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 Chapter 16: Angel Fall

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PostSubject: Chapter 16: Angel Fall   Wed Jun 15, 2011 12:18 am

He had come crashing to the ground, quite suddenly, in the midst of a clearing of the forest. Ever after, the clearing was said to glow at night, and indeed the fireflies never seemed to leave the spot alone, even in the dead of the winter. Wherever he went, good things seemingly followed, like a plague that cured all ills instead of infecting all cures. He had to be blessed. And his one wing attested to that, the wing that hadn’t been sliced clean off. He was an angel.

He gathered followers swiftly, his name entering the annals of history as he formed a clan devoted towards seeking the door within; the door to truth. Yet for all his eternal glory, he was unable to achieve his one, earthly goal, and left his work unfinished. His clan narrowly avoid dispersion, reforming under a new name and a new goal. The angel himself disappeared, resurfacing once or twice, but never playing a large role in the way the world shifted. Others of his kind sprang up. Tradewind Creed, known secretly as the God of the Winds, who was felled by the son of an Earth Giant. The mark of wings almost always heralded the presence of an angel, and those angels often commanded power unparalleled by other mortals.

One such angel now lead a clan among a chain of rocky hills separating the inland from the sea. His powers were meager compared to those of his brethren, but he was still more powerful than the average magic-user. He had a fairly large-sized clan about him, but his intentions were foul. Twice already he had engaged in wars with other clans and won. And once he raided the Archives of Wa-Kia, erasing names from the directory. The name of the Fallen Angels was a misnomer: he was the only angel in his clan. But one angel was bad enough, and his name was both famous and infamous.


“Saint, this is the place.” Seth motioned his Captain to stay back as he advanced with his horse. Both Saint and Staitus gave Seth questioning looks. But while recognition dawned on Saint’s face after a moment, Staitus remained quizzical.

“It’s them, isn’t it?”


“How long have you been there?”

“A few weeks. I pull in a visit whenever I can. I think I can manage to get us passage through to the harbor. Although...”

“What is it?”

“I’ve been thinking about something. Remember that assassin that was going for Priest during the funeral?”

“Yeah. Casadin sent him, remember?”

“No, he didn’t. Casadin denied having ever sent the assassin.”

“Did he deny anything else?”


“That’s odd...” Saint scratched his head. “Why do you mention this now?”

“Well, the uniform the assassin was wearing...it matches the ones this group wears.” Saint started at the news. He was under the impression Priest had been relatively safe. But now, with this...

“My god...”

Suddenly, the sound of horse hooves could be heard, clattering along behind. All three of them turned around to find a man in red, snakeskin assassin garb riding up on a black horse. The man reigned in his horse while he was still a good distance away from them all, pulling back the muffle around his face to reveal a mildly surprised expression.

“Staitus! What are you doing here? And...you’re with them now!?!?!?”

“Yep. Best decision I’ve ever made.” The man got off his horse, slowly advancing towards the group.

“Staitus...who is this guy?”

“He’s Cool. Casadin’s former right-hand man. Don’t worry, he’s trustworthy.” The man reached Saint’s horse, keeping a distance that kept Saint from worrying unduly.

“So, what is it?’

“I’ve been wandering for the past few days, ever since you let me go after the battle. I haven’t found a decent clan to join, and I’ve been wondering...could I join yours?”

“Well, we’re kind of busy right now...” Staitus glanced over, trying to catch Saint’s gaze. Their eyes locked, and the unspoken message was transferred with a slow nod. “...But I think we can make room for you in the clan. Are you sure you want to join Requiem, Cool?”

“Oh yes, definitely!” Cool had seen Requiem in action. That alone allayed his fears of appearing disloyal to Casadin’s memory. Considering how Casadin had gone, there was no doubt now where his destiny lay.

“Alright then, welcome to Requiem. You’ve caught us in a rather tight spot though, we’re looking for one of our members who we’ve lost... You can find our Castle if you travel back along this road a ways, but none of us can accompany you...”

“Maybe I can help?”

“You? Help?”

“Yeah, to prove my loyalty and help out the clan I’m joining. It makes sense, doesn’t it?”

“I guess...”

“Ummm...Saint?” Seth’s horse pawed the ground. “Mind if I leave now to clear the way?”

“Hang on a moment.” With this new arrival, and the knowledge of what lay ahead, the gears in Saint’s head began spinning. If this was the clan that had gone after Priest and they were going to be passing close by, he doubted they would just let him through. No, they would have to be dealt with. And soon. Time was running out for Soluna.

“Hey guys, I have a plan...”

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Chapter 16: Angel Fall
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