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 Chapter 19: Family

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Red Blizzard

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PostSubject: Chapter 19: Family   Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:50 pm

Note: Chapter 18 was irrelevant to the plot and unreadable.

Author: Dye61

Red wobbled to his feet while wiping the repulsive brown liquid from his mouth. He stood staring at the enemies in front of him, his own sisters. Dawn. Her bony arms folded in front of her and her ugly necklace sitting on top of it. Her red stealth ninja suit hugging her body tightly, allowing silent movement. Pixie. Her purple and green robes flailing in the winds of the battles around them, her long black hair doing like wise. Red. His black jacket and long spiky red hair stood where they were. All seemed to be uncaring, as if, this was just another person they didn’t know, who they had to fight. But that was wrong, Red Blizzard, in his mind was playing out options as fast as he could think of. He couldn’t kill them. Not a chance, knock them out and drag them back? It would be tough, and he would prefer not having to do that. Maybe he could talk them into coming back? He’d try it, but his sisters were the persistent type that didn’t just change their minds on things. But, he might as well try.

“Come on girls, lets go back to castle.” Red ordered. Both Pixie and Dawn didn’t move. Dawn had an almost, worrisome look on her face. As if, she couldn’t bear her own brother was standing in front of her, as her enemy. Pixie, on the other hand, had a smug look on her face. As if she had wanted to fight Red for a while, and this was her golden opportunity.

“No.” Pixie managed to get through her smirking teeth. “Why should we?”

“Because, I’m your older brother! You have to listen to me!” Red was becoming annoyed, they were calling into his authority he had had over the two of them for years.

“So? Genetically, yes. But you never act like a real brother. To you, we just seem like some soldiers you think you can order around! You never treated either of us like a family!” Red slowly looked over at his sister, the feeling of shock coming over him.

Dawn had just yelled those words. Dawn never really spoke out about how she felt, it just, wasn’t like her. Red was forced a step back, then he clutched at the hole in his chest. There was no heart there, but he felt something break. His metaphoric heart? It must be, he had never felt a pain like this, no spear in the gut or gash in the arm have ever made him feel like this. He crumpled to his knees, this was to much, had he really been that bad of a brother? To neglect his only family left? Dawn saw this, closed her eyes and looked away, she had just hurt him, a lot. Tears formed inside her eyelids, then escaped as they began to overflow the space she tried to conceal them in. Red began to cry as well. Finally realizing the effects of running a clan, being apart of another large clan, and being a diplomat away all the time. He had been trying to make peace, keep war and unnecessary violence and hurt from happening, but instead, e hurt the two people that were supposed to be the closet thing to him the most.

Pixie, was feeling very amused by the whole thing.

“If there’s one thing I love about all this, it’s how long it took you to realize this.” She wasn’t smirking anymore, but had her insane wide grin across her face.

Red looked up, still bawling. ‘Wh-What do you mean?”

“Look where we are. Standing across form each other as enemies on a battlefield, and you JUST realize how bad of a brother you’ve been!? You’ve grown blind to everything but your job Red. Maybe it’s time you’ve learn about what you’ve abused for all these years!” She yelled, her frantic high pitch shattering the noise around them. Then, an explosion in front of Red, it sent him flying back and eventually striking a tree, stopping him form flying further. Red managed to get up, and left out a big, mournful sigh. He was going to have to fight them. No use talking now. He looked down the path and noticed a red blur. Dawn was charging at him. Red reacted, as if this wasn’t anyone important and pulled out a dagger from his belt, and hurled it in her direction. Red reacted quickly and threw another, Dawn with no where to go brought up her arm and concentrated. Her arm quickly morphed into a shield, deflecting the dagger safely away from her. Red reached behind him and unsheathed his twin demonic swords. He brought the blades to his hands and cut his hands, the sword absorbed the blood and the runes glowed. The blades became thinner and sharper, and Red took a fighting stance. Plans and ideas ran through his mind. Least amount of blood as possible, knock them out. Red jumped sideways as Dawn threw a mighty right hook that would’ve knocked HIM out. He got to his feet and lunged at her, she ducked and rolled under the attack and came up with a kick near the upper part of his spinal cord. Red did a front somersault and grabbed his chakrams at his sides and threw them straight at her. She didn’t move. She didn’t need to because as they were thrown a green and purple explosion knocked them away and sent them rolling into a bush. Red cursed with every bad word he could think of. These two were deadly together, he’d have to always be watching both of them and fight both of them and the same time. He cursed again, curse him for wanting to help the clan! Curse him! He looked back towards Dawn, who’s arms had no become crossbows and a red tipped arrows pointed at him.

