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 Chapter 10: Sinner's Contract

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PostSubject: Chapter 10: Sinner's Contract   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:50 pm

Bremen blinked out of the way as the red blur came crashing to the ground, arms flailing in a series of expertly-executed attacks. The undead mercenary could feel the air shift as the arms came at him, trailing streams of energy. That energy raged with the same quiet fury that he himself had felt when he had first awoken...

He was dead, that much had been certain. When he awoke in that tiny little hut, feeling nothing: no air, no bed, no pain, he knew immediately what had happened, even without having to see that little stooped figure in a corner, poring over a recipe book while chanting spells into a cauldron. He had been summoned. As to the benefactor who had summoned him, he looked no farther than the red-faced warrior in the corner of a room, looking exceedingly impatient.

“Well? Is he finished yet?”

“Patience...patience...” The stooped figure didn’t bother turning around, adding the strong smell of rosemary to his cauldron. But Bremen couldn’t smell it. He stood up, looking down at his body. He was clad in fresh war garments, his bow and quiver at his bedside.

“I never planned on actually using this...”

“Finally awake eh? Good, because I’ve got some work for you!”

“Hang on, wha...”


“I can’t wait! I’ve been waiting for...”

“Who is this...”


“...Reed, would you mind...”


“...And I’m not going to wait any longer! I’ve got a war to fight, and you’re one of the few good mercenaries left!”

“So that’s what this is all about.”

Bremen didn’t dwell on how Casadin had found his body in that boggy mire, left to rot on that lonely path. He knew all the limitations and all the restrictions. He had a set amount of time left on this earth, and was granted the powers necessary to complete his task, but no more. As to that, he would be given magic. Magic from the man who killed him. He had always wanted his revenge against Requiem for his defeat at their hands. This man promised that he would be able to carry it out, given certain conditions. He had been filled to the brim with powers to execute his task: the destruction of a clan. That magic would be necessary in order to keep him one step ahead of the people he was fighting. For Bremen, that meant enough blink teleports to keep him going for...

A fist connected with his skull, sending him flying backwards twenty feet. He teleported behind this red-clad newcomer, reaching for another arrow. A jab under the armpit, and he heard flesh rend. His opponent’s skeletal arms were encased in two raging infernos of red magic, shaped into enormous lion heads. The heads tore chunks of flesh out of his body, exposing his rotting innards. Bremen teleported upwards, firing several arrows down. To his shock, he found arrows coming back up to meet him, tearing holes in his body, while the red figure merely deflected the incoming arrows. He was out of ideas.

Landing on the ground, Bremen teleported once more, focusing on coming in from a new angle. What came out was the same old thing. A kick from behind, which the red figure ducked under before landing an uppercut that snapped two ribs on his chest. He sailed backwards, slamming into a tree and cracking three more bones. But he teleported again, this time intent on getting a better glimpse of his opponent. One hand reached out, going for his opponent’s hood and muffler. The muffler came undone, the hood toppled over backwards, and the face of a young, defiant, undead girl came into view, cheek bone jutting out on one side, a hole drilled through the head from one temple to the other. Dawn, the girl who fell at the lakeside.


“Guhehehehe.” The night before. Dawn’s body was laid down, dripping, on the bed. Pixie was out of her mind, but Reed always worked for his clients, regardless of their level of sanity. Several of the strongest mercenaries had contracts with him. In the event of death, their bodies, if in fighting condition, could be brought to him for a one-time only revival. This contract was transferable, so favorite sidekicks or faithful pets could also be revived. One-time only. They would be injected with either their own magic or the magic of whatever assailant had killed them. If they died naturally, they would be rejuvenated then revived. But only for one week. Then they would turn to dust. Dust, and float around the world like a faint, shimmering haze. Dust and haze. Guhehehehe.

Of course, only a mercenary or someone else of the likes, with murderous intent and plenty of cash, could sign such a contract. A Sinner’s Contract. Reed made his meager living off such contracts, as the technique he had for reviving the body and the mind was unparalleled throughout all of Lore. No one else had managed to keep an independent undead running for a whole week on nothing more than their own steam. No one else had managed to inject their undead with so much magic. And no one in the history of Lore had ever managed to preserve the mind within the body before.

It was a horrible existence, nevertheless. Dawn didn’t bother to look in the mirror when she awoke, instead putting on a red hood and muffler to cover all signs of rotting. She couldn’t quite hide the dead look in her eyes, nor could she avoid the hollow ringing sound that went through her head every time she made contact with something. Pixie had done a thorough job of messing around with the contents of her skull before reviving her. And her current state of Insanity did nothing to bolster her morale.

“See? You’rE nOt reaLLy deaD aFter Allll...” Pixie swayed gently, giggling, the moment she noticed that Dawn was alive again. Dawn’s arms had been reattached through a misinterpretation of Pixie’s request. It was hard to get everything right when the client didn’t bother to elaborate on everything. But Dawn didn’t really mind the change. She could control her magic more easily this way. And she wouldn’t run out. But she had only a week. A week to find her killer and bring him down for good, then to make amends before she turned to dust and dispersed to the four winds. Such a miserable fate. She’d almost rather be dead, instead of having to return to find her sister mad and her body rotting.

“Patience...patience...” Reed muttered as he went back to his cauldron. “Death will come soon enough.”


Two fists, coming from both sides, the size and shapes of battering rams forming around them in red magic. Bremen couldn’t move in time as he was pummeled to the ground, his body giving way. Reed hadn’t perfected body altercations, or else he would have asked for strengthened bones. He swayed on his feet, then was blown backwards by yet another hit. Nearby, Dye was carrying Saint to a safe place to watch, the other members of Requiem gathering in close as the battle raged on fiercely. Suddenly, Bremen found a moment to retaliate, nocking an arrow and sending it straight through Dawn’s chest. It came out on the other side, as clean as it was when it had gone in.

“So Pixie chose to revive you instead of herself. An odd move for a mercenary.”

“What makes you think she’s still a mercenary?” Dawn ran forward, arrow protruding from her chest, while Bremen teleported backwards, nocking another arrow. It was his last one.

“Once a mercenary, always a mercenary. She was greedier than any of us, always trying to get money. It’s hard to change habits like that.”

Dawn paused abruptly, eyes flicking upwards just a little. “Pixie didn’t have to change her habits. She doesn’t have any habits any more.”

A loud crack. Bremen’s bow turned to pieces as he held it, the string snapping and the arrow falling, severed in several places. His head whirled around, trying to figure out what was going on, while a dark shadow loomed over him.

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Chapter 10: Sinner's Contract
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