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 Chapter 21: One Story

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PostSubject: Chapter 21: One Story   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:37 am

Priest looked up at a statue of an angel near the entrance to Requiem Castle. Its clear face stared out into the deepening evening sky, one arm raised, either in greeting or in farewell. One wing had been intentionally broken off. Priest gazed up at this statue, larger than life, trying to remember the last time he had seen the real figure gesture to him in that manner. That time, it had been a farewell...

Saint pelted down the mountainside, the harbor coming into view along the sea-blue horizon. He almost had doubts about who he was going to save. He didn’t particularly like Soluna, and would have much rather preferred going to save Nathan... Saint shook these thoughts out of his head. What was he thinking? He kept running.

Dye dragged his feet on the return trip to the castle. He’d much rather not have to face his own clan after failing to get through, but what else could he do? There were no towns to stop by on the way back, no resting places where they could gather any greater strength to storm those walls. They would have to get someone to talk to those people. Most likely a diplomat.

Blizzard walked into the Capital, looking for one of his old contacts. It would be nice to get that same horseless carriage to speed them back to the castle. Magic was so useful these days... He turned to Boomfus, who was strolling along, trying to look unconcerned, and Darkest, who was taking in the new sights and sounds as if they were something both beautiful and dangerous. Neither of them possessed any real magic of their own. Some group. Non-magical beings sent out to capture what could possibly be one of the most powerful magical beings of their time. At least they were going back now, though to what, Blizzard wasn’t sure.

Soluna hung her head as a storm raged around her, pelting her with raindrops the size of pebbles. They stung like arrows and soaked her worse than ever, but there was nothing she could do, not with the chains holding her flat against that hard, rocky wall. Not for herself, not for the baby...

And Nathan listened all the while, listening to the words that were shouted. Among them, he seemed to pick up something new. He strained his ears to listen. Never mind the rest of that infernal roar. He would find out everything he could learn here in the time he had. It was either that, or become literally bored to death...

Help me...Oh please, help me...

Let me go...Let me go...

I tell him exactly what my squad is doing. As a result, he knows my squad is working. Nathan blinked. That voice was different from the others. Had he heard it before?

Do the others know what you’re about to do? Another voice.

Well, I hinted at the basics of what’s going on. But I skimped on the details a little bit. They don’t need to know everything right now, we can tell them after the clan’s gone. And then the first voice again. Wait, what?

Seth, Staitus, and Cool pulled away from the burning village. Mission accomplished. Almost. Seth saw several figures detach themselves from the blaze and hurry off through the snow into the distance. He almost spoke, then closed his mouth. Hardly anyone in the clan knew about this mission anyways, it probably wasn’t wise to talk about it. Besides, Mezkiel wasn’t going to just come back after something like that, was he?

Nathan strove to pick up some more voices. He got something a little unexpected. ...I started it early because... A third voice, gruff and gravelly. Nathan started to listen in on this. Then, the same voice again, saying something else. ...Are over. That is final. And that is all.

The past leads to the future. The future comes from the past.

...I overreacted, and thanks to me... A fourth voice, apologetic in tone.

...After that, I gave a real sigh, then expected a... Gruff voice.

...I accept all responsibility for the end of the partying... Apologetic one.

...But no. You went to blaming me and... Gruff voice.

...Once again, I apologized for what has happened... Apologetic one.

...No foundations have crumbled, I’m pretty sure... Another voice, hopeful.

Blizzard entered a building, peeking through the clan occurrences that had been going on in the Capital. Nothing. The officials were dragging their feet again. He had talked to the higher ups earlier, but they promised no actions, while the whole place stagnated. But there was nothing he could do. Nothing other than continue to engage with the other clans, keeping them active through banter while the bureaucracy churned ever so slowly. If he protested, he would be silenced, like so many others who wanted instant change. Patience was the key here. Blizzard looked over at Boomfus, who was examining the place with interest. At least he understood...At least he accepted what was going on...

...If he accepts it... Yet another voice. Different somehow.

...And I’ll accept anything you guys have on your minds concerning this... Apologetic one.

...If he rages... The different voice.

A moment of silence. Nathan strained to hear. Nothing but the sound of the raging abyss, other echoes bouncing about, none of them the ones he wanted to hear. Still, he couldn’t be certain, but it sounded as if there were no way out of this argument for the condemned. Just as there was no way out of his chains for... No, don’t think about that!

...Either way...

Priest reached out for the statue. Saint kept moving forward, his light feet leaving no mark on the fresh snowfall. Blizzard found a... Dye trudged home, putting one foot in front of another... Seth began leading the others back to the castle, hoping... Oblivion looked over at Dye. He wondered if somewhere inside Dye, a foundation was crumbling. He was pretty sure nothing had happened, but still, one couldn’t be sure...

...You’re also not very well liked... Gruff voice.

Soluna’s bowed head was whipped up as a fierce wind blew through her hair. She began to wonder just how well-liked she was by the clan. None of them had come to save her yet, after this long. The food and drink provided by the fishermen seemed like a far-off comfort from another age. Where was her clan when she needed it? Because that was what a clan was for, right? To come and help protect her when she was in harm. Not to stand by and watch while she was hurt. Or maybe they didn’t want to save her? Where was Felk, her husband? Shouldn’t he come? Or was the clan intentionally restraining him as well? No, that couldn’t be possible. Who ever heard of a clan where the leaders intentionally wished harm upon their own members? Soluna struggled against the chains, but she had grown weak from days spent against this rock. Then her head bowed again, the rain drumming against it, just as it was drumming against her pregnant womb...

Your time has come where you’ve pushed me one too many. So this is your...

“This is your story now.” Priest blinked, and looked up at Angel. It was the very summer he had walked out the door of their old base, vanishing into the setting sun, his single wing trailing feathers as he went. Before he left though, he had a few choice words for Priest. “Everyone is remembered in stories by how they presented, what actions they take, how they go about doing what needs to be done, for better or for worse. My part in this story is over. I’m handing over the Alleble Knights to whoever still thinks they can lead the clan. So, how do you want your story to be told? Think about it. After all, you’re just a part of one story.” Angel waved to him, that last moment frozen forever in stone. Then he was gone. Out the door. Out of the clan. Out of the story. Out into the glowing sunset, trying his best to look epic as he turned his back on the clan he had once cherished. Of the fate of its members...

Nathan hung his head as the voices suddenly snapped off, as if by a switch. None of it had happened. None of it. Not yet.

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Chapter 21: One Story
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