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 Chapter 20: Beginning of the End?

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PostSubject: Chapter 20: Beginning of the End?   Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:53 pm

Author: Saintofdarkness

Saint struggled to escape Nathan's powerful grip. Using what little physical strength he had, he barely managed to push Nathan's hand down just enough to speak.

“I'm impressed. You're much better than I thought. However, you forgot one small detail.” Saint placed his right hand behind his back, and snapped his fingers, releasing a small bolt of electricity into Nathan's body. Just powerful enough to numb him, allowing Saint to free himself and move away from his enemy. Nathan grunted, and regained his composure, lifting his shield to prepare for a counterattack.

“That was careless of me. But it won’t happen again!” Nathan cried.

“Well, we’ll see about that.” Saint removed the weights on his blade, taking Nathan’s teleportation into consideration. His armor may be thick, but it’s pointless to use a heavier weapon if he can teleport too. He rushed towards Nathan at full speed and swung diagonally upward in the hopes of getting behind the large shield. Nathan quickly vanished out of harm’s way, only to reappear standing on a nearby tree branch. How can he teleport to a desired location with such precision? thought Saint, I’ve never heard of such an accurate method. Most teleports have vague destinations.

Saint unleashed a barrage of lightning towards Nathan, hoping to strike his target down. Nathan vanished again, and soon came into view behind Saint, a cloud of smoke signaling his arrival to the destination. Saint looked back and leapt out of the way, avoiding an incoming punch by a hair’s breadth. He remembered the spikes on Nathan’s gloves before it was too late.

“With your speed and my teleportation, this fight will drag on forever. So just stay still so I can finish you,” Nathan commanded. Nathan removed his battleaxe from his belt and fingered the blade. “I guess I might as well use this now to save some time.”

Nathan swung the axe toward the ground, creating a large crater in front of him, sending rocks and debris towards Saint, who ran towards the attack. The rubble and debris pummeled Saint, giving him small bruises and scrapes on his hands and scratching his leather armor. He kept running through, and as he finally took his last step, he swung his blade at Nathan, managing to scratch his right hand before he teleported to safety.

“I think I figured it out.” Nathan raised an eyebrow.

“Figured what out?” was his response, obviously confused.

“How you ‘teleport’. You’re not actually teleporting at all, are you?” asked Saint, taunting his opponent, something he would not dare attempt if he wasn’t confident. Nathan laughed, and vanished again. When he reappeared in a puff of smoke, his head was sticking out of the ground, the rest of his body buried. He looked around, confused and furious at the same time.

“What the hell?! No! What happened?!” cried a panicked Nathan, who, only seconds ago, assumed he would be victorious. This time, Saint was laughing, and revealed a small box to Nathan, who looked at it with both curiosity and rage.

“Know what this is? It’s a present from Seth. It disrupts just about any form of Cipher Magic, including your teleportation. Actually, it isn’t teleportation at all. You just split your soul from your body, and move your soul to the desired location, while your body is sent to the very edge of the Cipher Dimension until your soul calls upon your body to return. A regular teleportation to, for example, the Grand Archives, will likely send you half a mile away from the desired location. When I used Seth’s little toy, I distorted the Cipher Dimension, resulting in a botched ‘teleportation’. Think of it as a short circuit. If you try to teleport again, all I have to do is disrupt the spell again, and you might find yourself in an even worse position,” warned a confident Saint, who lifted his sword above his head, preparing for the finishing blow.

Nathan, panicking, used every ounce of his strength to free his arms and lift his shield above his head, blocking the attack at the nick of time. He wriggled out of the ground, and swung his axe at Saint, who seemed to vanish just as Nathan did before, but without the smoke. Nathan felt a sharp pain in his left leg, being split open by Saint’s short sword. Another sharp jolt of pain in his right shoulder, and another on his back. All were shallow scratches, as Nathan’s thick steel armor absorbed the brunt of the impacts. Saint came to a halt a few yards away from his enemy, realizing his physical attacks won’t be enough.

Preparing a large sphere of pure electricity in his palm, he yelled “It’s over!” and threw the orb towards Nathan, approaching the target at an unbelievable speed.

