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 Chapter 7: Ten Seconds

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PostSubject: Chapter 7: Ten Seconds   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:46 pm

Marcus had been fighting along-side Oblivion, careful not to stray too close to his whirling claymores, when the first arrow was fired. He saw Dye stagger, then respond, strong as ever, flames engulfing his entire body. Marcus wondered momentarily why Dye’s boxers didn’t catch on fire. But then he had to return to his own battles. A towering demon limped towards them, one leg mangled from earlier, but still quite capable of smashing them flat with a makeshift club. Oblivion dispatched of it before Marcus could do much more than stare, as a giant spike of earth stabbed through the demon’s remaining foot and another one skewered the demon’s head on its way down. Then Marcus jumped as he heard Edvin scream. Whenever someone from the Demons of Hell screamed, it was a soft, short scream that was quickly silenced by a blow to the throat. But this scream was long and drawn out, freezing the hairs on the back of his neck. Marcus saw Edvin fall, saw Dye struggling to protect him from the arrows raining in, and cast a golden aura around them, protecting them for the moment from any ranged attacks. This began the ten second countdown, from the moment the shield was cast to the moment Marcus fell.

Marcus returned to the battle, head turning from side to side as he looked for the archer who had taken out Edvin. He saw a dark blur to his left.

One second.

Reacting, Marcus spun around his shield raised as a barrage of arrows slammed into it. Marcus peeked out from behind his shield to take a peek at the blurred figure just before it blinked away.

Two seconds.

By this time, Oblivion had seen what was going on. He nodded to Marcus, then erected three massive slabs of earth, limiting the teleporter’s options. Marcus turned to face the remaining entrance guarding it while Oblivion prepared a projectile of earth.

Three seconds.

Oblivion fired the projectile, sending the spike of earth spiraling through the gap as the blur appeared to take the shot. Marcus got a glimpse of a figure with pale, grey skin and a hole in his head. But before he could analyze for long, the figure teleported away, leaving the spike to impale thin air.

Four seconds.

Marcus rushed out into the open, ignoring Oblivion’s warnings as he hugged the earth, rushing low with shield angled off to one side to cover his back. As he expected, the archer teleported behind him, sending several shots ramming straight home into his shield.

Five seconds.

Marcus spun around to meet the archer, slowing himself just enough so that the archer would teleport. Then, Marcus swung his blade in the other direction without looking, deflecting a shot to the head. Marcus’s shield was left to protect the rest of his vitals. Glancing over, Marcus saw the figure poised in a tree, arm moving at impossibly fast speeds as arrows filled the air.

Six seconds.

Marcus raised his shield and dashed forward at full sprint, blade held low to his side as he rushed towards the tree. Arrows clanged off his shield, but none touched him. Reaching the tree less than a second later, he began to run up its bark when he heard his opponent teleport away again.

Seven seconds.

Marcus turned, shield raised, as he kicked off the tree, launching himself at his opponent where he was sure he would teleport next. As his opponent flickered into view, Marcus smiled. An awful silence filled the air. He knew his enemy had run out of arrows.

Eight seconds.

Marcus raised his sword for a downwards slash, then felt the first blow. His great roundshield was knocked spiraling out of his hand by a ferocious kick, and a punch came straight for his face. Marcus blocked this with the flat of his blade, felt his opponent teleport away. Knowing that his opponent would sneak up from behind next, Marcus debated what to do.

Nine seconds.

Marcus made up his mind, releasing the shield protecting Edvin in order to erect one around himself. Feeling safe, Marcus looked around, sword in hand, not sure what to expect next. Suddenly, a flicker, inside his shield, right in front of his face. His eyes widened as a grey, rotting fist came speeding towards his face.


Marcus sailed through the air, trailing blood from a cracked in his skull between the eyes. His eyes looked up at the sky, dazed and unfocused, his sword falling from his limp hands, as he reached the top of a perfect parabolic arc. Then, gravity took control, angling his body slightly downwards as he began to descend. By that time, he had glided clear across the battlefield, and the threads of a thought began to enter his mind when he slammed head-first, full-force, into the solid trunk of a massive tree and fell to the ground. His eyes were shut. They would remain so.

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Chapter 7: Ten Seconds
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