“Red…” She sniffed. Obviously hard fighting her brother. ”I will give you a chance. Walk away now, and we won’t hurt you.” Silence filled the air. Pixie had walked to them, examining her nails as she came in as if nothing was happening. Red let the words sink in, they didn’t want to hurt him. That was it for him. Red completely snapped.

“You don’t want to hurt me..? YOU DON’T WANT TO HURT ME!?” Red’s eyes twitched. They were disrespecting him again! Red pulled out to more daggers from his belt and hurled them through the air at dawn. Red grabbed his Demon swords once again and unsheathed them. He brought the blades to his hands and cut them open. The blades absorbed the blood and the runes glowed, wanting more. Then Red went charging at her.

Dawn was caught off guard and couldn’t fire before Red was upon her. He came through, diagonally slashing each sword to make an “x” formation. Dawn jumped back and raised up her arms and released the small red magical arrows. Red leaped sideways, but not fast enough. One arrow managed to skim his lower shin. He cursed and grabbed at his shin. He felt the warm blood against his fingers and the palm of his hand. Red stood back up. Dawns arm had gone normal and her hands were at her mouth. She had just hurt her own brother. Pixie began clapping. Both Red and Dawn looked over at her.

“Well, this fight has officially begun.” She flashed out her hand and her palm faced Red. The sickly green and purple mist slowly came back to the area. Red grunted and tried his best to ignore the ugly mist around him and focused in Pixie. Her insane grin still across her face, it was twisted and could send shivers down any ones spine. Red didn’t want to spend another moment in the mist and she charged towards her. Pixie didn’t move, instead she clenched her fist and an explosion at Red’s feet. He was tripped and sent flying through the air towards her. As he was flipping, he saw Pixie, still standing there he could still see her grin. It was haunting, burdening almost. Red swung as he got close but horribly misses Pixie. Red came to the ground and landed on his feet, he was still sliding he turned toward Pixie, he noticed something odd. She was laughing. He could hear her high pitched screeches and he noticed why. Dawn wasn’t standing near her anymore. He managed to turn around in time to see Dawns red foot flash and land straight into his stomach. The wind was knocked out of him but Dawn came with another ferocious kick that landed straight on his chin, he heard a shattering sound and cried in pain as he was sent reeling into the air. 20, 30 feet into the air and he began to fall back down. The figures that were his sisters and Pixies sick twilight mist came to greet him as quickly as he dropped. Red turned his body till he was falling feet first. Ideas flashed in his mind, an idea a second it seemed. All seemed to end in failure though. These two were almost unstoppable together. Red landed on his feet, and gave a yelp as the gash on his leg spat out more blood onto the hard rocky earth.

“Well, as much as I’d love to toy with you more. I think we should finish this up and report back to Dye, what do you think Dawn?”

Dawn stood observing Red before answering. “I agree”

“Why?” Red began to plead. “Even if I have been and awful brother, why would you follow Dye after what he’s done?! He KILLED Megan because she said something he didn’t like! Is that the kind of person you want to be around!?”

“At least he can have a personality and Can be nice once in a while!”

“I’ve sure as hell never seen that! He’s always been his cruel cold self all the time!”

