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 Chapter 23: Swinging Treachery

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PostSubject: Chapter 23: Swinging Treachery   Wed Jun 22, 2011 1:15 pm

Author: Dye61

Betrayal. Something inside him was telling him that, he had betrayed his goal. Dye sat in the council room at his usual seat bearing through this weight that something like his conscious seemed to have given him for his actions. There was a soldier in front of them, being tried for something Dye didn’t give a damn about. He looked over at Priest, he was listening intently, trying to judge how to give him the most sympathy possible without looking weak. Dye wanted to spit at him. Weakness doesn’t deserve leadership or power…he deserves nothing! He gave a small grunt and looked downwards, closing his eyes in absolute anger. A voice slowly crept into his head, a voice like a terrible hissing like a snake. It whispered and fed his anger

You are weak… you let him and this clan get in the way of your goals…your destiny… Dye sat, absorbing the true meaning of the words, as if they were the answers to all of life’s mysteries.

“What can I do about it? The reason it failed last time was because my party was attacked. It would just happen again”

Leave them…weaklings like them are worthless, and a burden… go… on with your destiny mortal…I shall help you…

“Help me? How so?” Dye was intrigued, a mysterious voice telling him to unleash his destiny? Of course this was a bad idea, but who could resist? The gift of power was all so convincing.

I am a fate…an immortal, a god, a demon. Whichever you want to call me… I can, and will help you…Dye…you are a special mortal.. You have been given the power to ignite yourself in flames…very few mortals have ever been able to use such a power… and each of them have been powerful beyond normal mortals…Dye! Allow me to be your mentor, teacher and partner, and I shall help you fulfill, your true destiny!

Dye blinked, once again absorbing the words. He smiled to himself, him more powerful then he already is? He glanced around the council table, Jake sat there, looking slightly depressed since that loss to Soluna. Nathan, looking at him, discipline imminent in his eyes, ready to deal punishment. Saint, seemingly studying one of his reverse daggers, obviously distracted from the situation at hand. Red, once again no where in sight. Dye gave a small curse, how was Red a higher position then himself? Red was never there and does everything so secretly, Dye cursed some more and tipped his chair back on to legs, resting the back against the wall and putting his feet on the table. Dye glared down to the center of the room. There was a skinny man, wearing all black and chained to the floor. Obviously a spy once he decided to examine him. He should’ve been killed right now. Dye sighed, another problem he had with the way things ran around here. Dye began to seriously consider this things offer. Power… that is what he wanted. That was his goal in life ever since he had discovered what it could un-lock for him.

“How do start…?” Dye asked, breaking in to the other beings control.

First, you need to create a scene. You did great the first time…but, unfortunately for you, there are no more little girls to burn alive to make a scene. Look, what’s the punishment in almost any clan for a spy found in there midst?

“Instant execution. But under Priests leadership we might as well hand him some candy and a couch and put him in a deluxe room. No reinforcement of rules from him. Pfft.” Dye let out a small growl, anger coursing through him like rapids. Nathan, who was sitting to Dyes left, glanced over at him. He examined Dye’s position and returned to the trial, obviously not interested in Dye.

So then, why not give him what he deserves? He is a traitor and a spy. Kill him, give him what he truly deserves. And, almost as if the fate was controlling his body, Dye stood up rigidly. He set one foot on the table and launched himself into the air. He landed on the ground a mere foot away from the spy, his eyes were now as wide as dinner plates and he seemed to be crouching, as if to be unseen. Dye glared down at him. The shadows of the chandelier above covering Dye’s body in shadow.

“You!” Dye’s voice bellowed through out the chamber. “Tell me, in any clan, what is the punishment for treachery and or spying?!” The spy looked at him, unresponsive for a minute, then managed to gulp down his fear long enough to speak.

“Execution…?” He squeaked. Dye chuckled, what? Did he not know the risks of being caught? Pretty stupid spy…

“Correct! Now, why do you feel we should give you any chance of giving you anything different?!”

“DYE!” Priest flashed up from his seat. He slammed his fists into the table making cracks and splinters in the surface. Dye turned around calmly and smiled at Priest, with child like, but maniacal smile.

“Yes Priest?”

“What do you think your doing?! We are deciding his fate as a council. Not just your impulse to kill something.”

“But Priest. In any clan, treachery demands execution. I know you won’t mind if I just do that now would you?” Dye grabbed the handle of his scimitar and slowly crept it out of his sheathe. The blade was covered in dried blood and had small nicks in many parts of the blade.

“Dye…I’m warning you. Don’t do this.”

