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 Chapter 2: To Slay a Demon...

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PostSubject: Chapter 2: To Slay a Demon...   Tue Jun 14, 2011 11:26 pm

Finding it wasn’t the hard part. A demon rampaging in the northlands could easily be identified by a trail of massive footfalls, burning villages, and the grisly remains of livestock. Felk and Soluna traced this particular demon up into the foothills, following the directions of a family of farmers that had lost everything. Ten miles away, they could hear its roaring. Five miles away, and they could tell which direction it was headed. Two miles, and it came into view; a lumbering black shape climbing to the top of a knoll. One mile, and they were close enough to clearly see it, even if it wasn’t close enough to see them. Half a mile to go, and Felk decided that was close enough.

“Soluna.” He turned to her. “Can you use your magic from here?”

“WHAT!?!?!?” Soluna went white with rage and disappointment. “I was hoping for something a little better than this!”

“Well, come on, I did say that the baby wasn’t going to get hurt, right? I’m not sure how powerful this demon is…”

“I thought you knew what you were getting us into…!”

“…and I don’t want to risk hurting the baby. So, can you?”

Soluna breathed heavily for a few moments, just taking in the shock of everything. Then she nodded sullenly. “I guess. My sword can do one or two long-ranged attacks, but that’s it. You’re on your own for the most part.”

“That’s good enough.” Felk was off and running before Soluna could say another word. The demon’s back was turned, and he had the advantage of both speed and surprise. Half a mile slipped by like water, and he was in mid-air over the demon’s head before it even recognized the soft padding behind it as footsteps. It half-turned, rearing its back to become more upright. Seeing no one there, it sniffed the air, heard the flutter of a cloak, and looked up. Felk had both longswords out, and as its ugly face twitched, brain not computing, Felk stabbed downward with both weapons. It was a nasty surprise for both: Felk found both his hands buried up to the elbow in phlegm, as the demon felt an uncomfortable tickling sensation in each nostril. It shook its head once, as if trying to make sense of things, then gave in to nature’s call, sneezing. Felk shot across the ground, landing hard on a pile of rocks.

Soluna seriously considered not helping Felk for a moment. He was quite capable enough to take down a demon by himself, judging from what she had seen of him in the past. Yet at the same time, this was the only bit of action she was going to see for a long while. Glowering, she shook her sword and uttered the single-word spell.


Swinging her crystal blade, Soluna sent an arc of flame roaring towards the demon. It took the hit full in the face as it turned around. Its nostrils got a good scouring, and it tried sneezing a second time. But Soluna was too fast for it, pointing her crystal blade directly at the demon’s nose.


Snot froze mid-way out the demon’s nose, green icicles clinging to its face. The demon reached up to its face to remove the clutter, stabbed its own hand with an icicle, and roared in pain. From where he lay on the ground, Felk could see the demon writhing, and tried standing up to rejoin the action. His hands felt numb. Looking down, he saw them, still covered in snot, stuck to the ground. He tried to move out of the way, but the sticky snot stayed. A thump behind him told Felk all he needed to know, even without the horned shadow falling across his back. Then, far off, he could hear Soluna’s voice ring.


The demon roared once more, bashing Felk’s ears as it stumbled, Soluna’s crystal claymore sticking up out of the ground and through its foot. Looking up, Felk saw Soluna withdraw her sword out of the ground, then rush forward to help him. Together, they tried to pry Felk free of the ground, but his arms still wouldn’t move. Left with no other choice, Soluna rolled her eyes and pointed her blade to the sky.


The clouds overhead began to swirl, as Soluna quickly retreated out of the way. Both Felk and the demon looked up as the first, fat drops of water began to fall. In a second, it began to rain, drenching them both to the bone. Felk saw the snot wash away from his hands, but could hear the wind whistle at the same time. He instinctively leapt out of the way as a fat demon arm smashed the spot where he was a moment ago. One second later, and he would have been flattened. Looking around, Felk reached for his swords, found them gone, and looked around wildly for where they had gone. He couldn’t discern where they were amid the pouring rain, and the least he could do was wait for it to abate. But he didn’t have time for that. He could see the demon clawing its way out of the rain, dragging one lame foot behind it, as it slowly made its way towards Soluna.

Soluna looked up to see the demon right on top of her. She turned to run, felt her legs wobble. She was weak after chaining together so many spells at a time. Struggling to keep herself from falling, she took another step backwards, as the demon picked up its pace, beginning to lope towards her as she retreated. One arm reared up, then came swooping in to impale her, child and all, a jagged row of claws gleaming. She was picked up and launched through the air, the world swishing around her, and for a moment, she knew she was dead.

Then, she landed softly, a muffled “Oof!” coming from underneath her. Twisting her head around to look, she saw Felk, smiling at her as blood ran from parallel, shallow wounds slashed across his back. He got up, carefully putting her down and patting her belly, then dashed back into the fray. The demon turned to Felk as he came rushing back in for more. Bad move. Felk drew two throwing axes, timed himself, then flung them both at the same time. The demon blinked, then squeezed its eyes shut as both axes struck home, embedding themselves underneath the beast’s eyelids. It roared, opening its eyes again only to unleash two rivulets of blood that ran down its face as if they were tears. Felk never stopped running, charging up a sloped boulder, then leaping off its tip into the air. As he ascended towards the demon’s face, he reached onto his back, drew the long, thin claymore that he relied on to finish battles with. The demon smelled him coming, sluggishly batted the air in an attempt to strike his opponent down. Both arms missed, the blind creature looking around, nostrils flaring as it tried to sniff out exactly where his opponent was before…


The blade went up to its hilt in the demon’s forehead, cleanly stabbing through into the thing’s brain. There was no more roar, only a long, low, moaning whimpered that petered off into a hissing death rattle that lost itself among the craggy hills of the northlands. Felk yanked the blade out as seamlessly as it had gone in, wiped it on the demon’s face, then sheathed it, before turning around to find Soluna, struggling to stand. He walked over to help her, stepped on his two longswords from before. He bent over to pick them up, then saw Soluna falling over. He sprinted over to pick her up instead, found her breathing heavily.

“Maybe you shouldn’t have come…”

“Don’t be stupid, Felk, I needed this.”

“Yeah, well, I guess it was a little too much.”

“Don’t say anything else, I’m still savoring the moment.” She paused, and let the finality of the battle sink in. “I won’t be able to enjoy this again for another six months, maybe even longer.”

“You could always try bringing the baby into battle.”

“Yeah, it’ll be crying for milk while I’m busy trying to lop off someone’s head.” They both smiled bitterly.

“This changes things.”

“Tell me about it.” Soluna was sullen again. Felk sighed, then went over to pick up the rest of his belongings. He took one glance at the demon’s head, then drew his claymore again to cut it off. There was no reward without the trophy to show for it. Arms poised in mid-air, Felk was stopped before he could slice.

“Let me do it.” He turned around to find Soluna, swaying on her feet with her claymore for support. She repeated her words again. “Let me do it. I want to cut off its head.”

Felk shrugged and stood back as Soluna made her way over to the demon’s carcass. She took a good, long look at the thing they had killed before raising her claymore, poising it perfectly, then brought it swinging down in a perfect arc.


“Confirmed.” The messenger hissed as it watch the two figures retreat into the distance, dragging the horned head with them. “They have struck back. We are now justified in our next mission.”

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Chapter 2: To Slay a Demon...
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