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 Chapter 27: You Fight All of Me

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PostSubject: Chapter 27: You Fight All of Me   Mon Dec 05, 2011 4:41 am

Marcus unsheathed a long, gilded blade, entwined with golden runes that shimmered in the morning sun. In his other hand was a large roundshield, the image of the sun emblazoned on its surface, Viking runes running around its edge. With a set face, he settled into a defensive stance, trying to keep both of his opponents in view.

“You’re not seriously going to fight us, are you?” This came from Spencer. His deep blue eyes cold, calculating. On the other side of Marcus, Ferris was laughing, red hair bright in the sun’s rays.

“We’re two of the best mercenaries in the world of Lore, and who are you? A nobody. Marcus, the son of a lesser noble family from the north, who thought that it would be fun to join a clan and show off how little he knew about fighting. Now, you’ve stuck your neck out too far. This battle was over before it began.” A succession of fireballs, rapidly cast one after another. Marcus blocked two of them with his shield, felt the force of them pushing him back. He drew a circle in the air with is sword, uttered a single word. A golden circle of magic appeared in midair, absorbing the rest of the fireballs.

“I’m sorry to disappoint you two, but it’s not over until it’s over.” Marcus charged at Ferris, who stumbled while trying to stay out of reach of Marcus’s blade. Then, a chilling sensation. Mark spun around, barely blocking a barrage of icicles with a combination of his shield and magic.

“You can’t take on the both of us at the same time.” Spencer walked forward, fingers emitting a faint mist. “Your defensive magic is good, but it won’t hold under the combined might of our attacks. Witness the full power of two elemental mages!” Now, each mage was on either side of Marcus. Facing one direction meant that Mark risked exposing his entire back to the other. He had nowhere to run. Ferris grinned, summoning a vast, sophisticated spell that erupted into a blazing wildfire. Spencer went for an equally complex spell, unleashing an enormous avalanche. The two waves of elemental roared towards each other, with Marcus still in the middle.

One sentence. An orb of golden light formed around Mark, Viking runes shining from every inch of its surface. The two spells collided, burying Marcus and his defensive spell. A geyser of magic shot up in the air as the avalanche and the wildfire combined. When the ruins cleared, Marcus was on one knee, breathing hard, but unscathed. The golden orb around him shimmered, then disappeared. Both mages stared at him, shocked.

“You two have never worked together before have you? Because if you did, you would know better than to use both types of magic on me at the same time. In reality, my defensive magic isn’t that great. One of your spells is enough to take me to the limit of my ability. But if you two combined your magic, you’d cancel each other out, meaning that I’d have much less magic to defend against. To tell the truth, I probably wouldn’t stand a chance against one of you guys. But against both of you? Too easy.”

Ferris gnashed his teeth. “Bro, stand back. I’m gonna teach this punk a lesson.” Spencer raised a thin blue eyebrow, but stood back. He was about to sit down and meditate when he heard the sound of a sword swinging through the air. Jumping up, he dived to one side as an ice saber touched the spot where he stood moments ago. Marcus looked up in the middle of his battle with Ferris, and waved as Edvin Jeremy appeared.

“Looks like you’re in a bit of a tight spot. Mind if I help?”

“Go ahead. Just make sure you don’t get too greedy and take both of them.”

“Both of us?” Spencer scoffed. “I could probably take on both of you myself.”

“Well then, how about all of me?” Three more Edvins could be seen, approaching in the distance. “Let’s see what you make of my minions!”

Spencer hissed. “Very funny magic you got there. I wonder how long they’ll last!” He made an arc with his arm, summoning a horde of icicles. Each one entered the first Edvin’s body, doing no harm to it. In response, the Edvin swung its saber at Spencer, forcing him to duck again. Two more icicles produced no visible results against the Edvins, and a full-power avalanche only made one Edvin move at all, as the last one in the group of Edvins jumped over the wave of ice to avoid it. The other three merely absorbed their share of the magic.

“I see now. Ice mist mirages. You are indeed adept at ice magic, my friend. But your skill in these false images leaves you vulnerable to other attacks, like this!” Summoning a basic energy ball, Spencer slammed his magic straight into the face of the first Edvin clone, which dissolved into thin air. The real Edvin, at the back of the group, clutched his own face in agony. The two other copies charged, brandishing their ice sabers over their heads. Two more energy balls were enough to disperse them and throw the original Edvin into further pain. “Very nice magic indeed, but you’re not taking me seriously if you thought that those ‘minions’ of yours could defeat me.