“Or else what? Honestly Priest, what will you do to me, for carrying out clan regulations and traditions? I’ve had it with your kindness. I have no idea why I came back. I shouldn’t have! But I came back, maybe for the sake of Requiem and what it stands for, and it’s potential, but I sure as hell didn’t come back because of you!” The room was deathly silent, the kind of silence that could wake the dead from their eternal slumber. Priest looked down at the table, then slowly sat back in his seat.

“Alright… Your right. That is clan rule. You may execute him. Council dis-” Priest was cut off by thundering footsteps coming from the hallway. A small boy came running in, sliding through the door and his arms waving through the air. He ran up to Dye, who held his scimitar to the spy’s neck, trying to say something between gasps for air.

“BREATHE. THEN SPEAK.” The small man gathered himself, and his lungs then began.

“One of our spies have indicated, a large frontal force heading in this direction. Planning to attack!” No body moved, the room stayed more silent then a graveyard.

“Alright, get the squads up and ready, get formations set. Go!” The man nodded, and took of down the hallway. The rest in the council room got out of their seats and proceeded through the many doors. Dye was about to leave when the spy began to speak again.

“Yes…they came for me! The had enough info! Ha! HA! Requiem will fall to the Shadow Ninjas!” He started laughing, yet at the same time, almost crying. Dye, deciding this attempt for a scene had failed, swung his scimitar through the air, severing the spy’s head from his body. The body feel limp and crashed to the floor, blood gushing out onto the stone floor. Dye looked back at the council table, all the Captains were gone. Off to prepare their squads form the on coming siege. Dye walked to the end of the council room, opened a door and went down the hall. This was the secluded hall for his squad, Chronic. Oblivion was coming down the hallway, looking for him and walked back with him towards their personal armory.

“Well, same old same old plan?”

“Same old same old.” Oblivion nodded and took off again towards the armory.

“Dyyyyyeee!!” A happy glee voice called to him. Dye looked back and saw Soluna and her wavy red hair following him down the passage way.

“Hey Soluna, get down to the armory and prepare yourself.”

“Will do!” She smiled at him and dashed down the passage way. Dye let out a mournful sigh and reached back and stroked his sapphire necklace with his thumb. Dye frowned. Ever since his fight with Edvin, there was nothing left in it. No response, no name, no warming sensation. It made him want to break down and cry. She was why he fought. Why he did the crazy ass things he does. His paced slowed dramatically as he became lost in thought.

Hey, what’s wrong with you now? The snake voiced crept back into his head. Dye ignored it and entered the armory. The rest of Chronic was getting ready, Oblivion, sharpening his twin claymore, Marcus, cleaning his broadsword. Dye went through his usual preparations, He cleaned the blood off his scimitar and sharpened it, nothing special.

“Alright Chronic, lets move out. We have idiots to kill. And I don’t mean Jake” There was a small chuckle flowing through the room. He only person not to was Dye, who was still deep and lost in his plans and mourning. The squad exited out their back door the lead to the front of Requiem castle. Saint was out there, his squad of EoT discussing defense plans with Priest. Nathan was out there with Felkaranos. The only person in the elites. And the waves of soldiers ready to defend their clan. Everyone waited, waiting for the Shadow Ninjas to charge up from the bottom of the hill to start their pointless attack. It didn’t take but 5 minutes for them to be there, charging up the hillside while archers fired down at them, killing many and causing other to trip. Pretty soon the advancing forces made it halfway up the hill.. Dye, anxious to charge got his men together for the initial charge, when Saint grabbed him.

“I have at least one more thing to throw at them, if you don’t mind.”

Dye shrugged and Saint let out a whistle into the afternoon air. The sun was covered by a thick blanket of white puffy clouds. The ground began to shake, Saint was making motions with his hands for everyone to get out of the way of the main gate, everyone did, just in time for a massive boulder to roll through and down the hill towards the waves of attackers. Many of the attackers jumped to the side, some were stupid enough to run down the hill, others, never had the chance to move before the boulder crushed them. Saint turned to Dye and gave him a thumbs up, meaning he was safe from falling boulders or whatever he had in store for the enemy, for now at least. Dye pointed his scimitar forward, freshly polished and clean, only to become bloody once more and shouted…

“CHARGE!!!” Like he always did. He, the rest of Chronic, and the first wave of soldiers took off down the hill and the recovering Shadow Ninjas, who had just enough time to Defend themselves from the onslaught.

There is truly only one way to enter a fight. And that, is to come in swinging.

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Chapter 23: Swinging Treachery
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