“Because you make him that way! You guys, require a General and Dye has filled that part. Pretty well hasn’t he? Outside of the whole clan business, he’s actually somewhat nice!” Red was about to respond then paused, They hung out with Dye outside of Requiem?

“You two and Dye hang out… outside of Requiem?”

“Yes. But you wouldn’t notice, we could jump off a cliff and die and you wouldn’t notice!!! I’ve had enough of this, Pixie lets just finish this.” Pixie had her fist to her mouth, failing to hide her smile underneath.

“I couldn’t agree more.” They both began to move towards Red. Red decided enough was enough, time to go all out on them. Red stood up, and took his battle stance. Dawn and Pixie still walked toward him, as calmly as they were, he could see the inflicting emotions in their eyes. Red pulled out one of his last few daggers and threw it towards Dawn, she jumped sideways and Red lunged towards Pixie. Blades swirling he aimed slash after at her, hoping to cause some damage to her. But she was quick and agile, dodging every attack as if she knew them before he even started swinging. She continued to dodge and was being pushed back by Red. They traveled several feet before Pixie made a move, on one particularly violent slash Pixie slid down to the ground and Kicked Red’s foot, causing it to twist around, it wasn’t much, but it was enough for Red to lose his balance and stumble. Pixie then brought her knee up and slammed it into Red’s stomach. Red felt the wind rush out of him in a strong huff and heard something come form behind Pixie.

“Pixie!” Pixie looked back and chuckled, then brought her fist again into Red’s stomach. She then jumped aside and something large and rd flew under Blizzard. Then movement stopped and he saw dawn, her leg tight against her and unleashed it into his chin like an arrow released form a bow. Her foot slammed into him and sent him flying into the air. He could feel the darkness coming upon him, he was desperate, so he threw his sword in the direction he thought Pixie was and heard it whistle through the air. Just before Red hit the ground he heard the sword stop whistling and it heard the sick ripping of a sword traveling through flesh. A high pitched screech and crying. Red flashed back, ready to go grab his sword from Pixie, but he never moved a step after he turned.

He hadn’t hit Pixie, he had hit Dawn, the sword sticking straight out of her shoulder, like someone had crudely stabbed her. She was on her knees clutching the blade and crying in pain. Red stood there, mouth gaping open and didn’t move or speak. Pixie, had her eyes as wide as any human could have them stared at her sister, then slowly turned towards Red and her eyes showed ferocity, and absolute hate.

“YOU… YOU’RE GOING TO DIE!!!!!” She flashed her hand out and the twilight became think around them, Red knew what was coming, he couldn’t move though, only stare at Dawn, she was bleeding out onto the earth, staining the battlefield with fresh new blood. There was an explosion and Red was thrown off his feet, traveling backwards and slamming into a tree, snapping the base in half and sending it crashing down behind him. The darkness was overwhelming now, he could barely see, but he saw a figure stride toward him, the anger and rage still very imminent. She stood in front of him, fist clenched and she spoke softly, barely audible to Red.

“You…. You have become so involved with Requiem look what you’ve done because of it!” Her eyes were sparkling, Red wasn’t sure what it was at first then a small drop of water fell and dropped onto Red’s legs. She was crying.
“Red… Goodbye.” Her leg came up and slammed into the side of his head. He fell instantly into unconsciousness and lay there, unmoving. Pixie walked over towards Red’s body and grabbed his sword. She held it over Red’s skull and was ready to end him.

“Pixie…” Pixie stopped and looked over. Dawn was standing up and limping towards her. “Leave him… Let him live.”

“Why!? Look what he did to you!! He doesn’t deserve to live!”

“Please… for me..” She smiled weakly at her the collapsed to her knees. Pixie dropped the sword to catch her.

“Aright.. Lets get you taken care of.” She picked Dawn up, and began to tear through the battlefield toward the tents. Red lay there, underneath the tress, left wondering the single thing on almost everyone’s mind.

Why is this happening?

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Chapter 19: Family
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