Marcus saw all of this happen out of the corner of his eye as he dodged, blocked, and countered Ferris’s increasingly savage fireballs. Growing weary of the constant attacks, Marcus charged at Ferris, shield raised, sword glinting. Ferris grinned, sent an especially large fireball at Marcus. Mark uttered a word, created a slanted magical barrier that the fireball glanced off of harmlessly. Marcus kept going. Ferris’s grin widened, made a circle with his arms, chanted a long spell. Mark was only two feet away from Ferris when the earth cracked open underneath him. Mark leaped into the air, saw molten rock forcing its way through the cracks, brought his shield underneath him and curled up behind it as a pillar of magma erupted from the ground, sending Marcus flying upwards. He felt his shield getting hot, muttered a few spells to reinforce its surface, hoping that it would hold. When the eruption ended, He found himself roughly thirty feet in the air. Too high up. Ferris grinned, directly underneath Marcus. Was about to summon a few more eruptions to finish him off…

He had never tried this before, but Mark was out of time. Pointing at Ferris, he uttered a home-made spell crafted from bits and pieces of other Viking spells. A golden orb began to form, not around Marcus, but around Ferris. Eyes wide, unsure what to do, Ferris could only watch as his own eruption exploded inside the golden orb, ricocheting off the hard inner surface of the magical bubble, right back at Ferris. When the orb disappeared, Ferris was smoking, covered in burns, black and weak. Marcus smiled. It was ironic that a mage that made a living by consuming others with fire had now injured himself in the exact same way. Mages who specialized in a certain element in order to fight usually didn’t bother with the necessary precautions to protect themselves from their own magic. Now a mage was going to fall because of this fatal error. As Mark plummeted from his high point thirty feet up, he adjusted his weight behind his shield, aiming his body as he fell, curled up…

The golden shape of the armored Marcus glinted in the sunlight like a golden meteor as he came crashing down on top of Ferris. The head was immediately crushed, chunks of skull flying everywhere. The rest of the body absorbed the impact of Marcus’s fall, leaving him unscathed as he tumbled onto the charred earth around Ferris’s corpse. He looked up. Edvin was still fighting.

Spencer heard his brother’s death, felt a chunk of his brother’s skull fly past his face as he fought with Edvin. His eyes closed, his head bowed, Spencer was silent for a moment. Then he was up and fighting, a new, icy rage flowing through him. Edvin was tiring quickly. His clones did nothing to disorient or confuse his opponent, who merely used wide, sweeping magical attacks to eliminate them. Edvin himself was tiring quickly, his fingers stricken with frost bite, his armor punctured by multiple icicles. Then, Spencer fired an enormous icicle at Edvin. He ducked, rolling to one side. The icicle hit the tree behind him. What happened next temporarily stunned Edvin. From the tree, six more icicles of the same size fired outwards in a hexagonal pattern, hitting other trees and snowballing into a deadly chain reaction. Finally, the icicles came back at Edvin from every direction. A complex swing of his sword. Every icicle exploded. But the sheer cold of the attack took its toll, as Edvin’s tempered steel blade shattered along with the icicles. Edvin ducked to avoid the flying ice and steel shards, covering his face. Instead, the back of his hands were crisscrossed with cuts from the explosion of ice. When he stood up again, his whole body was lacerated, slowly but steadily draining of blood through tiny cuts. Spencer laughed.

“That was my strongest attack, Snowflake. Anything hit by my first icicle explodes in a six-sided snowflake pattern, sending out more icicles and chain-reacting until the spell uses up all of its energy. There’s nowhere for you to run whenever I use that spell. Even with your considerable ice magic skills, there’s nothing you can do about it!” Edvin, eyes glowing with rage, summoned an icicle of his own and fired it at Spencer. Smirking, the ice mage absorbed the attack into his own body.

“About that one ability that your clones had. I have the exact same ability cast on my own body. Your magic is useless against me!” Spencer raised his head to laugh and gloat. Taking his chance, Edvin reached behind his back, unsheathing a second sword that he reserved for special occasions. Leaping up, he cast off chunks of broken armor to lighten the load, then dashed at Spencer with all his remaining strength. Spencer stopped mid-laugh, saw Edvin coming in, summoned an ice shield to block the attack. Edvin shaved through the shield with his new blade, then pointed the sword at Spencer. The ice mage unleashed a second Snowflake icicle, larger than the first. The blade absorbed it. Eyes wide, Spencer didn’t even have time to scream as the blade ran right through him. Blood spurting from his lips, the ice mage looked down. The blade that had killed him was made of ice.

“I don’t under…”

“You don’t understand?” Edvin smiled wearily. “This blade is called Frostus Rector. It has the same ability to absorb ice as my minions do. But at the same time it does not use ice magic to kill people. It merely relies on the sharpness its icy edge to slice through anything, even solid steel. Although you can absorb ice magic, there’s nothing you can do about this.” Spencer choked, spluttered, and slid off the tip of the blade, dead. Edvin dropped the Frostus Rector. Now that it had been drawn, it would slowly melt away under the sun, its purpose served. He would have to visit a few old friends in order to obtain another. Marcus came up behind him, patted him reassuringly on the back.

“That was a good battle, wasn’t it?” Edvin nodded in reply. Then, both of them could hear it: the sound of war cries, swords being drawn, horns being blown. The assault force of the 13 Lord of Chaos had arrived.

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Chapter 27: You Fight All of Me
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