Nathan blocked the attack with his shield, surprised that the electricity didn’t channel through the shield to his body, and threw his axe at Saint in a futile and desperate attempt to finish the fight in his favor. Saint sidestepped effortlessly, and dashed towards Nathan, swinging his sword upwards again to push the shield away. Nathan grabbed the sharp blade, his palm and the sword stained with blood, and wrenched the weapon out of Saint’s hands, tossing it away.

“I don’t care about winning anymore, but I sure as hell won’t lose!” yelled Nathan, who punched Saint in the stomach, knocking the wind of out him. Fortunately, Nathan was exhausted, so the impact wasn’t severe. Saint stepped back, taking a deep breath. He attempted to cast another spell, but to no avail. He was exhausted as well.

“…Why… why are… we fighting…?” The question on everyone’s mind was finally uttered by Saint, whose breath was heavy, the tell-tale sign of fatigue. Nathan, who was preparing to avoid an attack, lowered his shield and relaxed his aching muscles, asking the same question with his actions rather than words. “I… have no reason to fight you, Nathan. And you have no reason to fight me or anyone else here. You and the others who followed Dye did nothing wrong. You all have the right to leave Requiem whenever you wish. We are only trying to rescue Seth, who didn’t do anything to any of you. So please, let’s stop this, let’s stop this pointless fight. I won’t make you or anyone else come back to Requiem, but we should stop this now.”

“…Alright.” Nathan turned his head towards the others that were fighting. “Stop fighting!! Stop for a second!” Everybody, including Dye, froze in their tracks, and glanced over at Nathan with shocked expressions. “They only want to take Seth back, so let’s just let him go. He hasn’t hurt anyone here.” Nathan persuaded. Most of Dye’s followers, including Jacob, Oblivion, and Dawn seemed to agree. Pixie obviously disagreed, which wasn’t a big surprise; she never agreed with anyone on any subject, stubborn as she was. Dye didn’t only disagree, but decided to express his anger again, this time with words.

“What are you saying?! Seth is the reason this all happened! He almost murdered Fire, and was only punished with a suspension and demotion. He should have been executed, at least banned permanently!” argued an infuriated Dye, cloaked in orange flames.

“No, he was suspended and demoted because he used a Cipher spell in a regulated honorable death match. The fight between Fire and Seth was reluctantly approved by Priest, because they wouldn’t stop pestering him about it. They signed a contract, stating they wouldn’t use Cipher, Arcane, or Temporal Magic during the fight. Seth was in violation of the contract. That is why he was only demoted and suspended. We didn’t say that during the trial, since we didn’t want the new recruits to know about Cipher Magic. We had to cover it up as a murder trial,” said Saint.

Dye stared at Saint, hiding his shock behind a thick cloak of flame. How did he survive?! I made sure he was dead! Guess he got lucky and someone saved him… But I don’t see any burn injuries? No! Now is not the time to be thinking about such trivial things. Dye, still glaring at Saint, closed his eyes and snuffed out the rolling flame engulfing his body and scimitar, and walked away. As his followers watched, he motioned to them with a wave, and they put away their weapons and followed.

“Edvin, are you alright?” Icy asked. Edvin nodded, who got up off the ground, brushed the dust off of his arms and legs, and proceeded to untie Seth, who was still bound to a tree. Icy strode over to Blizzard, who was unconscious.

“He’s out cold, but his injuries don’t look so severe. He should be alright.” Icy lifted Blizzard and hoisted him over his shoulder. Saint and Edvin helped Seth, who was barely conscious, onto his feet, and helped him walk back to the castle.

“I have a funny feeling that this is far from over…” Seth muttered, worried, but grateful to his friends for saving him.


“How are the spell weavers doing? Have they succeeded in creating THAT spell yet?”

“No, sir. But they are working hard. They should succeed soon enough. After all, you have given them the right…‘motivation’.”

“Ah, yes. Ensuring them of their loved ones’ demise upon failure seems to have done the trick. Prepare for the next phase!”

“Yes, Master.”

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Chapter 20: Beginning of the End?
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