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 Chapter 26: Clash of the Titans!

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PostSubject: Chapter 26: Clash of the Titans!   Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:22 pm

Saint eyed his opponent carefully, searching for weak points. He removed half of the weights on his blade, allowing both comfort and armor-crushing potential. "What makes you think you can beat me this time? I beat you to within an inch of your life in our last fight. And yet you challenge me AGAIN?!" Dye threatened. "I'm warning you. Put away that pathetic excuse for a sword or you'll regret it." Dye stared at Saint, waiting for his next move, and took up a fighting stance, just in case.

"And what makes YOU think you'll beat me again? Just because you got lucky and beat me before doesn't mean I'm weaker than you." Saint smirked, and leapt high into the air, directly above Dye. Dye was ready for it, however, and set himself aflame, sending hot embers and sparks in Saint's direction. "Oh, no you don't! That won't get me this time!" Saint removed his cloak, and swung it downward at the flames, fanning them away, and tossed it aside, just as he planted a precise kick into Dye's chest, knocking flat on his back.

"Okay, you got me. But I can do more than that!" Dye lifted himself off the ground, roared, rekindling the flames with a newfound vigor and desire. He rushed towards Saint as fast as he could, already yelling in triumph. Saint vanished just before Dye reached him, and reappeared at a distance behind him. "Just stay still and die already!" Dye measured the distance between them. 25 yards. That's too far away. He'll just evade me again.

"You forgot about my Shadow Magic. I can increase my speed far beyond that of any normal man, and with better control of my powers, I can now achieve my maximum speed without any... problems. You forget all these things, and yet you still fight me. You are very foolish at times," Saint said, a deliberately arrogant tone in his voice.

"YOU...! You... Sometimes you are worse than everybody else! You insult everybody's intelligence, as if you are so perfect! I'll kill you here and now, you arrogant trash!" Dye roared again, increasing the intensity of the flames engulfing his body, swallowing his scimitar. He hefted his sword on his shoulder, and prepared to swing, to release a burst of flame at Saint. But Saint just smiled, and snapped his fingers. An array of lightning bolts dropped down from the sky, surrounding Dye, and coalesced, forming a tight cage of electricity. DAMN! Since when was he able to... DAMMIT! What am I supposed to do!?

"Untamed beasts belong in a cage, don't you agree, Dye?" Saint mocked, again with an arrogant tone. He snapped his fingers again, and forming a large ball of electric energy, and threw it at Dye. The ball shot straight through the cage, and slammed hard into Dye's chest, knocking him down again. "You've already lost. If you admit defeat now, maybe, just maybe, I won't kill you." Dye ground his teeth as he stared at Saint's sinister grin, wishing to wipe off that smile. Dye renewed his body's inferno, hoping that Saint gets distracted and lowers the cage. He was prepared for it. He was ready to pounce.

A voice suddenly echoed in Dye's head. Are you stupid? You're not going to win at this rate, no matter what you do. I think you'll need some help. Dye glanced around, looking for Oblivion, or Marcus, anybody that would be willing to help. No, no! I'm talking about ME! ...Moron. Dye whispered, "No. I don't know if I can risk letting you fight with me." Idiot. I'm not going to physically help you. I was only offering to lend you some of my power... how does say... 50% sound? That should do the trick!...Oh, but you won't be able to endure the surge of power for long. Maybe 5 or 10 seconds. So make it count! The echo faded with a playful chuckle, not giving Dye the chance to refuse.

Dye suddenly felt sick, but the nausea subsided as fast as it came. A rush of energy was flowing, pulsing through his veins. He roared, the vibrations of his booming voice shaking Requiem Castle. Flames burst forth around him, hotter, brighter, more intense than ever before. Saint flinched from the heat, and the cage that had previously trapped Dye had faded away. Saint quickly regained his composure, and glanced towards Dye. His eyes widened as he witnessed his friend, his comrade, his rival, surrounded by violent blue flame. "...DIE!" Dye screamed, as he aimed his palm at Saint, and unleashed a large blast of blue fire in his direction. Saint seemed to vanish, just in time, and appeared behind Dye, who quickly pivoted and unleashed a second wave of fire.

Saint rolled to the right to evade the blast, but was too late. His left arm was scorched from the heat. The burns weren't too severe, but enough to disadvantage him in the fight. "DAMN!" Saint cursed, "Not bad. Guess I'll have to stop goofing off." Saint focused his energy, mixing an aura of darkness with his lightning magic, and sent the energy through his body. Dye, thinking Saint was distracted, charged at him at full speed, a bit faster than before. Just as Dye swung his scimitar, Saint vanished, and reappeared again behind his opponent, and stabbed him in the back with one of his daggers. Dye fell back in pain, his flames extinguished. He vanished again, appeared above Dye, and snapped his fingers. A small burst of lightning dropped from the sky and impaled Dye's chest, just missing his organs.

Dye blinked, struggled to turn his head, found his scimitar quite a few yards away from him. Saint strode over to Dye and knelt on one knee, and gently placed his dagger against Dye's throat. CLANK! The dagger fell to the ground. "Oops! How clumsy of me! Looks like I failed to kill you, just as you failed to kill me last time. Guess we're even." Saint winked, got up, and looked around to survey the current battle against the Shadow Ninjas, realizing that most of the enemy combatants, as well as many Requiem members, were staring at him and Dye, eyes wide, jaws dropped. Saint removed the rest of the weights from his short sword, and casually cut into an obviously distracted Shadow Ninja, reminding everyone why they were there. Dye just watched the resumed battle as he lay there, bleeding, thinking, cursing his own weakness, cursing Priest and Seth, and most of all, Saint. He couldn't move a muscle, so he just watched as the others fought, watched as Oblivion and Marcus rushed to his side.

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Chapter 26: Clash of the Titans!
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