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 Chapter 24: Separation

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PostSubject: Chapter 24: Separation   Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:16 pm

Author: Felkaranos

Nathan was surprised to see how Felkaranos had changed. The once hateful and silent boy had turned into something that would make a demon embarrassed. Even through his thick armor, Nathan could feel the cold radiance from his lieutenant.

“This is a war,” Nathan said. “What happens here, may crush us but it may also make us stronger. Understood?” He looked at Felkaranos, and his gaze was met by two burning red holes. There was nothing that could resemble humanity left in them, only a blood red void. A cold breeze made the captain shiver. Normally he wouldn’t be scared by such a small thing as a wind, but this wind was different. It was blowing out from Felkaranos. It came as a whisper from a dead soul, straight out of the young man. This was not a good thing. It couldn’t be.

“Yes. I understand.” Felkaranos didn’t express anything at all, as if a war was just a minor inconvenience. The only thing moving was the black aura surrounding him. It pulsed in the same way as a heart would. Nathan didn’t think he had one any more. This being seemed to have no need of it. Slowly, he turned away, seeing Chronic march forwards to meet the invading troops.

“We go for the high-ranked people, is that ok?” Nathan said, without even turning back. Felkaranos didn’t answer, but Nathan could feel his eyes staring in an agreeing way. “Great.”


Felkaranos was ready to take over this clan. But not yet. This was, as Nathan said, a war. The clan would perhaps end up even weaker after this, and then it would be much easier to take control over. Right now, he had to just nod and pretend to be an obedient little slave. Holy, the Angel-wolf had gone. He could be anywhere. But he was a small brick in a big game. He didn’t matter. The only thing Felkaranos thought of, was Soluna. Not because he loved her, but rather because his love had disappeared. As soon as the Dark Moon was activated, it didn’t warm up his cold heart when he thought of her. The world didn’t seem brighter when she was near. His soul didn’t burn when he smelled her. And without love, the world was a dark place. A dark, painful place.

“Say your last prayer, monster!” someone screamed, and a shuriken just missed Felkaranos’s head. He turned around slowly and grinned to a ninja who now seemed to regret his words.

“Guardian of Doom!” Felkaranos summoned a copy of himself, which attacked the ninja. The clone swept his sword faster than physical laws would allow, and cut off the ninja’s head. It turned around to meet another ninja, and charged towards him with sword in one hand, axe in the other. The ninja saw no possibility to escape and gave up, ready to die. But only a centimeter from him, Felkaranos’s clone stopped. It then began to flicker, and eventually faded away. Felkaranos fell to the ground, gasping after air. The magic had drained all his energy and almost taken his last bit of life. The Dark Moon could give him magical power, but not the energy required. This was a big mistake. Had he really sacrificed so much only to get so little back?


Ambro was terrified by the sight of the demonic creature that seemed to take out ninjas like if they were flies. He was a RuneNinja, a ninja skilled in the art of Rune Magic. Suddenly the man dropped down on the ground. This was his moment. “I’m going to kill that monster,” he shouted, pointing at Felkaranos. He would become a hero.


This is really a stupid man, Felkaranos thought. It couldn’t be true. He had to keep himself from laughing. This weakling would be no match for the master of the Dark Moon. He swung his sword up to parry the first cut from Ambro. This was going to be painful. For him. Turning around, he threw his dagger at Ambro, who stopped it with a shuriken. The ninja sent five more back, but they were all knocked away. He then advanced quickly, by taking a backflip up on a stone to the left of Felkaranos. From there he could get an advantage, as Felkaranos would have to turn 90 degrees in order to hit. Therefore, he was surprised when an axe was hurled towards him at enormous speed. It struck his right leg, making him slower.

“You may think you have an advantage now, monster. But I will defeat you once and for all,” Ambro said. He drew a glowing blue rune in the air, with his sword. “You see this? This is a countdown rune saying ‘five’. As soon as it has released its fifth magic, it will power up a last rune spell. Prepare for your death!” Felkaranos was angered. It wasn’t fair. That fool would get extra power for casting five spells. The Rune Ninja opened his mouth, saying the first word. “One!” A stream of fire struck Felkaranos in the chest and burned off the skin. He summoned more power, for another of his spells, just in time before the next number. “Two!” He transformed into a black lycan, gaining the speed to evade the storm of shurikens that came from the countdown rune. Thousands of polished, metallic objects flied through the air, almost slicing it to pieces. Totally exhausted, Felkaranos fell down on the ground. He morphed back into his human form, rising slowly. “Three!” This time, the attack caught him by surprise, and a thunderbolt made him drop down once more, all muscles stunned. Still feeling numb everywhere, he tried to rise, but failed. The next spell would kill him. “Four!” The ground began to shake beneath Felkaranos, shattering into small pieces. Using all power he could find, he rolled away, only a moment before a hand consisting of solid rock shot up from the ground, clutching only air. As he began to recover the ability to move, Felkaranos raised his sword, hoping to parry the next attack. “Five!” Unfortunately, it wasn’t a physical attack. A sonic wave shattering rocks, weapons and Felkaranos’s eardrums, knocked him flat on the ground. Even when the sound stopped, he could still hear an intense noise and feel the pain inside his ears. The countdown was done. The power had been granted to Ambro. He drew a rune in the air, preparing the last strike. This was a Rune of Splitting, meant to split him in two, like if a giant sword had sliced him. Unfortunately, this was the first time he made that rune, and he spelt it wrong. A Rune of Separation unleashed its powers at Felkaranos, who was in no way able to dodge this. The black aura surrounding him was ripped apart, dragging with it all the black magic that had been in him. The Dark Moon turned into smoke, as a living shadow separated from Felkaranos’s body. The sound of them dividing was like the sound of muscles being torn to small bits. Where there had been a corrupted, evil man, was now a living shadow, and Felkaranos. He had changed. Long silver hair flowed from his head, partially hiding his crystal blue eyes. He used this moment, while Ambro was still surprised, and stabbed the sword in his chest. The ninja fell down on the cold dirt, breathing one last time. The new Felkaranos was here. No, Felkaranos was an evil person. He decided to just call himself Felk from now on. Felk was here. Everything was clear now. He could see his faults, his mistakes and his evil deeds. He would learn. Suddenly something both familiar and new took over his thoughts. His love was back. And this time he could even feel Soluna being near. He glimpsed something red about 50 metres from where he was standing. That had to be her. Felk lifted his leg, surprised by how easy it was. All his injuries seemed to be cured. He ran, heading for the place where Soluna was trying to fight two ninjas at once. In the corner of his eye, Felk could see the shadow running in the direction where Darkovia was. It was probably going home. The next instant, he was in front of Soluna, kicking one of the two ninjas in the face.

“Felk? Is it you?” She was clearly shocked of his change.

“Yes. It’s me. Hurry up, com with me!” He grabbed her hand and almost dragged her to the Requiem Castle. He held her tight, didn’t want to release her. She did nothing to try to get free. No, she wrapped her arms around him.

“I could have finished them myself,” she said casually.

“I know.” He was silent for several seconds, then leaned gently over and kissed her. Their lips met. Both of them were instantly filled by warm, liquid passion, which blended with their blood and was pumped out in every single part of their body. They shared thoughts, emotions and almost soul, for over a minute. It tasted salt, sweet, blood. They were both bleeding, and their blood dripped slowly down on the ground. A part of Felk that had been forgotten after the latest transformation woke up. He couldn’t resist the taste of blood any more. Soluna moved backwards, trying to get away from the silver werewolf that was holding her. He opened his mouth and bit her. Soluna fell down like if she was dead. The curse had stricken again.

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Chapter 24: Separation
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