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 Chapter 22: Useless

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PostSubject: Chapter 22: Useless   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:39 am

The doors were slammed open as Dye came into the castle, dripping wet under the light rain. His expression matched the gloomy tone of the clouds outside as he trudged through the halls, leading his men passed staring faces, worried glances. What were they doing returning so soon? And without Nathan, too? None of Dye’s men would answer as they peeled off from the group, one after another, heading to their rooms to dry off and change. No words would be exchanged all night, not for any of them, as they, too, mulled over the victorious hell they had escaped from.

A shout nearby. “What do you mean you didn’t write this!?!?!?” The muffled conversation carried on. Then Blizzard came hurtling out of the meeting room, a crumpled scrap of paper in his fist, ready to go back out and find whoever had decieved him. He stopped cold at the sight of Dye, the morose expression enough to snuff out a thousand torches.

“Dye? What happened? Why are you back here...aren’t you supposed to be looking for Nathan?” Dye didn’t answer, his expression saddening even more with each word. “AREN’T YOU!?!?!?” The silence screamed out at the world, echoing through the hallways and muffling all conversation. Dye still didn’t speak, his eyes pointed at the ground. “DYE, TALK TO ME!!!”


Ten minutes later, they were in the chapel. The doors were locked and barred, the rain falling lightly through the open-air roof, draining away through cracks in the stone floor. Dye sat down on a bench, Blizzard stretched out next to him, guitar out but unplugged. Blizzard’s fingers hardly touched the strings at all, instead letting the raindrops fall on them. Every time a string was hit, it would make a sound of water and metal, the sound quavering in the air for a lonely moment before fading away.

“So...are you going to talk?”

Dye glanced at Blizzard once, then looked up at the sky. “To tell the truth...I’m thinking about leaving Requiem.” Blizzard fell off the bench. His guitar went skittering away, trailing sparks, strings complaining loudly. He opened his mouth to speak, but closed it right away as Dye continued, oblivious. “I’ve been thinking about it ever since we first considered demoting you. Just thinking about your demotion made me begin to question my own role in the clan, and I’ve come to the conclusion that...that I’m...”

Blizzard waited half a minute before intruding. “That you’re what?”


A long stare. Blizzard got back on the bench, positioning himself cross-legged facing Dye. He pulled down his shades for one moment, wiping them to make sure he was seeing everything right, getting all the facts right. Dye’s eyes flicked upwards, catching a bit of black where Blizzard’s eyes should have been white. Then his eyes went back down, emotion winning. Blizzard replaced the shades on his face carefully, then slowly formed his mouth around each word. “Dye, I want you to listen to me very carefully. You. Are. Not. Useless.”

“And what do you know about being useless, huh?” Blizzard froze. “You’re always running around, busybusybusy. Making alliances or war or whatever it is you want. And all the while, I’m sitting around, doing nothing unless there’s a war to be had. Even then, I run in, kill a few people, then call it a day. Anyone can do that. I mean, Saint has his tactics, I’ll always be jealous of that. And you’re better at speaking than I am, and despite whatever I say in public, I honestly wish I had your talent with words. Heck, I don’t even have a level head to rely on like Priest or Nathan. I feel useless Blizzard, I really do.”

Blizzard groaned, letting the words sink in with the falling rain and the silence in the chapel. “To tell the truth, even if Saint can handle internal duties, and I can take care of external affairs, neither of us have what you have. You’re the soul of Requiem.”

“What does that mean?”

“You have enough charisma to lead the clan all by yourself. People naturally gravitate towards your strength and bravery, and they all like who you are as a person. You’re funny, energetic, and caring. I mean, look around! You have the biggest squad in Requiem! There are people here who would follow you to your grave. You might be a little hot-headed at times, but people have gotten used to that, and it’s become a part of who you are. In their eyes, no one can replace your position in this clan. You represent what Requiem is all about.”

Dye glanced over, his expression shifting just a little. Maybe it was the rain, but Blizzard could have sworn he saw tears.


“Thanks Blizzard.”

“Still thinking about leaving the clan?”

...but in this case, he is simply a coward.

“I’ll think about it.”

The rain lessened over both of them, turning to a fine mist that drizzled in through the open roof of the chapel.

“So...uhh...why are you here, anyways?”

A chuckle. “Can’t we talk about that later? You’re ruining the mood from my speech.”

“Oh? Since when were you so worried about your image?” Laughter. Blizzard took the joke as a good sign. “Hey, you wouldn’t think I’d be considered a coward, running away from the clan like that when people still need me?”

“Well...” Blizzard sighed, the mood dropping for a moment. “I feel that everyone is entitled to a few dark moments. But sometimes, you can’t let personal emotions get in the way of what has to be done. Some things happen that you can’t ever change, even though you’ll look back on them and regret them with each passing day. You’ll just have to move on with that part of your history embedded in you, and strive to make amends.”

Dye nodded, looking up as the rain stopped. Together they got up, heading towards the door of the chapel as the first rays of pale sunlight poked through. “Hey, uhh...I’d appreciate it if you didn’t mention this to the others.”

Blizzard cocked one eye over at Dye. “Since when did I ever spoil other people’s quiet moments like that? The only way this is ever getting out is if you talk about it. Or if I decide to put it in my story when it won’t matter any more.”

Laughter followed them out the door. “How good could a story get with me in it?” His eyes met Blizzard. “Don’t worry. I can keep a secret.”

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Chapter 22: Useless
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