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 Chapter 27: Passion of War (Rated R)

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PostSubject: Chapter 27: Passion of War (Rated R)   Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:25 pm

Author: Dye61

Dye knelt there, sword in the ground leaning on it for support. Along with Marcus and Oblivion holding him up. He stared at Saint, different emotions then before the fight ran through him. Hate, agony, horror, and a sense of defeat. A feeling crept into his head. It sickened him, made him hate, it made him resentful.

Even with my power you lost….

“He-He’s stronger then before…”

Heh. You’re also not thinking straight. What the hell is your problem? Dye didn’t respond, just look at the ground. Maybe I should…. Yes. I will.

“What are you going to do?”

It is time for me to appear in this world. Using your body as a shell. Now, thank you for your help Dye, you have been a useful tool. The feeling began to creep out of more then just his head. It stretched out through out his body, his arms, his chest, his legs. He felt himself losing control of his own body. His body not responding to him. He could only feel his body be twisted. A red wisp formed around him, Oblivion and Marcus stepped back as flames erupted around him.


“No…No…NO!!!” Dye yelled out as the flames made a solid orb around him and everyone stared. The flames seemed more intense, hotter and more powerful then normal. Dye seemed to fall back, yet his body stayed where it was. He feel back into a an empty realm. Everything seemed to be dark orange, a fire like color and he could see nothing but an endless space. Was it really to end this way? To die, not even in control of his body? Not even she was with him. This was truly a horrible way to die.


Saint was confused and surprised. What was happening? He had beat Dye. Where was this new energy and power coming from? He could almost feel the power coming off of Dye now. As if it was radiating, like heat from the sun. Dye stood up, the wounds Saint had inflicted gone. Dye seemed to shake his neck, brush himself off and start to walk away.

“Dye, where do you think your going?” Dye stopped and turned around. He was grinning, and he didn’t look normal.

“I think we will be going now.”

“We? Who else other then you is leaving?”

“Well. Dye and I feel we need to leave Requiem. Don’t we?”

“Wait. You and Dye? If your not Dye, who are you then?” Dye began to laugh, and flames grew larger and more intense. Oblivion and Marcus were forced back, soon everyone was.

“ME?! WHO AM I!? I AM WAR!!!” The flames vanished and he was gone. Saint looked around desperately. War? Who the hell is war? How did he control Dyes body? Where is this power coming from!? There was a flash of red form where Dye had been standing, and a dark blur raced towards him. It was fast, faster then Saint could have ever imagined Dye moving. He raised his sword and in a sliver flash it was struck out of his hand. In another slash a cut formed on Saints chest and a foot followed it, sending him reeling. He stood up, people gathering around.

“Now, if you will excuse us. We shall be going.” Dye turned and began to walk away.

“You think one scratch will stop me? I can still fight.” He stood up and grabbed his sword. And shot lightning out towards Dye. Which missed as Dye jumped away. Dye raised his hand and simply snapped his fingers. Saint felt a warm tingling on his chest near his wound, his eyes widen in fear and he took off towards the lake. He used his magic, everything a blur around him till he jumped into the air, and became a fireball before he reached the lake. He feel in and sank, then swam up and reached the surface. He checked his hands, which had minor first degree burns. But nothing to bad. What the hell is going on? Who is war, where did he come from?


Priest, Red and Nathan arrived to the lake. Seeing Saint hoisting himself up. Priest stepped forward, helping him up.

“What happened Saint?” Saint sighed and explained what happened to them. About the fight with Dye, and the thing called war, that had taken over Dye. Nathan grabbed for his shield.

“I’m going after him. I’m quite sick of this.” He was about to take off when Priest grabbed his shoulder.

“No, you won’t.”

“Why not Priest!? We can’t just let that thing run wild!”

“I agree. That’s why I will go after him.”

“What, why you?!”

“Because. I am ORDERING you to stay here, am I clear?!” Nathan shut up and looked in small shock. As did Red and Saint. “Now, Red, Nathan, you take care of Saint and I shall be going now.” He turned and took off, white robes fluttering behind him, staff in hand. He was handling this himself, like the leader he should be, and will be.


