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 Chapter 9: Flashback: Insanity Redefined

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PostSubject: Chapter 9: Flashback: Insanity Redefined   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:50 pm

Pixie sat panting by the shores of the lake. Before her, freshly fished out of the water, was her dead sister’s body, skeletal arms wrapped around her neck in death’s embrace. Rot had already taken a hold of Dawn, stripping the flesh from part of her cheek. Then again, it could have been the fishes who had nibbled away the cold, clammy flesh as the body lay, motionless, at the bottom of the lake, just another body from Requiem’s past ready to be consumed by rot. Rot, and fishes. Pixie giggled a little. Rot and fishes. Now that was a good one.

How she herself had survived was simple enough. Pixie had pretended to drown, thrashing about for a bit before going still. The demon had let go of her, leaving her alone. Of course she could hold her breath longer than a few minutes. Whatever lack of air there was, she could more than make up for by swallowing water then letting a trickle of magic electrolyze it to keep a stream of oxygen bubbling to her lungs. In this way, she waited until the assailants had left, then surfaced.

The first thing she saw was Dawn, dead. Of course she was dead. The hole through her head was testimony to that. But Pixie wasn’t especially overcome by grief. Why should she be? To her, everything was already lost. Even her sanity. The underlying knowledge of tactics and ruses were still there. But the overall mind that pieced this knowledge together was faulty. Pixie did the first thing she could think of, and knocked herself out with a mortification spell. For the next few days, she would look, feel, and seem to be dead. Her mind simply shut down. It was better that way. She wouldn’t remember when the first members of Requiem discovered her body, lifted her reverently and bore her up to the castle with her sister. She wouldn’t notice nor care when they peeled the last pieces of armor off her body and dressed her for the funeral. She still wouldn’t have quite awoken when they laid her to rest inside the sarcophagus with another dead body. Sometime after the funeral ceremony, she might have awoken and shifted a little bit, but with no way out of the heavy stone coffin, and the darkness pressing in on all sides, she had no choice but to undergo mortification again.

The second time she awoke, she was on the bottom of the lake. Electrolysis immediately snapped on inside Pixie without her having to think, and she swam to the surface, looking around. It was the night before the battle between Requiem and the Demons of Hell would start. Pixie looked around, taking in the various sights without actually caring what they were. Then she went down and dredged up Dawn’s body. And now, she sat panting by the shores of the lake, watching the ripples distort the reflection of the night sky. The moon was a soft, silky yellow that night, almost like a roundish chunk of cheese. Pixie giggled again. Moon and cheese. That’s so funny.

Pixie turned back to Dawn’s body. Her eyes were closed. Probably because someone had fixed them before the funeral ceremony. Rest in peace forever indeed. Pixie picked up Dawn’s head, turning it to face her. The dead face merely stayed dead, features recognizable yet alien. Pixie gently began to shake the head, swirling around the lake water that had settled in the cavity drilled by the arrow that had gone through her. The water made a sloshing, squishing sound as some of it poured out, like a diseased fluid, onto the lake shore.

“You’re not really dead, are you Dawn? Guhehehehe. You’re not rEally dead.” Pixie kept on shaking Dawn’s head in a rhythmic cycle, deliriously chanting the same phrase over and over. “You’re nOt really deAd. You’Re not really Dead. GuheheHehe.” Something cracked softly. Pixie paused, checking Dawn’s neck to see if it was broken. It was not.All the same, Pixie dropped the head so that it sank back to the ground with a dull thunk and turned away from her. Then Pixie felt for her wings. They were still there. Weren’t they broken? Oh well, magic must have fixed them. A pity she hadn’t died. They looked so much more beautiful when they were broken. Beautiful, but then she couldn’t fly. And that would be such a shame. Flying and magic. That wasn’t so funny, but Pixie laughed at the thought anyways.

Then she paused to think of something. Her wings were different. That’s right, she was still in Insanity form. So she really wasn’t dead, but she really almost was. Pixie never went into Insanity form unless she was about to die. It was supposed to be bad for her. Oh well, she wasn’t dead yet. So sucks for whoever decided on such a stupid thing. What was so bad about being insane anyways? Pixie’s head lolled about, tilting on a crazy axis until her brain was in more of a muddle than it already was.

Wait. Something about some random archer dude who shot Dawn. That’s right, someone was trying to kill them. And the demon. The demon was not so nice either. GuHehehEhe. She could deal with a lousy demon. But not the stupid archer. She didn’t like the archer at all. Maybe she would go and kill him. No, it would be better for Dawn to go and do it. Dawn was the one who was actually killed. But now Dawn was dead. But so was the archer. So it all made sense to her anyways. GUheHehehE.

Pixie got up and leapt into the air, hovering five feet above the ground as her wings became a shimmer. There was someone she could visit about this. She remembered a face and a funny smell. When was this? Before, when she was still a mercenary. Someone she had done a job for? No, someone she just met. And liked. A lot. GuhEhEheHe. It would be nice to meet someone besides her stupid brother and angry Dye and nerdy Saint and boring Priest and fat Soluna no wait she wasn’t fat she was pregnant. Oh well. Who cares about them anyways. Meet someone new. Pixie scooped up Dawn’s body and leapt into the air, feeling a night breeze sweeping across her dress. She wondered who had given her the dress, and why they had wasted it on someone who was supposed to be dead. Oh well, it was a nice dress. But they had to look at her naked before they could put on the dress. And they forgot to give her anything else to wear. Just the dress. Who cares. Not like anyone would be looking up when she flew over them. And even if they did, not like they would care. She would make them not care. She really would. Wear and care.

Pixie reared her head back and laughed like crazy at this last thought, then truly launched herself upwards, soaring above the first layer of clouds. She was safe now. Safe. Pixie carried Dawn’s body in her arms, unable to put her over one shoulder because of the wings. Dawn’s head was still leaking lake water, or was it brain fluid? Delicious stuff, brain fluid. She had tried cooking with it once. But nobody liked the food, oh, nobody...


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Chapter 9: Flashback: Insanity Redefined
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