly smooth leap, he slid forward, wrapping his legs around Soluna’s shoulders and forcing her face into a nest of pubic hair and worse. She didn’t even have time to gag as his entire package was rammed down her throat. Down below, troll face’s old position was taken by his companion, who reluctantly began to mimic what he saw done earlier.

Soluna’s arms were now the only thing supporting both herself and troll face sitting on her shoulders. Her wrists seemed to groan as they were stretched to the breaking point, the chains attached to them tinkling under the simultaneous rhythms of two grown men. Soluna’s entire body heaved up and down, her face turning red from the pain, tears streaming down her face. All she could hear were grunts and groans, her nostrils filled with the foul odors of men in heat. Then, the younger one cried out, pulling out to douse her body. Red and white mingled in a river running down her leg. The chains protested, her wrists ached, the world twirled up and down before her half-open eyes. Suddenly, her wrists slipped out, and she was falling. Her legs hit the ground, wobbled and crumpled, her whole body sliding under as her head was kept up against the wall, only the in and out motions of troll face keeping her pinned. She could hear troll face mutter something about premature ejaculation to the other one, grunting and groaning, heaving and bobbing…And a sudden, rebellious, suicidal thought jumped into her brain…

“OWWW!!!” Troll face leapt backwards, Soluna seemingly bound to his body as her whole body jerked in motion with him. He grabbed her head, slamming her against the rock wall until she let go, him pulling out streaming red. “The bitch bit me!” He kicked her hard, then seized her by the throat and slammed her against the wall again, forcing her to go cross-eyed staring between his legs as he flooded her face and chest with white.

“The damn bitch!” Another kick, this time to the belly. Soluna reached up to wipe off her face, found her hand slapped away and a back-handed blow welting her across a cheek. Another kick, and her insides doubled up in agony. He was aiming straight for the womb, tearing the life out of her with each blow. A third kick, and something inside her burst.

“Stop it, you’ll kill her!”

“Good riddance too!” Troll face hoisted her up into the air by the neck, staring at her with mingled fury and derision. Then, he jammed his other hand inside her, going all the way up to the elbow.

Soluna would have screamed. She would have given in at that moment and screamed and screamed as her future was ripped out of her from the inside, as everything she clung to was tossed into the ocean to foam white and pink and frothy. She would have screamed as she was kept suspended in mid-air by that one arm, sunk into her body up to the elbow through the worst of openings, the filth clinging to her insides like a chronic disease. But she didn’t have the voice to do it, didn’t have the breath to try it. Didn’t have the heart left to bother. Soluna was half awake the rest of the time. She couldn’t remember what happened next as she was left to tumble down to the ledge, sitting in the center of a curdled mess of red and white, while trousers were hastily grabbed and footsteps pounded all the way down to the boat. No one could bear witness to the knot being undone, the oars sent flying as they desperately hauled their owners away from danger. But it must have happened, or what happened next wouldn’t have happened. Saint’s face swam into view, white with shock and disgust. His arms wrapping around her contracting belly, his light footsteps scaling the rock’s surface from ledge to ledge down to a rented sailboat bought from the mainland. Her being deposited on the boat’s deck. A blanket draped over her, soaking up the foul liquids and the blood.

It was not the rescue she had imagined. In her half-wishful dreams at night, she had thought Felk would be there to carry her away, born off in his arms to a bright future with their unborn child. Instead, she had been found by the wrong people. She had been brutally used and abused, harnessed as an example for destroying someone else’s innocence. She had her future snatched away before her eyes, had her child ripped out and tossed into the sea like a meaningless sack of meat, while a man with a troll’s face laughed and laughed. She had been left, eyes wide and staring, on the deck of a boat racing back against time to a future which she didn’t know if she could bear.

Like the child she was not to bear.

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Chapter 24: Violation of Human Nature (Rated X)
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