Soluna woke up. Her head ached, her heart raced. The first thing she noticed was something white and silky looking lying next to her. She grabbed it, and found out it was her own hair. She looked around, she was in the forest, the castle no where in sight, hell, she could barely see 5 feet in front of her. The forest was at it’s darkest at this time. She saw Felk sitting up against a tree, seemingly asleep. She crawled over to him and began to reach to wake him. Then, she remembered what happened. She remembered the kiss, the feeling of togetherness they shared. She hardly knew him, being so knew to Requiem yet fell in love so quickly. This was the man she wanted, strong, but not power hungry. Kind, but not needy or completely surrendering to her. He was independent, she stopped herself. She was rambling inside her own head about him. It seemed pathetic. But she didn’t care. She crawled up and on him, both their bodies touching in different places. She saw his eyes slowly open, and she kissed him, his eyes closed and he kissed back. She move up, and sat on his lap, kissing deeply, feeling his rough tongue on hers. She felt an arousing feel, and something poking her where she sat. Felk stopped her for a brief moment.

“You seem to feeling better…” Soluna didn’t respond, just kiss more. She seemed to be unable to help herself. She felt so attracted, so wanting of him. She could feel the same thing as Felk kissed back, and he put her hands on her sides. He began to feel her body. It was slim, and his hands went up, feeling the curves and the figure on top. Then went down, feeling the curves and her thighs. Soluna sat up, and took his hands off of her. Then she stripped down, taking off her shirt and pants first. Felk, smiled, then followed suit and they started a pile beside the tree. Soon, all of their clothes were there and they resumed embracing each other. They kissed franticly, but passionately. Soluna felt something, as did Felk, and they got to their knees, synchronized, arousal building up slowly inside them, that eventfully became apparent in their kisses. They stopped kissing and Felk made his way behind her, rubbing his finger on her neck, and her chest and stomach. He grabbed her hands and helped her put them on the ground. She was now on her hands and knees, staring at the ground. She felt something go in her. It went in from behind. At first the penetration hurt, she was tempted to tell him to stop, but he moved slowly. It felt so sensual and arousing. She couldn’t help but smile. Felk suddenly sped up, going faster, then penetration going deeper. In her mind she could make out the shape of what was in her, Felk was ramming harder, and Soluna started involuntarily moaning, but still smiling. It felt so right to her, she felt as if they were connected more then physically, more spiritually, emotionally. Felk thrust harder, getting so deep Soluna swore he was touching her intestines. It felt so good, so right. She crawled forward and Felt Felk leaving her body, she turned around and Felk was frowning.

“Something wrong Soluna…?” She smiled at him and tackled him. She kissed him hastily, almost violently and she felt him go in again. This time in the front. Felk somehow smiled while kissing, she stopped kissing for a second and leaned up, stretching and catching her breath. She heard Felk breathing heavily and she looked down at him. Her breasts were hanging down in his face. She leaned back down and kissed his cheek, then back to his lips, but it was very light and she began thrusting her waist. The arousal was now flowing through her body. She peaked in arousal and released a sticky liquid from her body and onto Felk. She felt the part of Felk inside her seem to harden and then a warm, sticky substance entered into her. She let out a loud moan as he did and she laid down on top of him, exhausted. She fell asleep and Felk did too. And never in history had the dark forest, seemed so bright.


Priest reached the edge of the forest and encountered the edge of Wa-kia. He saw flames and burning buildings in a trail into the city, He ran down and families were outside, looking at there burning houses and lives. Priest continued, a feeling of anger gathering in him and he reached the open courtyard. He saw a figure standing on the top of the fountain in the middle of the courtyard. It was Dye. He looked down at Priest, eyes soft and he smiled. He seemed normal.

“Hello Priest. How are you today?”



“I am going to kill you. I don’t care if you’re War or Dye. War has put my clan in danger and Dye killed my own sister. Either way, this ends now.” The wooden staff glowed, then the white star sword formed in place of it. He pointed it up at War. War in response unsheathed the scimitar and pointed it down at him. “Are you ready, to fight an all mighty fate? A fate that drives this world?”

“If it means saving people. I will.”

“Alright then, lets test your power against a god!” War jumped off the fountain and came plummeting down at Priest. Priest jumped forward, ready to engage War, ready to finally take action.

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Chapter 27: Passion of War (Rated R)
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