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 Chapter 11: BAM!!!

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Red Blizzard

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PostSubject: Chapter 11: BAM!!!   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:51 pm

Everyone jumped. A knife sank through Bremen’s head, coming out through his chin, slowly rotating until his head faced backward, vertebrae snapping one by one. The head completed its rotation and was twisted off, then wiped away from the knife by a pair of long, delicate fingers with glossy black nails. Bremen’s body collapsed to the ground, slowly turning to dust. All eyes were on the swaying figure that had stood behind Bremen just moments before.

Pixie looked around, giggling. “Wasn’t that so great? I came up behind him like a ghost and then BAM!!! Knife through the head! Guhehehehe.” She made a little hop and swing motion with the BAM!!! for emphasis. Everyone just stared. Pixie was still in her Insanity armor, black and white wings beating once in a while. But that didn’t seem to justify her current state. She had lost something back there at the lake, when she was forced underwater by a demon.

“H-how did you guys come back to life?”

“Horsies and teakettles. Flowers and doggies. You can do anything with electrolysis and a crooked old man.” Pixie laughed a little, then was silenced by a look from Dawn. Dye had missed them before. Now he was a bit uneasy about the whole business.

“Ummm... Ok, moving on.” Dye turned to the tent where Casadin resided. He still hadn’t come out, though his voice rang out across the desolate camp, rage clearly audible. Dye sighed, and turned to the gathering of Requiem soldiers.

“Seth, go into the forest, back the way towards Wa-Kia, and find Icy Feather. Tell him it should be safe now. Someone else, find Jacob and Sword Saint...”

“No need, they’re here.” Dye paused at Saint’s words to look around. He could see their figures approaching in the distance.

“Alright, never mind about that. I want a full ring around this tent, those of you who aren’t part of the ring, take care of Saint or else help clean up after the bodies and the equipment. I’m going in to have a little chat with Casadin.”

“I’ll come.” Dye glanced over at Dawn. Her defiance quelled any worries he had. He almost grinned, seeing her back, though the hole in her head still disturbed him slightly.

“Alright, you can come, but...no, you Pixie, you stay outside.” She didn’t seem to be dead. But the way she acted...she had lost it. With Dawn flanking him, Dye made for the tent. Someone took Saint from Dye’s arms, despite Saint’s feeble protests, and laid him down on the ground. In the distance, Blizzard’s and Priest’s groups could be seen coming in as backup. Nathan had been left behind in Requiem Castle with a small crack force for last defense. It was getting late in the day as it was, as everyone began to clean up, tend to the wounded, and gather the dead.

Inside the tent, the situation was awkward. Casadin found himself staring at a man in pink moglin boxers, flanked by a seemingly undead woman, coming in to talk to him.


Dye set himself on fire. “Calm down, let’s make this as short and as painless as possible.” A paradox. He himself wasn’t feeling so calm. Things weren’t made better by the man who emerged from behind Casadin, wearing black stealth robes wrapped in red snakeskin. An unarmed man in his boxers and an undead girl versus a dangerous clan leader and his assassin stooge didn’t shape up to be good odds. Dye willed himself to keep talking in an even tone, a steely edge to his voice.

“You’re surrounded by our men, and your entire army is destroyed. If you give in now, I’m sure we can come to some grounds about this.”


“Then what about with me?” Heads swiveled as Blizzard swept into the tent, shades perfectly in place. He glanced over at Dawn, raised an eyebrow, but turned his attention to the opposing party. Casadin, for his part, had gone slightly pale.

“What are you doing here?”

“Representing my clan. Now as Dye said before, you’re surrounded and severely outnumbered. Bremen is dead, and fresh troops have just arrived to reinforce our side. Now, my terms are simple enough...”

“Disband my clan, disband the Republic of Lore, and go hide in a hole? Yeah, sure. I know what happened to the Chaos Creed! I know what happened to the Blood Knights! You’re not getting so lucky with me-“

“BAM!!!” Pixie tore through the cloth walls of the tent with a knife, missing Casadin by a hairsbreadth. The leader yelped and ran through the wall of the tent, crashing his way out through the line of stunned Requiem soldiers, dashing through the forest as fast as he could. Cool, the right-hand man of Casadin, merely laid his daggers aside and sat down on the ground. There was no point in fighting now. Blizzard took one look at Pixie, who was now humming, curling her hair into a knot, and shook his head, walking out of the tent with Dawn. They would begin a long conversation as to how she had come back to life, where they had gone, and what had happened to Pixie.

Dye was now barking out orders, sending his men after Casadin. Priest was busy healing the fallen soldiers, while Saint, still feeling weak, was directing the dismantling of the entire camp and the transport of all useful supplies back to Requiem Castle. The dead were laid out on great, fresh canvases brought by the reinforcements. Fire’s body was given a separate place off to the side, where a white cloth covered his bloody remains. There would be a funeral ceremony later. He would be remembered as the founder of the Council of Grasp, the leader of the Order, and a proud member of Requiem who used his magic to create a better world. But for now, it was alone in the cold.

Dye’s men pursued Casadin to the brink of a narrow gulley through which a creek flowed. Casadin didn’t hesitate to throw himself into the gully, plunging head-first into the water. Dye’s soldiers waited for him to surface. He never did. Shrugging, they waited for a few minutes, decided that he had drowned, then left. Underwater, Casadin was shivering with the cold. The drowning part was nothing. He had once raged for five hours without taking a breath. It was just the sight of that maniac girl bursting into his tent with that knife...omega mu gamma. His brain had been completely jarred by the sight. Somewhere far back, his memory of Greek classes had returned. He saw no importance in knowing Greek when he was going to be a clan leader, and had done his best to forget it all. Now, it all came back. Alpha beta delta. He swam downstream, thoughts pinging down his head. Omega omega omega. Now what would be a good name for a clan?

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Chapter 11: BAM!!!
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