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 CHapter 26: The Secret Side of Anger

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Red Blizzard

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PostSubject: CHapter 26: The Secret Side of Anger   Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:18 pm

Author: Dye61

Blizzard tore through the trees in the forest, anxious to get back to the castle before he missed something else important. Am tall lanky figure followed behind him. Easily keeping pace. An overly large pirate hat somehow staying on his head, and his thick pirate suit swaying behind him as he ran.

“I don’t know Blizzard, it’s been a while since I’ve done anything involving a clan.”

“Well, at least your returning to Requiem, The family type of community.”

“True but…” They both stopped as a faint sound that they had ignored before, became louder, and finally recognizable.

“Come on, lets move faster.” Blizzard took off, faster then before knocking branches and plants out of his way as he ran. Brian became unseen as Blizzard traveled through the forest, finally coming to the edge the forest and seeing the waves of ninjas advancing towards the castle. Brian reappeared in the shadow of a tree and whistled.

“I like this kind of welcoming…” The laky figure chuckled, the unsheathed two long daggers.

“Alright Brian, we have surprise on our side. Lets begin taking them out from behind, they won’t expect it.” Blizzard ordered, taking out his dual chakrams as he said.

“I’m cool with that.” He tore down the hillside, along with Red towards the back of the enemy forces. They closed in fast and Red leapt into the air and threw his chakrams, slicing multiple people into multiple pieces. Brian managed to start tearing through the back of enemy forces before the enemy found out what was happening. One ninja turned and Brian stabbed him right through the face. A new excitement rose within him. Not the excitement of battle. But the excitement of battling for something more then just himself. Battling for the sake of something he believed in and in protecting his friends. He flashed around, then stabbed to different ninjas in the gut, then ripping it out through each side of there bodies and the fell to the dirt. He swung both daggers at another ninja, and for the first time that fight, his attack was blocked. An extra small ninja looked up at him. Eyes fierce, determined and unlike most of the other ninjas, confidence. Brian swung again, this time, both daggers coming from different directions. The ninja jumped back and threw a throwing knife at Brian. He blocked it with the daggers, and the ninja swept in, slashing at Brian with lighting fast speed. Brian struggled to parry the incoming attacks, as they were so fast he could barely see them. One attack got through, and the ninja stabbed through his suit, traveling into his lower stomach. He grunted, but the sword didn’t go far after traveling through the thick suit, Brian backed away and grabbed at the wound. The blood flowed out slowly and onto his hands. The warm blood reminded him this was war. This was no place to joke around, but to kill as many as he could. He focused, and remembered the forest behind them. He smirked inside then backed away towards it.

“Well, want a fight? Follow me then!” He took off towards the forest, then grinning as he saw the confident, now arrogant ninja following him. Brian ran into the forest, then concentrated. Calling the inner darkness inside him, and disappeared into the shadows. The ninja came in, looking around franticly for Brian. Brian made himself reappear behind him silently, he sheathed the daggers, wanting to have some fun with this one, and put on his brass knuckles.

“Back here.” The ninja turned around only to be greeted by a metal fist. The ninja went flying through the air, getting smacked by branches and vines till he stopped at a near by tree. He looked up, and saw Brian disappear into the shadows. He raised the sword, this man would be a truly powerful assassin! Fading into darkness like that, it was incredible! Brian reappeared, this time, in front of the ninja, and delivered a massive gut punch. The wind was knocked out of him and Brian landed a deadly uppercut. The ninja went flying back, and landed on his back with his neck snapped out of place. The ninja didn’t move. Brian sighed and walked back towards the war grounds. He got careless, he’s not going to let that happen again. He came back out the forest and looked for Blizzard. He was traveling along side the edge of the enemy, slashing his way back to castle apparently. Brian decided to do the same and he traveled along the other side. Oddly enough not encountering much resistance. He made it to camp, and met up with Blizzard.

“So, what do you need me to do?”

“Go kill some ninjas. That’s about it.”

“I can do that.” Brian took off to join thee rest of Requiem’s forces. He was back in the clan business, and with one of the best too. This would be the start of a new era in his life. And, maybe for once, it will be a happy era.


Dye walked away from Saint, who now had acquired a map he had drawn of the castle, sketching on it with possibilities Dye could barely comprehend. He shook it off, then went to go gather the groups for Saints defense tactic, when he noticed to figures heading to wards the castle. He turned, and saw Felkaranos and Soluna, Felk seemingly dragging her away from the battle. Nothing seemed to be wrong with them, and battle was the important thing right now. Guess it was time to see what’s wrong. Dye began to walk over towards them, thanking that they had finally stopped, when he stopped dead cold. He saw Felk and Soluna begin kissing, but, it was the passionate kind that revealed feelings no words could explain. He stumbled back against the wall of the castle, losing sight of Soluna and Felk and he grabbed his sapphire necklace.

The necklace did nothing, as it had for days now. He clutched his chest next, even through his armor he felt the heart beating, he also felt it breaking. He fell and sat on the ground, leaning against the solid stone wall of the castle. Tears formed in his eyes, his whole world was falling apart around him. It may have been just his necklace and her. But she WAS his whole world. The only reason he did anything left in this world. The tears ran out of his eyes, pouring out like fast moving rapids. Anger, hatred, and sorrow filled him. His emotions, once again getting the best of him. For one more time he had had it with Requiem. He stood up and stormed away from the castle, away from the army, away form everything to do with clans. He made it only to the other side of the castle before he was stopped.

“Whoa Dye, what’s, where you going?” Jake questioned. Dye leaving the field of battle without being hurt was unheard of.

“Jake… get out of my way.” He looked up to see Jakes face, and Jake noticed the swelled red eyes and tears.

“Whoa Dye, what’s wrong? Dear god, if it makes you cry something is wrong!” He didn’t see it coming, he never expected it until Dye’s knee slammed into his stomach. The breath flew out of him like a startled bird. He stumbled back clutching his stomach, trying to return the breath inside of him. Then, Dye’s leg came around and struck the side if his head. He went sprawling across the ground and stopped face down in the dirt, unconscious. Dye stormed along away from the castle, anxious to leave all off it behind. The castle slowly got smaller. He was still crying, images and memories of the one true moment of happiness flooding his memory. There was a rustling in the trees, and Dye looked around cautiously. Had some ninjas followed him? He placed his hand on the grip of his scimitar behind him and watched as a black figure dropped down form the trees. The black stealth suit not making a sound, with the green trim blending in with the grass and trees.

“Well, I have an odd sense of Déjà Vu, don’t you?” Saint chuckled then took a deep breath. “So, where are you going this time?”

“Saint… get out of my way…” Dye held his head low, hiding the anger, pain and sorrow from Saint.

“Well, what’s the problem this time? You‘ve been oddly very emotional lately.”

“Saint… GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY!” Dye screamed, but not moving his head to look up at Saint.

“Two things. One, yelling works a lot better if you look at me. And two, if you want to get by, you’ll have to have a rematch with me.”

“Is that what you want? A rematch?” Dye looked up at Saint, the tears and emotions no where near gone from his face. Saint’s smirk faded, something was definitely wrong, more then normal. “If it’s a rematch you want, it’s a rematch you’ll get!” He unsheathed the scimitar and pointed it at Saint. Ready to once again fight his way out of his living hell.

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CHapter 26: The Secret Side of Anger
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